Love At First Kiss Review: Confused Writing But Brilliant Message!

Netflix never misses a chance to bring Romantic Comedy movies our way. Some of them get hit and some lose their path. Love At First Kiss, A Spanish Rom-Com Film that has just hit the screens. I was so excited about this one, as I was in love with the trailer. So, I grabbed my Laptop and started watching it as soon as it dropped. Before we review the film, let’s first establish the characters, as it might get confusing (as the movie was in many places).

Javier is the main character who owns a publishing house named Mon Forte Editions. He has been given the strata of a ‘Playboy’ as he never stays too long with a girl. His best friend, Roberto, and best friend’s girlfriend, Lucia. Ariana, the girl who bartends at the bar, and Sonsoles is the author we might cover in the article. Javier has a special power where he predicts how his relationship would be after his first kiss (thus the name of the movie). Let’s jump straight to the review now.

Love At First Kiss Review

Usually, romantic comedies lack a strong storyline which you will not find in this (to some extent). But, there’s still a problem with the storyline. In the beginning, I expected the story would be fun to watch but I ended up being more confused about what were they trying to portray. There are some times when you love how the movie begins but end up being befuddled.

The story explores how Javier is exploring the love of his life, where he predicts the future at First Kiss. He explores everything that will happen in the relationship and thus used to end relationships so frequently as he knew what First Kiss will lead to.

Sounds pretty interesting right? For me too, but the ending clearly came as ‘not up to scratch’ for the movie. Another thing was how the movie explores so less of ‘Human emotions’. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

How Javier kisses his best friend’s girlfriend comes into a relationship with her and lives with her and Lucia ends up with Roberto again without showing how challenging it could be. You love a movie when you can relate to it, which I couldn’t find.

What I Liked?

Love At First Kiss Review

The first would be the cast: I loved watching Ariana and Lucia on the screen and Sonsoles too. Their humor and the way they acted is just marvelous whereas talking about the boys in the cast, they did a good job too. I believe the makers should have thought of exploring each character more so they’d come out better. And that’s why it’s not to blame the cast but the makers. You will definitely love the characters.

One thing I liked the most was the message it delivered. There are things right in front of you but you can’t see. When you kiss someone you can feel whether the person is made for you or not, whether you are soulmates or not was the main message till the beginning, but the ending gave a deep message. It’s better to not know what the future holds for us, it’s better to be uncertain rather than know what will happen in each second of your life. I don’t know about you, but the message gave me a deep understanding of how one’s life should be.

How Javier has some special powers has not dominated the whole film. It has been beautifully blended with the film.

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What I Didn’t Like

The first would be the story, the concept was good, but the way they portrayed the story was not up to the mark. If there’s a movie about relationships I would like to see real emotions and real trauma of a breakup or being ditched, which was not enough in this. If you can’t relate you probably won’t love it is my mantra.

The second thing that bothered me was the confused writing. On one side Javier found his soulmate, Lucia, and on the other side, he went kissing Ariana. At the end of the movie Roberto and Lucia are together and Javier found his love in Ariana. There are a whole lot of relationships going on at the same time creating difficulty to catch up with each relationship. I expected a back story of Javier at least.

There’s no establishment of the cast. Ariana comes out of nowhere, who was she, what happened to her, nothing was shown. I actually considered them as a side character but she turned out to be the main character in the film.

Watch It Or Skip It?

If you love romantic movies without considering much of a storyline you should watch them. It’s the kind of movie you can watch once and don’t feel pretty bad about it. It’s not a ‘regret’ film. If you watched it you will feel satisfied, as they ended the movie on a good note. Personally, I would give the movie a 2.5 out of 5.

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