Taj: Divided By Blood: Was Anarkali Pregnant By Akbar?

Taj: Divided By Blood premiered a few hours ago. We have already binged all ten exclusive episodes of the show and we recommend you all the same. It was indeed an informative historical drama series. The major twists and turns incorporated in the tale surely surprised us a lot, especially the relationship between Anarkali and Akbar.

We were highly intrigued and shocked by the complicated storyline of Taj: Divided By Blood Season 1 and guess what, fans of the epic drama series are already looking forward to Season 2. But let’s keep that discussion for some other day. Our main focus today remains confined to the very gorgeous and innocent Anarkali. Let’s turn back the pages of history and dig deep into her twisted murder mystery!

Taj: Divided By Blood- Was Anarkali Pregnant By Akbar?

Was Anarkali Pregnant By Akbar?

From the age of 14, she has been serving the Badshah. Years have passed by, but her time remains still within the four walls of the Harem. Locked up inside the room, she never knew she would be loved again but fortune clearly had different plans for her. This brings us to the brave and talented, Anarkali. Taj: Divided By Blood truly gave us goosebumps. We were highly shocked to see Akbar’s intense connection and attachment to Anarkali’s beauty. It was Akbar who locked her up! Do you think this was the major twist? 

Well, there is more left to the story! As we move forward with the intense storyline of the series, we will learn a deep truth about Daniyal, he happens to be Anarkali’s son! Yes fans, you heard it right, it seems like Anarkali was pregnant with Akbar’s child but since she was a concubine, her child was admitted to the Royal family, while she had to be captured inside the hidden room of the Harem. Daniyal was told that her mother died when she gave birth to him but little did he know that Anarkali, the concubine who still lives in the fort, happens to be his real mother.

This is what the historical series portrays, well if you try to match this with sound historical data then you will be shocked to see that Daniyal’s biological mother’s name is yet not known to us. It is nowhere mentioned in the historical scripts and thus a few theories came up which said that Anarkali was among Akbar’s favorite concubines and before getting involved with Salim, Anarkali was in love with Akbar.

But since she was a concubine, Akbar always denied her, he didn’t allow her to be a part of the Royal family and instead captured her behind the doors of the Harem! Thus Anarkali’s behavior towards Akbar changes and this is the main reason why she starts hating Akbar and his dictatorial rule over the Mughal Sultanate. But this might not change the fact that Daniyal happens to be her child and she was separated from him at a very young age. 

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Taj: Divided By Blood – How Did Anarkali Die?

Was Anarkali Pregnant By Akbar?

She always lived for freedom and hope. Her life was already dead when she was declared a concubine. For the past so many years, she has been living a secret life, no one knew she existed and all the blame goes to Akbar the Great.

It was he who took her life, it was he who separated her from her newborn, it was he who needed to be held responsible once. This is her story of grief, pain, and loneliness. Anarkali never knew she would be in love with Salim, it was all just a coincidence, their paths were meant to cross and thus they met one another. 

From deeply staring into each other’s eyes to entangling fingers to holding onto their love, Salim and Anarkali were ready to die for one another. But then their love story came out in public and all their dreams of living together were shattered apart. On one hand, Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar caught them red-handed. On the other hand, Daniyal felt ripped off when he saw her mother in his brother’s arms. Their love story became a victim of power and plotting. 

Initially, Akbar planned to entomb Anarkali within the walls of the palace but with the help of Birbal, Anarkali managed to escape her death once! But then Daniyal lost his cool and started accusing his father of his wrong deeds and that’s when they discovered that his mother had managed to escape from the entomb. Upon learning the truth, Akbar ordered Daniyal to kill Anarkali.

Thus Daniyal along with Badayuni starts looking for his mother and unfortunately, she comes into their vision. Our hearts were broken apart when Anarkali took her last breath in Salim’s arms. It was indeed very shocking that she was killed by her son. 

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