Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure Review And Ending Explained! It Is A Compelling Cross Galaxy, Interplanetary Ride!

The first full-length Star Wars animated series created specifically keeping in mind the young audience is now premiering on Disney+! This animated sci-fi universe, Star Wars, has been an integral part of the lives of millions of fans. When George Lucas imagined a universe with real-life-based characters, the animated series wasn’t as trending. Slowly, as he expanded the Star Wars franchise, it garnered the attention of a massive population. Now, Star Wars has several spin-offs, series, movies, games and merchandise to its name. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said Star Wars is one of the most popular film franchises in the world.

Now, Lucasfilm Animation has brought another masterpiece. Only this time the targeted audience aren’t adults but children. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure, featuring a team of three fearless kids–Kai Brightstar (Jamaal Avery Jr.), Lys Solay (Juliet Donenfield) and Nash Durango (Emma Berman) along with a fluffy Pooba (Dee Bradley Baker), Nubs. If you’re looking to explore more about this animated series, come join me!

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure Recap

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure Review And Ending Explained

Initially, it isn’t a team of four but three, Kai, Lys and Nubs. Under the guidance of Master Yoda, each of the younglings preparing to become Jedi Knights is assigned a team guide. Kai, Lys and Nubs fall under Master Zia Zaldor Zana who is as ambitious and mischievous as them, only more mature. The series is set in the High Republican era, centuries before the Star Wars universe was manifested. The younglings, under the guidance, of their masters embark on a journey to learn more about the Force and become Jedi Knights.

They embark on a cross-galaxy journey to explore the world, test their powers and help those in need. On their adventure, they are joined by Nash Durango and RJ-83, a droid pilot, who help them fly over the planets and accomplish their mission.

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Saving The World Isn’t Just A Mission To These Young Jedis Anymore

During this seven-episode-long journey, Kai, Lys, Nubs, Nash and RJ-83 come across several people and missions. Their first mission lands them on Kublos Springs where they fight against the tormenting pirate, Taborr. Then, they come across a starship tracker and set on to find a lost adventurer. Though they succeed in their mission to find OG, this Jedi adventurer has lost all hope and has given up. The five of them convince OG and help him gain confidence before leaving for their next mission.

Kai wants to fight against every evil he comes across and Lys is no different. The two of them possess exceptional fighting skills and can use the powers bestowed upon them by the Force easily. Their ambition to help the world takes them across several missions and sets them on an interplanetary tour. It all works well until Master Zia decides to intervene.

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure Ending: The Jedis Learn An Important Lesson

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure Review And Ending Explained

Kai, his friends and everyone else are looking forward to the Jellyfruit Festival hosted each year with bated breaths. The air is lush with anticipation and excitement, and the preparations for the festival are in full force. A new jelly fruit has been manifested and the younglings along with the entire clan, are eager to taste it. Their excitement is washed over when Taborr steals the jelly fruit and decides to sell it to other pirates to earn extra credits. Furious with him, Kai decides to stand against Taborr. These younglings then embark on a journey to take down Taborr and save the newly-formed jelly fruit from being sold out on the black market.

Though they are able to retrieve the fruit back, the young Jedis aren’t able to defeat Taborr wholly. They possess an unyielding devotion to sabotaging Taborr which according to Master Zia is unhealthy. So, to make Kai understand it, she takes him on a mission. It isn’t an extraordinary violent mission but something as simple as buying a lightsaber. 

As Kai and Zia land on yet another planet and find a spaceship is stolen, they set out to retrieve it. On this mission, Zia makes Kai understand that a true Jedi doesn’t believe that a person is all evil. Optimistic emotions such as compassion and patience are at the core of a Jedi. If Kai, Lys and Nubs ever want to become true Jedi Knight, they cannot hold onto unnecessary grudges. Here, the most-anticipated animated series of 2023, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure climaxes!

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure Review! It Is An Assemblage Of Small Endeavours That Works Well For Children

With Elliot Bour taking on the role of supervising director, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure has proven itself to be a visual treat for children. Possessing several life lessons delivered in a friendly tone. The voice cast and the animation are commendable and the storyline isn’t disappointing either. But is it an adventure series of Star Wars proportions? Well, it depends. The series is commendable for children and has fulfilled its purpose incredibly.

Will, we as adults, enjoy it? Not quite if you aren’t wholly into Star Wars animated series. For myself, I did enjoy it. Although it is quite redundant at times, 7 episodes under the half-hour mark aren’t a total waste of time. It could have been better, yes, but what is delivered isn’t disappointing either. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventure warrants an 8 on 10 for its animation clearly feels realistic and has interesting characters.

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