The 2023 Guide To Best Thai Movies On Netflix: From Grace To Bad Genius Every Film Is Now On Netflix!

We have witnessed countless K-dramas, Hollywood thrillers, and Indian soap operas, right? But Thai movies have not ranked high on our radar. Why? We have no idea, maybe it is because we never tried to change our cinematic experience. Well, it is time we rectify it and give the Thai industry a chance. And what better start than Thai movies?

Netflix has started investing a lot in the Thai cinema and has brought some stellar Thai movies for us! The movie geeks have praised Thai cinema for its action thrillers which is why we all consider Thai cinema to be full of them. But that’s not all it has in store for us. Just like any other movie industry, Thai cinema is also brimming with sci-fi movies, heart-warming romance dramas, and of course, action thrillers. Come let’s take a detailed look at what Thai cinema has in store for us. Here is a list of the best Thai movies on Netflix!

18. My Girl

My Girl

Childhood and childhood crushes, both matter the most to us, right? No matter where we go and how old we get, we can never forget the person we first fell in love with. That special feeling would always remain captured in the corner of our hearts. This is what happens with Jeab, too. Even though he is now an adult and has long moved on from Noi-Naa, he cannot help himself when those memories start to drown him.

On his way to attend Noi-Naa’s wedding, Jeab starts to walk down the lane of nostalgia. He starts to remember everything about the girl who taught him the meaning of love. But he is not the only one, several characters are waiting to tell you about their journey. Join Jaeb on his nostalgic ride and explore the story of other characters who all contribute towards the success of this film. Set in the 1970s, My Girl, is the story of love and the heartache that accompanies it. And now it is available on Netflix!

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17. Bike Man

Bike Man

We all lie sometimes, don’t we? These white lies often help us conceal our secrets but most of the time, they end up getting us in trouble. This is the case with Sakkarin, too. Though he had to work as a motorbike taxi driver to make ends meet, he lied about his profession and claimed that he was a banker in Bangkok. But the thing about lies? They always catch up with us. This Thai comedy series is a stark difference between our misconception and what Thain cinema is.

Things take a dramatic turn for Sakkarin when his uncle moves to Bangkok and his lie starts to become a huge problem for him. Moreover, Sakkarin’s childhood crush, Jai, is now in Bangkok. Balancing all the aspects of his life, Sakkarin has to somehow win Jai over and convince his uncle, too. This leads to a constant push-and-pull in his life–something that would make you cry laughing. Watch this rom-com, Bike Man, on Netflix now!

16. Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

You simply cannot complete the list of best Thai movies without mentioning Bangkok Traffic Love Story. As its name hints, this is a swoon-worthy romance drama. But that’s not what all it is. There is suspense, there are dark secrets and there is a small message in the end; it is never too late to find that special one who would turn your world upside down.

Mei Li, a regular nine-to-five worker, has finally found her special one after years of searching for him. Whenever her friends got hitched, she started complaining about the lack of love in her life. When she meets Lung, after a deadly car incident, and slowly their love blooms, things seem alright. Nothing is the same in Li’s life anymore and while she considers this change positive, it is anything but. One of the best love stories Thailand has to offer us, Bangkok Traffic Love Story is now available to us on Netflix!

15. Chocolate


We all love chocolates, don’t we? That sweet delicacy is our reprieve from stress, isn’t it? If you’re thinking this is a romantic movie, get ready to be proved wrong. It is an action thriller that involves the deadly mafia, violent fights, and an act of revenge that will touch your heart. This Thai movie will make you come face-to-face with Zen, a petite-looking girl who hides some deep secrets and fighting skills that can compete against the professionals.

Chocolate is a revenge story revolving around Zen who has been suffering all her life. She has seen every dark aspect of life from a trashy neighborhood to an ill mother. When Zen’s mother is killed by an arrogant mafia man, her revenge becomes warranted. No one believes that an innocent-appearing girl could take down professionally trained fighters. There is no dull moment with Zen, she’ll keep you entertained throughout the movie. What’s better? We are all reminded of Bruce Lee once again. Watch Chocolate on Netflix now!

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14. Best Of Times

Best Of Times

Get ready to dive into the world full of love with this Thai romantic drama, Best Of Times. We all know how difficult love can be, how it can drive us up the wall, and how we are still influenced by this powerful emotion. But Keng is somewhat different. He doesn’t quite believe in love and relationships. So, when he is forced to do community service as a punishment for drunk driving, things start to change for Keng.

To complete his punishment, Keng wanders to a local old age home to teach these old couples the importance of technology. Here, he meets Sompit and Jamrus, a couple who have been through thick and thin but never let go of each other. Keng is influenced by this lovestruck couple and when he stumbles across his childhood love, he decides to hold onto her. Best Of Times is now available on Netflix for us!

13. Nine Satra

Nine Satra

Thai cinema is making its presence known in all genres. Be it romance or action, be it suspense or psychology, Thai cinema is not lacking behind. Moreover, Nine Satra proves Thai cinema is ready to take on the anime world, too. Ott is a young boy who aspires to become a warrior and win against every fighter out there. It isn’t his ambition but the need of the hour.

