Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies: List Of All The Upcoming Movies!

One of the biggest names in the industry, Michael Yeoh in the past few days has gone on and on giving us new gifts! Starting from some big names such as making the Witcher, to the witches, she can be considered one of the top actors of 2022 who has achieved some big things over a career phase filled with achievement and fame.

Now for those of you who know nothing about it, we will first start with some of her biggest life achievements. She has played some huge parts in some of the greatest Hollywood movies such as crazy rich Asians, where she was personally nominated along with the fact that the movie also got nominated. Then we have her roles in the Marvel comic universe too, where she played a big role in the movies of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

If you still don’t identify her from the above few movies, or you just don’t remember where she was, although you are sure that you have seen her before, then if you have watched the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once, you do probably remember the character of Evelyn wang, one of the most iconic characters from that movie was actually played by non-other than our very favorite, Michael Yeoh.

Now there was a very misconception at some point, where people used to think she is of Asian origin but was based in Hollywood only, but according to our reports and our sources, she is actually of Malaysian origin and she didn’t enter the acting or media industry as an actress, but as a fashion model, she was actually quite successful in it and ended up winning miss Malaysia, along with that she also represented Malaysia in the miss world competition.

Overall she has got achievements all her life and soon her acting career began, mainly in the Asian industry at first, but soon she was being noticed by Hollywood a lot and she soon started getting offers from Hollywood, which she took up and now we all know how she has been doing.

Followed by that, when we come to her achievements of 2022, it starts with everything everywhere all at once, we all know that the movie was an absolute hit for fans all over the world, followed by that she also played an important role as the voice actor of master chow, in the movies of minions which came out in the year 2022. Then we see her playing some eminent roles in the school of good and evil and the paws of fury which belongs to the franchise hulk.

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

Then when it comes to her social life, she has always been a very positive outspoken person, she has a very good relationship with almost everyone in the entertainment industry and has always been very public about her social as well as personal life.

followed by that, she always likes to stay related to her working sector and along with that, when we look at her personal life, overall there haven’t been any controversies, to which we may pay much attention to. One of the biggest news in the recent few days is that she has been related to the avatar series and has been given a huge role to play in the upcoming few years.

Following, we have listed some movies which she will be a part of in the coming days, and for all those who don’t know much regarding her previous works and everything, you may get to know a little bit about the types of films she generally works in and other than that, you can obviously check the previous year’s movies, which we have mentioned above.

1. Transformers: The Rise Of The Beasts

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

As we all know one of the biggest sectors, she has always been into is the fictional sector, starting from transformers to marvel comic universe and then moving forward to the world of animation, the list goes on and on and her career list also is filled with such great movies only. Now for all those who have been big fanboys of transformers for quite some time, you must have been excited since the trailer of the show came out.

Following that, we see that there have also been some comments already regarding how the show is predicted to be and the critics have already started giving their comments which actually have been mostly positive, but have also been followed by some negative comments because the trailer didn’t match the hype level that was predicted for this movie. It’s the seventh movie in the entire franchise of transformers and people have waited for it for quite a long time now. For those who have been a fan and still don’t know what this story is about if you have watched the bumblebee movie, it is basically just a direct sequel to that movie.  

For those who don’t know anything about this movie, it’s basically the story of how humans or some archeologists went on an adventure with autoboots, which are basically vehicles that have life and can turn into big robot kind of stuff. They are actually alien existences and have got some roots in the earth, there actually used to exist three different types of autoboots and the story will hover around these Autobots and their types and other conflicts related to them and the human world.

For those who are wondering when this movie will finally make a release, this movie is going to be out on the 9th of June 2023 and the trailer has already been out for quite some time and can be checked on the youtube platform.

Where to watch: this movie whenever it comes out will firstly make it to us in the cinemas and then for online streaming purposes it may be available on Netflix or the amazon prime platform, however, nothing is confirmed as of now.

