Gulmohar Ending Explained And Review: What Happens At The End?

The recent movie Gulmohar was actually a masterpiece with one of the most delicately written and beautifully portrayed storylines we have seen till now in the year 2023. The story is basically a family drama and covers the secrets and fears of the different members of the family and brings to us the different complexities that nowadays come to our lives, along with that we also get to see the slow-paced differences that the generation faces but never understands properly.

We see some bonds breaking and some bonds growing but the end of the movie is truly a beautiful one. The cast line is also a very beautiful set of actors who can be treated as the real gems of the movies, we see some huge names such as Manoj Bajpayee, Amol Palekar, and Sharmila Tagore playing the main roles in the movie. Now for all those who have already watched the movie, something may have been a bit complicated for you and the first being the ending. Because after a lot of drama and emotional turmoil which the character went through, we come to a serene and beautiful Holi celebration but what happened to their problems and where the solutions met, couldn’t be understood by the audience.

This movie with an 8.1 IMDb rating is quite an exquisite watch for all the viewers out there, and if you are still wondering whether you should give this movie a try, we have given our detailed view about every segment of the movie towards the end of the article.

Gulmohar Ending Explained

Gulmohar Ending Explained And Review

Gulmohar can be treated as one of the finest works of 2023 as of now, we have actually lacked a family drama for quite a long time and Gulmohar just brought us that with a very complicated but beautiful plot and with each character having a great story of their own. We here look at a family with Kusum Batra being the head of the family and Arun Batra being a great son to her, however, he was an adopted son.

Along with that, there exists Arun’s wife, Indu, he has got his own rebellious son, who is completely against taking funding from his own father for his company and currently is struggling in his life with his wife, but still decides on parting ways with them. Then we have Arun’s daughter Divya, who is currently dealing with her own complex mindset and struggling with the fear of coming out about her homosexuality but at the same time has got a boyfriend whom she doesn’t know how to deal with. Along with that, we have a great story going on between the watchman and the maid of the house, that’s actually quite a complicated story but a beautiful one towards the end.

Now coming to the ending of the movie, those of you who have watched the movie, do know that finally, we see the entire family finally celebrating the Holi festival which was their favorite festival and the festival which Arun’s father used to treat as the starting of a new year.

Though many things have to come to terms with before that, firstly when Arun found out that his father before passing away passed on the family house to his brother and his son, and treated him just like an adopted son, he was completely heartbroken and left the home. While at the same time, we have got Kusum struggling with the sadness of his son leaving and at the same time, standing in the quite complicated situation of handling things with Sudhakar, her brother-in-law.

We see Arun, finally meeting his biological father but actually not revealing his own identity, He also takes Indu with him and when he hears about how his father gave him up just for the joys he wanted him to get, he decided maybe that is the right thing that happened, and he has to move on with life and make things right for his own family instead of caring about what happened to him. Along with that we also get to see him reuniting with Kusum and finally moving on with life while Kusum gives away the house finally Sudhakar, and blames him properly because of his keen mindset and never accepted her as well as Arun into the family.

Now moving forward, we see Arun’s son and his wife struggling with the startup funding and he is nearly on the verge of giving his dream of doing the startup however it’s his wife and his overcoming the fear of failure in front of his father, which makes him stick to his plan and not takes up the job which Kishore set up for him. He then according to most predictions, may have asked for money from Arun if the investors hadn’t given him the money. It was basically the distance that has grown between his father and the complete pressure he was taking on him, which made him grow distant from his entire family, but by overcoming his fears he finally got back to them.

We can never forget Divya who played one of the most beautiful characters in the movie, as we all know she was struggling with the idea of coming out in front of everyone, however, it was Kusum’s tale about her early days and how she also met a girl and fell in love but she moved on with her life. Her encouragement made her believe she can do it and actually this society is ready to accept her and her family is too. Then she reached out to her boyfriend, breaks up with him after telling him the truth, and gives us one of the most pleasant songs in the movie.

Lastly, we got the story of the watchman and the main, where finally Jeetu gave up his ego and chooses love over anything and finally decided to go back to Reshma. The problem with him was that he used to see himself as much of a low life and seeing Irfan being much better than him, made him insecure however Reshma did choose him and understand his love by the end of the story.

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Gulmohar Review

As we have already mentioned, the IMDb rating of the show stands at 8.1 which already states how good the show has been.

However, from a viewer’s viewpoint the show is just marvelously written, the different generations that have been addressed in the show, have been treated very delicately and the differences that have arisen between them have been added and solved by the end of the show, which just shows how much a family means and how much love can do.

Along with that almost every main character in this show had one thing in common and that is they were scared, some were scared of facing the truth of being adopted, whereas someone was scared of not being a successful person in front of his father.

At the same time, we see someone is scared of her homosexuality while the other of being uneducated. Though once a person decides to get over his fears after he has been pushed off the edge, he can win anything and struggle and achieve whatever he wants and that is what we get to see by the end of the movie.

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