Ott lives in a local neighborhood ruled by a malicious king who spares no one. His malevolence knows no bounds, he stomps over everyone he desires. But now it has to end, Ott wants to be the one who releases his kingdom from this king. So, he decides to learn how to fight professionally style. He is later joined by several other people who help him avenge his hometown. Join Ott on his journey towards justice and know how far Thai animes have progressed with Nine Satra now on Netflix.

12. Ong-Bak


Time for an action thriller now, something Thailand is popular for. We all know how martial arts, boxing, and fighting are at the heart of the city. Ong-Bak preserves and tressures all of these skills. It is a story about morals, about preserving your beliefs and honoring them. Ong-Bak stars Tony Jaa, the most popular Thai legend. This movie is still considered to be one of the best Thai action thrillers.

This movie narrates the story of a Muay Thai master who stops at nothing to get what he wants. After his idol is stolen, he embarks on a journey to revive it. This journey is filled with blood, action, and buckets of drama. It would make you value your morals, protect your values and stand up for them. This 2003 Thai blockbuster is now on Netflix!

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11. The Tin Mine

The Tin Mine

Do you think our schools and colleges can ever teach us how to tackle the problems life throws at us? The Tin Mine explores this question and portrays a vivid drama. When Ajin, a genius engineering student, is expelled from the university, things start to take a harsh turn for him. With no options left, Ajin travels back to his hometown and decides to pursue his passion here.

It wouldn’t be life if it isn’t always two steps ahead of us, right? Not only does Ajin has to bear the constant taunts from his father, but his childhood love also dumps him. With no way in sight, Ajin starts to spiral down into a dark abyss. But then, something happens in his life that changes his point of view towards life forever and Ajin learns the true meaning of life, love, and friendship. Stream this heart-touching tale on Netflix and explore Ajin’s life story in The Tin Mine!

10. The Teacher’s Diary

The Teacher's Diary

Highly appraised for its eye-catching visuals, gripping storylines, and heartfelt characters, The Teacher’s Diary is a Thai gem. It not only sheds light on a teacher’s life and the struggles endured by them, but it also asks a thought-inducing question; can you love someone you have never seen or heard? Can love bloom in a situation where nothing feels right?

Meet Song, one of the best wrestlers in Thailand who decides to take up a job as a wrestling teacher. But his skills aren’t as polished and the officials decide to transfer him to a local village. Not only is Song forced to adapt to his new surroundings, but he is also faced with a new situation. Song discovers the diary of Ann, a former teacher who has poured her heart out in this diary. Will Song ever get to meet her? Or is Ann farther away from his reach? Watch The Teacher’s Diary on Netflix and find out!

9. Grace


The Thai cinema isn’t only brimming with subtle romances and hard lessons, but it also has mastered the psychological genre efficiently. In the era where social media has become a necessity and social media influencers are considered to be the master of the world, tragedies bloom easily. Since no one’s privacy is respected and jealousy rules sanity, crime becomes the only resort.

Eclair, one such social media influencer, has started to garner popularity and has now become Thailand’s well-renowned celebrity. But her die-hard fan, Jack, doesn’t want the world to see her, just him. He is accompanied by his equally insane sister, Grace, who is jealous of Eclair’s popularity. Both of them capture Eclair and keep her isolated from the world–of course, their method of isolation means torture. Grace is truly one of the best psychological thrillers brought to us by Thailand and of course Netflix.

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8. Nemesis


When justice isn’t served properly, even innocents turn into cold-blooded murderers. Nemesis introduces us to Manop, a regular working-class man who was head-over-heels for his girlfriend. But when Manop’s girlfriend is brutally murdered and he is blamed for it, his sanity starts to weaken. People blame him constantly, the side glares and snarky remarks become too much to bear and of course, no one comes to rescue him.

Tormented by his girlfriend’s death, Manop now starts to face psychological issues and develops an alter ego. Now this altered ego starts to avenge Manop and his girlfriend’s death. This is a strong punch against the judicial system not only in Thailand but of the world. Do give this psychological thriller a chance to amaze you!

7. Shutter


Arguably the best Thai horror movie so far. Shutter deals with several abstract concepts and uses various modern techniques to bring out the best horror film. As for the plot, it is a fresh breath of air for the horror genre. Shutter focuses on photographs, something we never thought of as a source of terror. We all click pictures, weave albums and go through these albums whenever we feel like it. But when photographs are not the souvenir of the past but a threat to our present, Shutter begins.

It is the tale of Jane and Tun, a couple who are happily enjoying each other’s company. But their love nest is destroyed after an accident that leaves this couple with a curse. Every photograph Tun develops becomes haunted. No matter who he tries to capture, it is only the ghost that appears in those pictures. The Shutter is one of those movies that wouldn’t let you rest throughout its course, it would captivate you wholly. Now, Shutter is available on Netflix for all of us horror film lovers.

6. The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth

When an accident turns Mia’s life upside down, her children, Putt and Pim, have no idea what happened. On the surface, it is just another accident where a drunk driver crashed the car. But when Mia falls into a coma and these children end up at their grandparents, things start to seem a bit off. Especially when they feel haunted all the time and the hole in the wall becomes their point of focus.

