Is The Accidental Narco Based On A True Story? What Inspired Jong-Bin To Create The Series?

Call it Suriname, Narco-Saints or The Accidental Narco, the title matters lesser than the story behind it. Netflix’s popular crime thriller K-drama, The Accidental Narco, revolves around a smart yet poor businessman who suddenly gets himself trapped in a conceited web. The said businessman, Kang In-Gu, stands at a crucial stage in his life with a deadly drug cartel on one side and the police on another. He is, without a doubt, stuck with no one to turn to and no means to help himself sustain himself in a world of lies and betrayal.

Netflix and Yoon Jong-Bin, in collaboration with each other, have manifested an engrossing crime thriller. It left the audience wondering whether Kang is a real-life character and whether The Accidental Narco is based on a true story. If you’re one of those fans, here is your chance to dig the answers now!

Is The Accidental Narco Based On A True Story?

Popularly known as Suriname, this Netflix original crime drama, is centred around the battle between a common man and a drug kingpin. As engrossing as it sounds, the low-key details are quite vicious. The Accidental Narco doesn’t shy away from detailing the small points and highlighting the true nature of drug-cartel owners. It is due to the vivid portrayal of the war between crime and justice that The Accidental Narco feels uncharacteristically real.

And it is wholly real! The Accidental Narco is based on Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro’s Narcos. It is a true story centred around a 90s-based drug kingpin, Jo Bong-Haeing, who operates in a South American country, Suriname. He navigates between several European countries until he is forced to leave the town and take shelter in South Korea. Bong-Haeing is a popular name in South Korea and Suriname’s history since he has caused quite a stir in both countries. While Bong-Haeing’s character (Jeon Yo-Hwan in the series) is rightfully true, the man who caught him–Kang–is not guaranteed to be true. The Accidental Narco is both, based on a real-life story and fictionalized to an extent.

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The Real-Life Story Of The Gang That Inspired Yoon Jong-Bin To Create The Accidental Narco

Is The Accidental Narco Based On A True Story?

In the late 90s, Bong-Haeing and his gang gained notoriety in Suriname, a South American country. He was transporting drugs from Suriname to several European countries without raising suspicion. After a failed drug operation, Suriname is forced to flee to South Korea where hardly anyone recognized him. It didn’t deter Bong-Haeing but helped him flourish his business. Though he couldn’t return to his hometown, Bong-Haeing is certainly content in his new residence.

The one who isn’t content, however, is Kang In-Gu. In search of quick bucks, Kang decided to help Bong-Haeing (Jeon). What he didn’t realize was Jeon runs a deadly drug cartel and has posed him as an ally. Thankfully, Kang is offered freedom against Jeon’s custody. Kang has to risk his life in order to gain freedom.

Yoon Jong-Bin and Kwon Sung-Hui came across Bong-Haeing’s story, they were immediately transfixed by it. In 2021, they decided to adapt Bong-Haeing’s story into a movie. Later, they decided to go for a series instead and The Accidental Narcos found home on Netflix.

Where Is Jo Bong-Haeing Now?

The man who ran a huge drug trafficking ring, Jo Bong Haeing, has certainly garnered popularity. Not only does The Accidental Narcotics but also Narcos and Narcos: Mexican revolves around Bong-Haeing’s story. His whereabouts have become a hot topic in recent years as well. As the series portrays, Bong-Haeing was arrested in Korea. He has been serving his sentence ever since.

Many sources allegedly claimed that Bong-Haeing flew to Suriname and escaped the prison. Korean government denied the accusations but didn’t offer much information. In 2016, Bong-Haeing was declared dead. He reportedly suffered through several diseases including extremely high blood pressure. He died due to a heart stroke while serving his sentence.

Is The Accidental Narco Based On A True Story: FAQs

1. What Is The Accidental Narco Series About?

It is a South Korean crime thriller centred around the cat-and-mouse chase between a businessman and a drug lord.

2. Is The Accidental Narco Based On A True Story?

Yes, it is based on the true story of Bong-Haeing.

3. Is Kang In-Gu A Real-Life Person?

It is not confirmed whether Kang In-Gu is a real-life person. It is speculated that Kang is a fictional person.

4. Is Bong-Haeing Still Alive?

No, he is not alive. Bong-Haeing did on April 19, 2016, while serving his sentence.

5. Is The Accidental Narco Worth Watching?

If you are into crime thrillers, do give The Accidental Narco a try.

6. Where To Watch The Accidental Narco?

You can stream this series on Netflix!

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