Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap: Score One For Sung-Han!

Now that we are on episode 4 of Divorce Attorney Shin, things have started to smoothen out a bit. But if there is one thing working in Shin’s favour, there are four going wrong as well. We all know Divorce Attorney Shin is Netflix’s latest courtroom comedy K-drama, revolving around Shin Sung-Han. We have been witnessing his journey from 4 episodes and have been enjoying his sometimes-cheerful-sometimes-melancholic personality, right?

Well, episode 4 has brought good news with it! Aside from Lee Seo-Jin and Shin’s blooming relationship, we are getting a step closer to Shin’s past, too. His past is probably keeping us hooked on the series, we all want to know what happened to him. Why did Shin forego his passion and why is he hiding it? Well, Divorce Attorney Shin episode 4 has brought a few answers with it that you should know!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap

Netflix released this wonderfully crafted series at the beginning of March and has been releasing weekly episodes ever since. Premiering late at night, this courtroom drama has surely garnered millions of viewers. It began with showcasing Shin Sung-Han as an aspiring attorney who often steps out of his way to help people win lawsuits. Of course, many times these steps aren’t legal and often deceptive. But since Shin knows what he is doing and what he is doing it for, that is what probably makes watching him win a lawsuit so engrossing.

This weekend we got to witness several things happening with Shin, in his professional and personal life. The last episode introduced us to several new characters that have impacted Shin’s past life including his sister, Ju-Hwa, his nephew, and a ruthless competitor. It also took a step closer to Shin’s melancholic past. This episode takes a huge leap in that direction and lets us witness how deeply affected Shin was after Ju-Hwa died. She is probably the reason why Sung-Han has chosen this career.

The episode began with Shin suffering through another dream that cripples him. While it is just a scene of his past when he was a musician, it is enough to make him sing another sad song. As the episode progresses, we have Seo-Jin waiting for Shin in his office–the office she applied to work as an intern. This time, she has another twist awaiting us!

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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap

In the last episode, Seo-Jin showcased her door-fixing skills dramatically and asked Shin to hire her–or more like ordered her to. As she stands outside his office, Seo-Jin wants to take her resume back and apologise for the stunt she caused. In her mind, she imposed herself on her and now wants to amend her mistake. We don’t know if it is our wishful thinking or Seo-Jin’s major crush on Shin that we think their relationship has started to progress.

While Shin subtly hints at how Seo-Jin’s presence has lifted his office atmosphere, Heyong-Geun openly claims that. He is a die-hard fan of Seo-Jin, the former radio artist, and is delighted to have her work with him. But his deliriousness is short-lived and Heyong-Geun has nasty news awaiting him. His almost ex-wife, who he is still deeply in love with, has asked him to fast-pace the divorce. Why? She is happily in love with someone else and is expecting a child soon. Throughout the episode, we get to witness how Jang is pinning over his ex and mourning his loss.

Shin Won Park Ae-Ran’s Case Despite Numerous Hurdles

On the other hand, Shin’s latest divorce case is messing with his mind. Park Ae-Ran is the daughter-in-law and maintenance of the building in which Shin’s office is. She has decided to file a defamation case against her husband and mother-in-law. And whose brilliant idea is to propose a lie like that and use it to Ae-Ran’s benefit? Our savant attorney of course. He convinces Ae-Ran to lie about how her mother-in-law has been falsely claiming that Ae-Ran hit her.

And then there is Shin’s competitor–and an enemy from his past–who is stirring problems for him. Park Yu-Seok goes behind Shin’s back and offers Ae-Ran’s husband a free consultation. Moreover, Park Yu-Seok is ready to fight his case for free. Of course, he doesn’t do it himself. He appoints his intern to do the dirty work and take down Shin. Turns out this intern is Shin’s fan and has seen Shin’s piano-playing video. He tries his best though but Shin has convinced Ae-Ran’s husband that she has seen a lot and deserves to live the rest of her life freely. 

Not only does Shin win the lawsuit and score one against Park Yu-Seok, he also gets to meet Gi-Yeong. After Shin’s sister’s death, Yu-Seok was the lawyer who helped Ju-Hwa’s husband get Gi-Yeong’s custody. In the last episode, Yu-Seok told him that he wouldn’t get to meet Gi-Yeong since Gi-Yeong’s stepmother forbade him to. In Divorce Attorney Episode 4, Gi-Yeong’s father has agreed to let his son spend time with Shin. Let’s see what happens in the next one!

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