With Mia in the hospital, Putt and Pim starts to navigate life on their own–a life that is now haunted. A devastating truth awaits them and us, a truth that promises a fatal transformation in the lives of these children. The Whole Truth promises a detective-style horror film that has become one wonderfully crafted Thai movie. Every horror film lover should give this Netflix original a try!

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5. Heart Attack

Heart Attack

We all live in a world where laptops and computers are important assets, where we work from home and push ourselves more than our bodies could take. We survive constantly with a backache, we are sporting a headache almost daily, aren’t we? As working-class people, we can truly relate to Yoon. He is a graphic designer who works more than his body could take and in the end, he has to pay for it. Now Yoon is suffering from a nasty backache that leads him to a dermatologist.

This workaholic starts to develop a healthy lifestyle under the influence of his dermatologist who slowly starts to become his crush. Yes, it is a romantic comedy-drama. But as you’ll watch it, you would find out how wonderful this series has been weaved. You would get to know Heart Attack isn’t just a romantic drama, it is a forbidden love story you will absolutely love. Watch this heartwarming journey of Yoon on Netflix this spring!

4. Love Destiny The Movie

Love Destiny The Movie

Love is destiny but destiny is a cunning trickster. You’ll find yourself immersed in a world where time travel is normal, dreams become reality and everyone wears a mask. Though this is a light-hearted movie, it deals with heavy concepts. There are ammunitions, there is a very dead very angry mother and then there is our lead couple.

Love Destiny The Movie revolves around Bhop and Gaysorn, an extraordinary couple stuck in the middle ages. This is a historical romantic comedy–though it tends to feel like a tragedy at times–that would not make you regret the 2-hours you spend on it. Bhop’s immature obsession with Gaysorn is something you shouldn’t miss. Watch this romantic drama now on Netflix.

3. Bad Genius

Bad Genius

Leave aside all the cheesy romances and modern sci-fi movies. This unique thriller, Bad Genius, is out to create a genre of its own. One of the most critically acclaimed Thai series, Bad Genius, will make you go on a nostalgic ride but won’t let you reminisce. It is the story of Lin, a high-school straight-A scholar. No, this isn’t an inspirational biography or a movie targeted at teenagers.

It is a subtle representation of how money chips away at your morals. Lin is a do-gooder and likes to stay away from trouble but trouble knocks at her doorstep instead. Lin needs money and she needs it fast. So, she accepts a genius plan offered to her by her friends; help her classmates cheat in the exams. Yes, the plan is vicious and corrupted but it does help Lin.

Only, things start to slip away from Lin’s hand way too soon. A satirical punch to the education system, a meaningful blow at the students’ integrity. Bad Genius is all you should watch this spring only on Netflix!

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2. OMG! Oh My Girl

OMG! Oh My Girl

We have seen countless movies and series that center around two best friends who feel more like a couple to everyone but themselves. OMG! Oh, My Girl picks up this trope and turns it into something epic. This Thai romance drama is one of the best so far. This flick revolves around a picturesque couple June and Guy who wear the tag of just friends. And while June genuinely considers Guy her friend, our hero doesn’t share the sentiments.

It begins with the then-teen Guy trying to convey his feelings to June but another teenager beats him to it. This goes on in circles until something shifts in Guy after he gets a healthy dose of reality. The trope might be cliche but the execution is outstanding. This 2-hour-long Thai romance drama is now on Netflix and should be on your to-watch list in 2023!

1. Phobia Or 4bia Anthology

Phobia or 4bia

A stupendous anthology film that wouldn’t let you blink your eye the whole time you’re watching it. This is a compilation of several short stories weaved into an epic horror movie. The notable point of this anthology is that it is directed by several talented directors who contribute to the glamour of this anthology. Both Phobia and Phobia 2 are amazing movies that would make you a fan of Thai horrors.

Since this is an anthology you’d be treated to several characters and follow numerous plotlines. Be it Loneliness or Salvage, none of the parts will let you take your eyes off the screen. The stellar acting, the gripping storylines, and  Both anthologies are the highest-grossing movies in Thailand with Phobia 2 leading the chart. And these movies are now on Netflix for us horror film lovers!

Best Thai Movies On Netflix: FAQs

1. Which Is The Latest Thai Movie On Netflix?

OMG! Oh, My Girl and Love Destiny, The Movie are some of the recent movies on Netflix.

2. Which Is The Most Popular Thai Movie On Netflix?

There are many popular Thai movies on Netflix but 4bia or Phobia anthology is considered to be the best so far.

3. Is Where We Belong On Netflix?

Yes, you could stream this movie on Netflix!

4. What Is Bad Genius About?

It is the story of Lin, a straight-A student who is desperately in need of money. She starts to help her fellow classmates cheat in exams to earn extra cash. This is a highly inspirational Thai suspense thriller.

5. Is Love Destiny The Movie A Thai Film?

Yes, it is a Thai movie available on Netflix.

6. How Much Does Netflix Subscription Cost?

Netflix plans start from 149 INR for mobile-only for three months.

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