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2. A Haunting In Venice

A haunting in Venice, though it may seem like a movie that basically belongs to the haunted or horror movie platform, actually isn’t, it belongs to the mystery thriller genre, and if you have been a fan of reading novels, you may have actually heard of the story which is going to be shown in this movie. The haunting in Venice is basically, inspired by one of the books of one of the greatest mystery thriller writers of all time, we may all have heard of this writer, but practically saying, Agatha christie’s books when compared to most other mystery stories writers have got a much smaller base than other well-known novelists. However, something that’s very attractive about this movie, is the main character, whom almost every one of us has known in the past, Hercule Poirot.

If you still wondering who Hercule Poirot is, he is basically the fictional detective that has been created by Agatha christie a long time back and has existed in the world of movies in the form of two other movies, the murder on the orient express and the death on the Nile, which is actually part of the same franchise as this movie. This movie is basically a sequel to the same franchise and it’s set much later in the timeline than that original movie and the stories that we mostly have read. Hercule Poirot has retired from his professional life and he is brought back to solve the mystery of Venice.

For those who are wondering what the audience response has been for the movie, the audience has been very supportive towards the past movies that have belonged to this particular series, however in the case of this movie, the audience response has actually been moderate compared to the past few movies, however, that may be just because the trailer of the movie has released and no other content regarding it has been out, the movie response may change completely once the movie is out.

Where to watch: the movie whenever it comes out, will make its release in the cinema halls first followed by the later release of the movie on Netflix or the amazon prime streaming platform. However, news regarding the streaming platform location hasn’t been confirmed yet and we will have to wait for any other updates regarding it.

3. The Tiger’s Apprentice

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

When it comes to this particular movie, one thing that we can already guarantee is the greatness this movie is going to achieve when it finally comes out. If you are wondering why we are so hyped up regarding this movie, then that’s because of the great novel which many of you may have already heard of, and shared the same title with this series.

this movie is no sequel to any other movie and the writer who actually wrote the novel is the world-famous American writer, Laurence yep, this book came out in the year 2003 and many of you may consider it as a child’s book, but the content is so engaging and has got so many fans all over the world that we are sure the response to the movie is also going to be crazy.

There actually has been a consideration for a live-action drama series which was going brought to us by the cartoon network, but somehow there were many delays in the plans, some technical issues, and the list went on and on and at the same time, the release dates for the show went on going back and back.

Now we are finally going to see an animated live-action series which is being brought to us finally by the paramount movies and if we look at the cast, you will actually be shocked to see the line of actors and known people, the movie has got to voice the characters. Michael Yeoh is also going to be one and for sure this is not the first time that we are going to see Michael Yeoh playing such a role in a movie. She has previously also voiced many characters such as in minion and everything and those movies have actually turned out to be pretty great.

 For all those people who are a bit confused regarding what the story is regarding is basically a story where a small boy who is left in charge of his uncle’s apprentice has got the main aim of protecting a coral rose which has some mystic powers and many people out there in the world have been in search of that rose for quite a long time for its powers.

This show is supposed to be making its release in January month of 2024, but as we all know there have been a lot of delays in the past, and that can also be the case this time too. So we need to wait a little longer before we can confirm anything

Where: this show will first make it to us in the theatres for sure, however, nothing relating to streaming platform availability has been discussed by the makers of the show.

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4. Avatar 3

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

As we all know just by the name that we have mentioned, one of the biggest franchises in the entertainment industry has got Michael Yeoh included in their further projects, and that has already been announced by the makers of the show.

The next project of the avatar as we all know has been scheduled by the maker for the year 2024 and based on how the franchise series has been performing recently, we can conclude that the upcoming few years will bring more glory to this series and the audience response will just go high over time.

Now moving on to the main question of many fans, that is regarding what role we will see Michael Yeoh play. Now if you have been following the news regarding the avatar franchise, you may have known that the character of dr Michael mogue, was supposed to play a big role in avatar 2 only, but her role was actually cut, the actress playing this role, by now most of us have already understood about it, it now other than, Michael Yeoh.

