Fubar Season 1 Ending Explained: Was Luke The Right Guy?

After a long time in the movie industry, we get to see Arnold back in action, and this time he has partnered with Netflix to bring to us a very amusing and action-filled series titled Fubar. Yes, this series made it to us just a few hours back and has received some great response from fans all over the world and the critics have also given quite a green flag to the movie. One thing that we do need to admit is that this actor has aged like a fine wine and every scene in this movie has given proof of his excellent acting skills. Now for all those who haven’t heard of Fubar, you need to actually check the trailer of the series right now, and soon you will end up having an eye on why we are so hyped up regarding this series. Now one thing that we do need to admit before moving towards the main topic of this article, is the fact that the father-daughter duo in the movie has really shown the complex chemistry which the family of a CIA agent shares, and along with that the complexities a person has to face who are continuously giving up everything to save their country.

Moving forward and coming to the main topic of discussion and that is regarding the ending of the series. It surely has been quite chaotic from all sides, starting from the fact that Boro came back after it was ascertained that he was finally killed by Luke and Emma, following that we also have got many things happening in the last two episodes of the show. Though you don’t have to worry we will give you a complete summary of what happened in these two episodes and the time gap details that were never explained.

Fubar Season 1 Ending Explained

Fubar Ending Explained And Reviews

Finally, in the last two episodes of the show, we have ended up finding the hidden location of Boro, and the entire team is finally on a mission but due to some issues, they have to be sneaked inside coffins, because of which Roo ends up drugging herself so that she doesn’t die of claustrophobia. Following this the drugs end up messing everything up, starting from blowing their van to even Aldon getting shot. However, still we see the mission getting continued, where Luke and Emma finally confront Boro and his men, while Roo stays back to treat Aldon’s wounds.

There happens a lot of action and at the end of the scene, when Emma manipulates or tricks Boro to help her escape with a truce in between, Luke gives Emma a hand, but at the final moment decides not to help him any further, leaving him alone in the hidden basement to die in the blast that was going to happen in a few minutes. After which it was assumed that Boro was killed and finally the mission could be called off.

Though at this point where we stand, we could have received a great ending, however, the makers ended up showing a small time skip where we see everyone has moved on with their lives, following which tally is going to marry Donnie, and Emma and Carter have parted ways and started seeing other people. Luke however can’t let this happen, and finally comes clean to Tally where he discloses his actual profession, which is suddenly brought to a complete stop when there is a sudden bomb blast, following Boro’s men attacking the church and Boro holding tally on gun point while the entire family is there.

It’s with the help of Luke’s medal and trickery that they end up killing Boro who somehow escaped from the basement with one side of his body completely burned, but the entire Brunner family’s identity has been disclosed to the world, and now they are on the run. Everything seems quite chaotic but, in the end, we do see that Tally understood that Luke was the right guy, we also understand that parting from Carter was actually the right choice for Emma at some point. Though for more updates regarding where they will go any further and whether there will be more missions or dangers coming after the Brunner family will only be known in the following seasons of the show.

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Fubar Review

As we have already mentioned the reviews of the critics regarding the show has been mostly positive, and following that the rating of the show along with the audience response has also been quite great. Now coming to our personal perspective, if you are looking for something quite amusing and something that will hook you to it for a whole late-night binge-watch session, you should probably go for this series. The complexities of the character are well-understood once we get to know about the family situation that exists, following that the action sequence of the movie is also quite great.

Now if you would look at the cast that the movie has got, there are no chances of failure and that’s for sure. following this the storyline and everything that has been created by makers is actually top-notch, where they don’t give away the story anywhere at the start of the show, the continuous unpredictableness makes the movie a great watch, and sometimes we have got romance and a lot of drama, which will keep you continuously hooked to the screen.

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