Obsession Series Ending Explained: Did Anna Go For William Or The Psychologist?

Obsession is one of those limited series, which will live an impact on your mind, and it will make you think about the story even when you are done watching it. The series has got an intrinsic capacity to get the watchers hooked on it and following that Netflix has absolutely done an amazing job, of making it available to viewers all over the world.

However, if you are done watching the entire series, then you must know that many characters were very complicated and mainly the character of Anna left many questions in our mind, yes it was quite erotic and the story that was shown may seem a little uncomfortable to many but what was going inside the mind of Anna and what relation has it got top her deep dark past, was the main reason why people are getting so hooked to the series.

Now based on the ratings and the comments of the critics, this show is quite a watch and worth it if you are looking for something very intimidating and sexual, and the entire story has got a touch of mystery and suspense which just makes the audience ponder more on the various little details that were left unanswered throughout the movie. Towards the end of the show, we do get to see a tragic death but what followed it captured the audience more, and for all those who are still quite confused about the ending, then don’t worry, we are going to explain it all to you.

Obsession Series Ending Explained

Obsession Ending Explained And Many Other Questions!

As we move towards the end of the show, we see that for the last time before Jay’s marriage to Anna, he is hanging out with his boys and William also accompanies them. During the talks and some father-son advice sessions just before the marriage, William says the iconic line which Jay has also heard from Anna regarding the questions coming up in his mind. Now that is where everything started being uncanny and uncomfortable for Jay.

He soon follows William out of the bar and he follows him till he ends up finding his way to Anna’s apartment, where he finds out that William is actually having an affair with Anna, and he is left devastated when William tries to address Jay in the chaos, he reverts back and, in that chaos, he ends up slipping off the staircase and falling down and losing his life.

Now this completely ends up breaking the family and everything while William and his wife get separated, there is no clue where Anna is while William goes completely crazy for her and tries to find her. While all this is going on, Anna is actually at her mum’s place, where her mum confesses that she knew about her brother and never tried to stop him, which freaks her out and completely breaks her apart. We see an end to the scene, while Anna has gone to the honeymoon where she was supposed to go with Jay, William still follows her there and shows no regret for doing what he did, whereas Anna is devastated and lives him on his own.

Now yes there may have been a resemblance between Jay and annas brother but this time Anna can’t get over the fact that she messed up and hurt Jay to such an extent whereas Jay was absolutely nice to her, William being completely obsessed regarding her loosed his rational thought and keeps chasing anna.

We go through a time skip and end up with Anna at a psychologist’s place, where again she related to the term of setting some rules before the discussion begins which intrigues her regarding her past.

Now there was also a scene that confuses many regarding William buying that flat, and that was because Anna wanted him to think what disasters have been done there or maybe she also wanted him to feel the memories they have had there. It can be both either to make him suffer or to make him never forget her.

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Why Did Anna Go For William And Was She Going To Play The Same Game With The Therapist?

Now it’s a complete mystery what she found in William and if it’s her intention from the first to destroy other lives by getting people obsessed about the type of woman she is. Now William, as we know, was Jay’s father, and overall, he was quite a good-looking man, but something Anna knew about William is that she could easily get him obsessed with her and maybe she has this innate capability of doing that with every man. She may have fallen for William, but we still can’t say what was it for, whether love or the sheer intention to mentally break him down and play a game with him. Though the last outcome was surely disastrous and ended up affecting her.

Now when it comes to the therapist whom we saw at the end, she may go and do the same thing with him, as she surely took an interest in him, and just in that episode only, her mum exclaimed and confronted her, about whether it’s the last time she is getting some boy so obsessed with her.

Did Anna Destroy Other People’s Lives Too?

Now this question is quite tricky and it has got no answers in the story to be honest, we know that Jay and William were targeted by Anna, however regarding her brother it was her brother who was so obsessed with her and that ended up killing him in the end. However, something that we do know is that her mother knew everything about what she does and how she gets those boys completely obsessed with her.

Maybe it wasn’t the only time she has done with someone, and there were other victims too, just like how the therapist is going to be another one.

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