Now the following thing that many other fans have been curious about is the ratings of the show, as we all know for a movie that is dated 2024, we haven’t received any trailer as of now, but the box office collection and everything regarding this movie franchise have been great so the upcoming movies will surely main the same standard.

As of now, we know that the date of release for the 3 movies is going to be released on the 20th of December 2024.

Where can we watch: this movie as usual will make its release in the movie theatres just like the previous movies from the franchise and then it can be expected that the movie will also be available on the Disney plus platform for online streaming however nothing can be confirmed as of now.

5. Wicked: Part One

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

Many of you may have heard of this series and that’s because, it has been in planning for quite a long time now, wicked actually is another one of those movies, which ate being adapted from a novel series.

for those of you who don’t know, you may have heard of the book, wicked the life and times of the wicked witches of the west and it has been a sequel book to the wonderful wizard of oz. many of you may have actually read the wonderful wizard of oz because practically it’s one of the biggest classic hits of all time. Michael Yeoh has already been declared as a cast member of this series.

Other than this for those who don’t know anything about the show, its basically the story of witches, we all know how the land of oz has been from the existing books of the world of oz, and this is basically the story of the witches who arrive in the world of oz and continue being witches there. If you have watched the previous movies, you may have heard of the character of Elphaba and galinda, who are two witches from the world of oz and have got many things in common, the first thing being their love interest and the list goes on continuing.

There have been many other things the movie will concentrate starting from the overall worsening situation of the land of oz. This movie can be considered as a sequel to the world of oz movie that we have seen before, but because of the time gap, there has been it may be treated as an individual movie, which will receive its next part later

Following this based on the fanbase that the book has got over the period, we can conclude, that there will be millions of people all over the world who will be looking forward to this movie, however, the execution part is completely in the hands of the makers and we will get to know how it is only when the trailer of the movie comes out later

Where to watch: this movie is also supposed to be available in the theatres firstly, following that we may get this movie available for streaming on certain streaming platforms but nothing is sure as of now.

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6. Wicked: Part 2

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

For the year 2025, we haven’t seen any bookings of Micahel yeoh as of now, only one movie she has already been related two, and that is basically the second part of the wicked series. the same story that we will be seeing in the first part of the movie, will continue in the second part, however, there may be the introduction of new characters.

Michael Yeoh has already been booked for both the part of the movie, and thus we know for confirm that the second part is coming, now we haven’t received any information regarding any delay as of now, but such long-term projects often have to face certain delays and so we may not even receive this movie just in 2025 as the audience response to the previous movie will also matter.

Based on the dates that we have received as of now, we can say that the trailer will be received by the middle of the year 2025. Though nothing has been confirmed. This movie will also bring an end to the short sequel of the main franchise that started years back.

Where to watch: this movie just like the previous movie will make it to us in the theatres first and then we may get the streaming rights to the show on some OTT platform, but that will follow the same pattern that has been followed for the first part of the franchise.

7. Avatar 4

Michael Yeoh Upcoming Movies

The last one on our list had to be this one, avatar 4 the sequel to avatar 3 and one of the mega movies that the franchise has promised to give us will make it to us in 2026, though the dates haven’t been mentioned as of now, there is a great chance that the movie will come out in the November December months only.

The movie has already been booked for Michael Yeoh just like it was done for the previous movies, but one thing that hasn’t been confirmed is whether she will be a part of it because she was also booked for the movie but her part was cut by the directors. Though there is a great chance that such a thing will not happen, and based on how the crowd response has been from the first two movies, it is quite evident that the upcoming movie will get a good response from the audience.

For the storyline, we haven’t been confirmed anything as of now, and that’s because the third movie hasn’t even made it to us, however, we all know director James Cameron has always got everything planned and for sure he has done the same for this movie too. The trailer of the show may make it to us by the end months of 2025 and that will clear a  lot of doubts for sure.

Where to watch: just like the previous movies, the upcoming movie will also make it to us in the theatres at first and then there is a great chance that the movie will be available for streaming on the Disney + Hotstar platform, just like the first movie, however for any other updates we will have to wait till the trailer for the movie release.

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