Love At First Kiss Ending Explained: Who Did Javier Choose? Ariana Or Lucia?

Netflix has just dropped a Spanish Rom-Com Love At First Kiss. A brilliant cast with a heartfelt message. I just watched the movie, and I found the storyline very confusing. There are so many relationships you have to look forward to in the film, and it will get difficult catching up with them real soon. Overall, if you are looking to watch a movie during your lunchtime, you can watch this.

Love At First Kiss is a movie that you won’t regret after watching, the concept is good though it lacks in portraying that concept in a good way, it could be a one-time watch. Let’s establish the basic story of the movie. Javier is a freakishly handsome man who owns Mon Forte Editions publishing house. He is considered a playboy, as he breaks up with girls very frequently. This is because he has special powers where he can know how a relationship will be in the future in First Kiss. Roberto is Javier’s best friend and Lucia is Roberto’s girlfriend. Ariana is the bartending girl and Sonsole is the writer.

What happened at the end, did Javier end up with Lucia or Ariana? Here’s the ending explained in detail:

Love At First Kiss Ending Explained

Javier explains the first kiss in a different way. When you kiss someone, you can feel whether that person is for you or not, whether you are made for each other or not. And therefore he breaks up with girls long before he understands that things wouldn’t go well in the future. Javier has special powers. Roberto asks Javier to spend the night with him and Lucia and a date they set up for him. While partying, Javier kisses his date and finds nothing good in the future but the plot takes turns when he mistakenly kisses Lucia and sees everything he wanted in his future.

On the other hand, his publishing business is not going well, so he hires Sonsoles who was a huge hit (but not anymore). Lucia casually mentions to Javier that she does not like being in a relationship with Roberto anymore. Javier has understood that she is the love of his life. Javier also tells Ariana that she is in love with Lucia but Lucia is his best friend’s girlfriend. (You don’t screw around with your friend’s girlfriend, right?)

Javier decides to have a conversation about this with Roberto but he was in a different mode after the conversation he went to propose to Lucia but she says no. Roberto is devastated. Javier then confronts Lucia about whether the reason for the breakup is him and she says yes. Now you could predict what would have happened, they made out and decided not to tell anyone about this.

They started to get really close to each other and eventually moved in together. Sonsoles submitted a plagiarised book to Javier which made his business more difficult. But Javier decided to call Ariana as she had so many things to talk about. Sonsoles and Ariana started working together. Things between Javier and Lucia are not going well, so she decides to go on a trip with her friend. While she is on the trip, Javier tries kissing Ariana and she stopped it. Ariana helps Sonsoles with a killer idea for her book.

Javier then meets with Roberto at a meeting. He apologizes for what he did and they both makeup. But what happened next confused me. Javier tells Lucia that they should patch things up with Roberto and when they were about to meet he cancels his plan and watches both of them. Overall, he wanted both of them to patch things up. His book also becomes a hit and he meets Ariana at the party. And they both kiss each other and the movie ends!

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Who Does Javier End Up With?

Love At First Kiss Ending Explained

Javier created a plan for Roberto and Lucia so that they could meet. Next, we see both of them together. This means Lucia went back to Roberto. Javier gave Ariana tickets to Australia but she did not go. Javier asks her whether they could see each other but she says no and leaves. That time I thought there was no happy ending, but Javier runs to Ariana and says ‘Take me wherever you go’ and they kiss. So, eventually, he ends up with Ariana.

Did Sonsoles’s Book Becomes Hit?

Yes. Sonsoles started working with Ariana. She listened to her stories but she wasn’t able to bring ideas from them, she thought all this was outdated. She shares with Ariana what she feels now, how her boyfriend is in Romania, and how they cannot even understand each other. Ariana tells her to write exactly how she feels and she did that. After Javier broke up with Lucia he started reading books and he went on to create the best-selling book of the year.

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