Chupa Ending Explained & Review: What Happened To Chupa’s Mother At The End?

How can someone makes a creature as dangerous as Chupacabra and still makes it cuddly? Chupa has just landed on Netflix, and I am sure you will not see any negative reviews about the movie. Though it was a kid’s film, I will disagree with that, as I was hooked on in too. A very captivating story blended perfectly with humor, thriller, and suspense.

The story follows a boy named Alex, who lives in Kansas City but is originally from Mexico. He didn’t show any interest in his own culture until he goes on a trip to Mexico to spend his spring vacation with his grandfather and cousins. Alex’s father died a long time ago fighting cancer and he always felt he doesn’t have a family anymore. But, what happened at the end of the movie, here’s a proper ending explanation and review:

Chupa Review

As I said, you might not have seen any negative reviews for the movie. It’s perfect for kids and for adults too. The animation with the animals is mind-blowing, you wouldn’t feel that Chupa is animated.

Plus, the cast of the film performed fantastically. From Alex to Grandpa to his cousins, everything looked perfect to me. In addition to this, you will not just see action and suspense, but comedy elements too, which are actually funny. The story of the film is good, and there are no drawbacks to that. There are plenty of suspense that you will not see coming.

Overall, it’s a perfect blend of animation, cast, and story and I would give it an 8 out of 10.

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Chupa Ending Explained

The movie starts with Quinn, a researcher who is in search of a creature called El Chupacabra. He has to find him at any cost to hand it over to one of the medicine companies. It has been researched that Chupacabras feed on goat blood and they have magical healing powers, that will help the company to earn millions.

Quinn found the creature, but the mother fled away from the scene. When Alex reached his grandpa’s place he saw a baby Chupacabra, and he also thought there is something fishy going on with grandpa. Finally, when Alex, Luna, and her brother find out about Chupacabra, they name him ‘Chupa’. All three of them knew there was something with Grandpa as he bought a goat as well.

Finally, grandpa enters the scene and tells them, when he was driving at night a giant creature came in front of his car, and one ran away. When he came out of the car, he found Chupa and decided that he wouldn’t let the ‘bad people’ take him away. Now, the researchers have also announced whoever finds Chupa, will get a cash reward.

Next, we saw, Quinn reaching their place and asking for Chupa, but they said they don’t know his whereabouts. But, the next thing we saw was Quinn hitting Chupa with a sedative mode, and he boxed him in his car. But, Grandpa came back in his ‘Azul’ Mode, and they ran from the scene.

They are heading to the forest where Grandpa found him, and as soon as they reached there, Chupa started acting weird and ran away. Everyone followed him, Chupa reached peak point and started yowling. That’s when they knew, he found his family. He went to his family, but Alex came in front of a tiger and ran away to a poorly constructed pool. Though Grandpa made the tiger go away, Alex was about to fall from the pool, when his best friend, Chupa came hearing him cry. Chupa tried to save him, but they both went down.

Then Magic happened! Chupa started flying, and he helped Alex reach the ground. But, the story didn’t end there. Quinn came again and took Chupa with him. But, it was too late, as Chupa’s family was already aware that he is back. So, when Quin was taking him, Chupa’s family came in and freaked Quinn out. On the other hand, Grandpa gave him a perfect ‘Azul’ shot and he ran away. Chupa went back to his family and Alex went back to Kansas City.

Alex learned that he has a family, and he is going to visit them very soon. And this wasn’t the last time he saw Chupa, Chupa came to say him bye while he was on the plane. Some questions that came to my mind were:

What Happened To Chupa’s Mother?

Grandpa told the kids that when he saw the creature there were two of them. He found only one, and the other ran away. This means Chupa’s mother ran away. But, in the end, we saw Chuppa’s whole family coming back to save him, so she was fine and was waiting for her child to return.

Will Alex Ever Come Back To Mexico?

Definitely, Yes! He has learned so much during the trip. Luna taught him Spanish music and even gave her a mix tape. Grandpa taught him some of his killer moves, and in addition to this, Alex felt very good, staying with them. He also promised Luna He will be coming Back.

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