Dare Me Season 2 Release Date Is Cancelled!

Will there be any chances for Dare Me Season 2? Why the production house canceled the series? Here you will get all the information which reveals to you about the renewal of the show.

Teenage dramas are most liked by people as it reflects the reality about the people not fully but somewhere definitely. People get to know about many things and changes in life. During this pandemic time, or we can say every time, Netflix gives you a great premiere.

Every time Netflix brings you the best shows and movies based on different genres according to your taste. But now we are talking about none other than “Dare Me Season 2”. After the conclusion of the first season, the audience is very keen to know about the renewal of the show.

Dare Me Season 2 Release Date

Dare Me Season 2 release date

Dare Me is a teen drama with lots of thrill and mystery about teenagers. Originally, it premiered on USA Network on 29 April 2019. In 2012, Megan Abbott, a novelist, published the book Dare me, and then, later on, it was formed into a series that we were talking about. After concluding the first season, USA Network revealed the cancellation of the show. It happened not just because of fewer views no, but not because it is one of the top-ranking shows on Netflix in the US.

Now the question arises for the audience why the production house canceled the show after the prodigious reviews? As we can say, Dare Me is a huge success for Netflix as it was top-ranked on it the original network it was not. It was decided by the network not to renew the show just because they didn’t create the script for the second season during the production of 1st season. After the announcement, many people raised the question of the cancelation of the show. It is not compulsory that it not ever be released. Yeah, it is true, but if some other network is ready to produce it, it would definitely come back.

The show clutches approval reviews of 83%, with an average review of 7.32/10, based on 24 reviews from censors. But till now, there has been no official announcement by any channel for the release or renewal of Dare Me season 2. Also, it is only a miracle that can continue this series in the future. It’s been since two years since the first season was released, and still, the news of the cancellation of the series hurts!

Name Of The ShowDare Me
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreTeen Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Dare Me Season 1 Release Date29 December 2019
Dare Me Season 2 Release DateCanceled

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Dare Me Season 1 Story

As we all know, dare me is the remake of the novel by Megan Abbott in 2012. It is a teen drama describing the lives of competitive high school cheerers in a slight Midwestern town. Dare Me season one split ends with a mysterious pinnacle and doesn’t disclose if one or more of the main characters are in charge of Sergeant Mosley’s death. Netflix might find an expanse out of the scenario for a second season or maybe in a film.

I assumed the opening, Abbott may eventually choose to instigate Dare Me season 2 with the book’s conclusion and then start something new and fresh with a brand new tale involving Addy and Beth. Season one reveals the lives of two cheerleaders’ who will be reformed ever when they come to know about the coach’s dark fitting together to the small town.

A new enigmatic and stunning cheerleading trainer reaches Sutton Grove High School and clangs with an unpredictable and divided cheer squad. Season one ends with many mysteries, and I think the creator should move forward to script it. But till now, there is no production house that’s going to release it. If there is any news coming which reveals it, we’ll definitely inform you. Until now, you can watch the first season streaming on Netflix.

Dare Me Season 2 Story

As we have said above that the show has already been cancelled by the makers for season 2. So, there is no chance for the show to come back with the next installment. Then it is obvious, that we cannot tell you the upcoming story of the next season. But if in any case, the makers decide to renew it then definitely, they will most probably continue the story of season 2 which ends in season 1.

Dare Me Season 2 Cast

Dare Me Season 2 Release Date

If we’re talking about the characters, then according to me, they are the main reason behind watching a particular show. The cast is something that inspires us through their actions to watch something. Relatively, Netflix brings a young cast that influences us to watch shows and movies.

In this series, we saw Willa Fitzgerald as coach Colette French, Marlo Kelly as Beth Cassidy, Herizen Guardiola as Addy Hanlon, Rob Heaps as Matt French, and Alison Thornton as Tacy Cassidy.

The cast for the second season holds no point at all as we are not going to receive the second installment in the future.

Where To Watch Dare Me Online?

As already mentioned, Netflix is the way that can make you enjoy watching Dare Me.


The show has 6.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Dare Me Season 2 Release Date- FAQs

Is Dare Me renewed for season 2?

No, it is not renewed.

Is Dare Me canceled?

Yes, it is canceled after season 1.

Is the first season last season for Dare Me?

Yes, it is the last season.

What is the Dare Me Season 2 Release Date?

There will be no release date.

When was Dare Me Season 1 released?

It was released on 29 December 2019.

Is Dare Me a teen drama?

Yes, it is a teen drama.

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