Did Eric Die In Invisible City Season 2? Major Spoilers! 

The quest is not over yet. Get ready to explore more about Marangatu. Here comes another exciting season of the Invisible City and believe it or not, but Season 2 truly astonished us a lot. We were so surprised to see that Eric has turned into an evil force. Someone has said it right, if you ever try to change the course of nature, you will have to face the consequences of the same and this exact quote goes for Eric. We all remember how Eric lost his wife, we all know what all discoveries he made through his investigation! We were so stunned to see the ending of Invisible City Season 1! We were wondering whether the father will ever see his daughter again or not. But guess what, he is back in action and the moment we were looking for is here.  

Did Eric Die In Invisible City Season 2? 

Did Eric Die In Invisible City Season 2? 

If you have binged the series thoroughly then you must have noticed that Eric was nowhere present in the final scenes of Invisible City Season 2. This quite gives us a hint that Eric is dead! Well, not only this, but we also cannot overlook the fact that he has been reunited with his dead wife. In the final episode of Invisible City Season 2, we saw how Cuca and Eric traveled through the deep forest of Marangatu! Luna has been poisoned by Débora. In this stressed situation, only Jaciara can save the young girl and to do so they must take her to the old lady. Fortunately, Luna’s life was saved! It’s all there in your mind, you just need to win over your fear and thus Luna comes back to life. 

But in the meanwhile, we saw a beast within Eric. He is stealing everyone’s power. It all starts with Bento, the Wolf Boy, who made him believe that whoever Eric touches will be healed. The little boy was abandoned by his own family and was deeply struggling with his actions and powers. This exact theory applies to Lazo, the Zaori, the one who can see it all, the one who can sense the vision of gold. But little did they know that Eric can become immensely dangerous for all the living entities out there. 

Jaciara, Matinta, and Cuca, all three knew what lies in the future of Eric. It was indeed very important for them to see the end of this beast. Fast forward to the scene, where we saw Eric leading Luna to the deep waters of Marangatu! This is where we saw the end of Eric! He goes back to the water and thus feels happy to be reunited with Gabriela. But we also cannot overlook the expression on Luna’s face. The little girl is sobbing deeply! She knows very well that his father must return to the waters, this is where he is destined to live. 

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Débora Belongs To The Mystical Tribe!

Did Eric Die In Invisible City Season 2? 

Yes, you read it right, she is not among the Castros! By the end of Season 2, we realised that Débora is a viper and she was once a part of the magical tribe! When she was very little, the head of the Castros family attacked the mystical village and thus killed her mother. She still remembers the scene where the leader of the Castros family took her up and made her a part of the normal being. Slowly and steadily, Débora could understand it all. She deeply regrets the fact that she indirectly killed her brother. We could say it safely now that the powerful viper is no longer going back to her regular city life. Caninana has come back to her original tribe and will be living a pious life protecting the forbidden waters of Marangatu. 

Did Eric Kill Cuca? 

Another shocking twist that came up in the plot of Invisible City Season 2 was the sudden death of Cuca. We felt so heavy when we witnessed the death of Cuca. She took care of her daughter, and she always guided them to the right path but guess what the 200-year-old entity was killed by her dear friend, Eric. It was the most disturbing scene of Invisible City Season 2. We still couldn’t process this news! But it seems like Luna has got a new friend now! She might have lost her mother, father, and guardian angel, but in return, she made a friend in Bento and is all set to explore more of the mystical forest. 

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