Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Will Not Keep Us Waiting For Longer!

Contradicting its title, Power Book II: Ghost isn’t a horror drama. Instead, it is all about power–getting power, using this power and destroying it as harshly as you could. It is brimming with lies, suspense, mystery and thrill that would keep you hooked to the screen. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to be powerful but Tariq St.Patrick has taken this desire to a level ahead of his father, James Ghost St. Patrick. He is now leading Starz’s original crime thriller and bringing forward a series packed with action and drama.

Power Book II: Ghost is the sequel to Starz ultra popular crime drama thriller, Power. Now that the third season of this critically-appraised series is out, season 4 has become a hot topic. We all want to know whether the makers are planning to release another season of Tariq’s struggle or if they are planning to end it here. So, let’s dive into Power Book II: Ghost season 4 without wasting a second more!

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Release Date

It began with James Ghost, the charming drug dealer who resonated with the viewers for six seasons. Now, his son, Tariq, is leading the show and keeping us intrigued even after three seasons. The St. Patrick’s charm seems to be working for the audience as well as the makers since none of us is ready to let go of the series just yet. We are all looking forward to season 4 and hoping the makers won’t prolong our wait.

And they aren’t doing any such thing! The makers have already approved Power Book II: Ghost season 4 ahead of season 3’s premiere. It was scheduled for March 17, 2023, with Starz releasing weekly episodes every Friday. Though the makers haven’t confirmed a release date yet, they have begun shooting for a fourth season already. Power Book II: Ghost season 4 is expected to drop by mid-2024 with weekly episodes released on Starz. Hopefully, the makers won’t keep us waiting for longer and confirm a release date soon!

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What Could Be The Story Of Power Book II: Ghost Season 4?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4

What’s the most fascinating part of watching a crime drama thriller centred around a protagonist that seems like a villain all the time? Probably, the said protagonist, right? Power Book II: Ghost revolves around Tariq St. Patrick, a protagonist who is a clever drug dealer, a nasty criminal and a philanthropist at the same time. We all know how Tariq got trapped with the Tejada family–or was he trapped though? Well, never mind. 

Now, Tariq is on his way to becoming another James Ghost despite his unyielding attempts to steer clear of that slippery road. Since season 3 is still ongoing, it is difficult to predict what course of action would season 4 follow. But now that we know Michael Ealy would be joining the cast of Power Book II: Ghost season 4 as a detective, we know this season would be flooding with spicy drama. Ealy as Detective Don Carter would be a welcome addition to the diverse cast of this series.

In this season, it is speculated that we will be witnessing the rivalry between two drug rings and how Tariq deals with them. Since Detective Carter is arriving with his backstory, we know we will get to witness more action, and drama and get to the bottom of Tariq’s journey soon. Hopefully, season 3 would end soon and we would be able to at least predict what storyline season 4 would follow.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Power Book II: Ghost Season 4

Power Book II: Ghost is one of the most extensive productions of Starz. The maker Courtney Kemp and Starz have invested heavily in this sequel and have ensembled several talented actors for this series. Leading the show is Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick, son of the infamous James Ghost St. Patrick. Tariq has always been determined to stay away from the crimes his father did but as it happens, Tariq is following Ghost’s footsteps accurately. He tries his hardest to make the right choices but his desperation for cash and his luck with drugs makes him fall for the wrong choices every time.

Accompanying Tariq, we have his roommate, best friend and so-called business partner Brayden Weston. Brought to us by Gianni Paolo, Brayden is hotheaded and money-driven like his best friend. Then, we have Zeke’s secret mother Monet Stewart Tejada who is currently leading the Tejada drug gang. Monet is brought to us by the incredibly talented Mary J. Blige. We also have other cast members including Effe Morales, Tariq’s girlfriend and another business associate. 

All of these cast members would be reprising their roles in season 4 as well. One more cast member who will be joining the cast list of Power Book II: Ghost season 4 is Michael Ealy as Detective Don Carter. Ealy’s presence would certainly enliven the show!

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Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Is Garnering Millions Of Fans

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4

Even though we have witnessed only 1 episode of Power Book II: Ghost season 3, it is already garnering millions of fans. So far, we noticed how Tariq has tried–and failed–to get on the right track. His desperation to do the right thing, steer away from the drug kingpins and reunite with his family has blown up in his face. Season 2 ended on a rather intriguing cliffhanger with Monet’s secret son, Zeke’s death.

Now this season, the ultra-popular school prince, Zeke has dropped dead. His mother, Monet is wreaking havoc because of it and has turned twice as deadlier. With Noma’s stellar entry to the show, the suspense has become intolerable. Noma, Mecca’s boss, is a powerful woman who would stop at nothing to save her drugs ring and find out who killed her favourite employee, Mecca. Lauren has come out alive, Effie has joined Tariq in his drug dealing business and several things are going on within this season. It is natural we would want more of this series after the roller coaster ride the makers have taken us on!

Summarising The Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 And Season 2

It all begins with James Ghost, of course in the Power series. Now that we have Power Book II: Ghost, our focus has shifted towards Tariq. When Tariq killed his father and was charged with murder, we never thought we would get to witness more of these St. Patricks’. But then Tasha, Tariq’s mother, took the blame on herself and left us all perplexed. She hoped her son wouldn’t follow in James’ footsteps and make a better future for himself at the university.

But then, Tariq spiralled down again and started to sell drugs for cash. Even though he intended to control it, he kept getting deeper into the bog and now, in season 3 he is completely submerged in it. Tariq gets involved with the wrong people, joins forces with fellow classmates and slowly becomes a drug lord. Even though he wants to leave this criminal underworld behind him and stay with his little sister and mother, his tendency to get into trouble doesn’t let his dream come true. Let’s see what happens in season 3 and of course, season 4.

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Is Power Book II: Ghost Series Worth Watching?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4

Now, this is a tricky question since Power Book II: Ghost is one of the most iconic criminal dramas trending on Starz. What works the best in the series is the stellar cast, gripping plotline and never-ending mysteries. There is hardly any dull moment in the series, the chase between these drug dealers is quite intriguing. Tariq’s connection with his family, his dedication towards his friends and that constant battle between his conscience and fate are quite alluring.

But of course, several things don’t work in the favour of the series as well. For instance, Tariq’s monologue seems overstretched. The way he always gets away from the clutches of the crime department doesn’t always work. Sometimes, we do want Tariq to take credit for what he did instead of letting someone else take the blame and letter save him. Aside from these minor drawbacks, the series, as a big picture, resonates well with the viewers especially fans of the Power.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4: FAQs

1. What Is Power Book II: Ghost Series About?

It is about Tariq St. Patricks who is a student and a drug dealer. He has to weave through the muddled waters to get away from these drug lords but his fate isn’t on his side.

2. Is Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Approved?

Yes, season 4 of this crime thriller is approved.

3. How Many Episodes Does Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 Will Contain?

It isn’t confirmed yet but it is speculated that season 4 of Power Book II: Ghost would contain 10 episodes like its previous seasons.

4. Is The Power Book II: Ghost Series Worth Watching?

If you are into crime dramas and enjoy the cat-mouse-chase trope, give this series a try.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Power Book II: Ghost Season 4?

No, there is no trailer available for Power Book II: Ghost season 4 yet.

6. Where To Watch Power Book II: Ghost Series?

You can watch all the 3 seasons of this series on Starz exclusively.

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