I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 Release Date: Will Leo The Hero Become A Traveller In The Sequel?

Possessing the ability to save the world might be a blessing for a while but it quickly becomes tiresome. Leo Demonheart, the mightiest saviour of Demon World, is facing the same issue. In the 21st century, a third world war ensued and Tokyo scientists invented heroes that could fight and win against anyone. Their experiment, popularly known as the Demonheart experiment, helped Tokyo sustain itself for a while. All those heroes fulfilled their duties but they lost their existence doing so. Only, Leo survived the experiment but it isn’t the blessing he initially thought it was.

I’m Quitting Heroing anime offers insight into the life of heroes and how they battle against their emotions to keep going. While quitting seems like an easy out, something no warrior wants to do, it is sometimes the only option left. Do you want to learn more about the anime and its sequel? Great, then, let’s begin!

I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 Release Date

Yuu Nobuta and Hisashi Ishii adapted the anime from the light novel and manga series, I’m Quitting Heroing: Next Gig Is at the Demon Queen’s Castle by Quantum. The manga illustrator, Quantum, started publishing the novel series in late 2017 followed by a manga of the same name that is still ongoing. In late 2021, Nobuta and Ishii announced the anime adaptation of Quantum’s manga.

Season 1 premiered from April 2022 to June 2022 with weekly episodes. Now, it has been a year and there are no updates regarding I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2. For a web series or a movie, the delay is quite profound. For animes, however, it is no huge feat. We are used to waiting for several years, aren’t we?

Since the manga is still ongoing and there are still a few remaining chapters for the anime to adapt, there is no shortage of source material. The delay might be due to the makers’ desire to gather a few more manga chapters first. That’s just a speculation though. If the makers confirm the production status soon, expect I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 to arrive in 2025.

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I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 Story: Will Leo’s Profession Change?

I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2

The 3000-year-old Leo Demonheart started out as the most invincible warrior. When the Demon Queen and Elite Four hailed from Demon World, Leo was the first one to object. He defeats them all and shoos them away. To him, they were disturbing the peace of the town but it was a mere assumption, a misunderstanding of sorts. When people start to fear him and presume him to be the next Demon King, Leo is crestfallen. He then learns about Demon Queen, Echidna, and her true intentions.

All Echidna wanted was to conquer the Philosopher’s Stone and make Demon World a fertile land again. Leo offers his help upon learning about Echidna but she refuses. He then puts on a disguise and uses the help offered by Elite Four. Here ensues a 10-episode-long struggle of Leo to convince Echidna and help her.

In the last OVA episode, Leo admitted that he enjoys travelling to places and that he wants to do it often. Was he hinting at a professional transformation? Nothing could be said for sure yet. I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 is expected to reveal Leo’s true identity and help him quit heroism.

I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 Character List

The two main characters of the anime, Echidna and Leo, are extremely powerful. Leo, voiced by Kensho Ono and Joe Daniels, is a highly skilled swordsman and is trained for professional combat. Though Leo enjoys his talent, he wants to quit being a Demonheart. Of course, it isn’t a piece of cake, especially with the recent mission Leo took upon himself.

Echidna, voiced by Kaede Hondo and Olivia Swasey, is as powerful as Leo–well, a level down actually. She has been defeated by Leo and is extremely aggravated by it. Echidna is the Queen of Demon World but miles apart from using the title to her benefit. The other characters that will be joining the cast list of I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 are Steina, Lili, Melnes, Edwald and more!

I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2: FAQs

1. What Is The I’m Quitting Heroing Anime About?

It is an action fantasy anime centred around Leo Demonheart and the Demon Queen, Echidna.

2. Is I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 Approved?

No, it isn’t approved yet.

3. When Will I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 Premiere?

It is expected that I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2 will premiere in 2025.

4. Is I’m Quitting Heroing Anime Worth Watching?

If you are into fantasy animes, do try I’m Quitting Heroing.

5. Is A Trailer Available For I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch I’m Quitting Heroing Season 2?

You can stream the anime on multiple online websites since it is yet to be licensed by a streaming giant.

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