Taylor Lautner Dating History: Exploring His Dating Timeline!

The very charming and handsome Taylor Daniel Lautner is on our radar! We hope you all remember him from the popular Twilight franchise! After all, how could we forget about his iconic role as Jacob Black? Whether it was any movie of Twilight or Grown Ups 2, Daniel has always caught our attention the most. It wouldn’t be wrong if we state that Daniel has got an incredible journey in the entertainment industry. But today we are not talking about his sound acting career rather our focus will remain confined to his glamorous love life.

Have you heard the latest rumor around Lautner? Sources confirmed the actor has recently tied his wedding knot. The renowned American actor is surely in high talk. Wouldn’t you like to know everything about his marriage ceremony? Well, his fans have already raided us with questions about his newlywed wife! But hey there, before we introduce Taylor Dome to you, let’s quickly brush our eyes through his previous dating life. 

Taylor Lautner Dating History

Taylor Lautner Dating History

As we already mentioned above, Taylor is no longer single, he is a married man now! But before getting married to Taylor Dome, Lautner’s name was involved with many renowned celebrities out there. If we are not wrong, Taylor Daniel Lautner has previously been involved with Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Maika Monroe, and guess what, the list is pretty long than you imagined it to be! So let’s start this discussion from the top, who was Lautner’s first girlfriend from the industry?

Yes, you have heard it right, it was none other than, the very gorgeous and talented Taylor Swift! They started dating in 2009, they didn’t have a long relationship timeline but sources confirmed they were famous as love birds. They had true feelings for one another but unfortunately, things didn’t work out well between the two.

Next, comes Taylor’s long-time best friend, Selena Gomez. In an exclusive interview, Selena confirmed that she loved Lautner’s company but due to heavy gossip and crazy media engagement, they had to call it off. They dated just for a couple of months and if we are not wrong the break up was a mutual decision for them.

We come to the year 2010, it all started during the filming of Abduction. That’s when Lautner got involved with Lily Collins. Both were starring in the same movie and as days passed by, both ended up in a romantic relationship. They dated for more than a year, but particularly around the middle or end of 2011, they called it off. 

Again in 2012, we heard some juicy rumors about the renowned American actor. Lautner’s name was taken along with two girls at the same time, one was Ashley Benson, while the other one was Maika Monroe. In the preceding year, particularly in 2013, we heard about Marie Avgeropoulos! Sources confirmed that the two celebrities met on the set of Tracers and thus their love story began.

They roughly dated for a couple of months but due to some conflict, they decided to part ways with one another. Next, we heard about Billie Lourd, she met Lautner around 2016. Both were starring in the movie named Scream Queens and after dating for one whole year, they decided to call it off in 2017! 

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Taylor Daniel Lautner’s Wedding Ceremony 

Above we heavily talked about Lautner’s interesting dating life and now we come to the next segment of our discussion. Are you all ready to know more about Taylor Dome? Finally, after years, Daniel found the one he was looking for. It was indeed a splendid wedding ceremony. Sources confirmed they got married at a lavish vineyard estate. What’s better than getting married with a romantic sunset?

Their wedding ceremony happened in California and what a beautiful day it was for them! They got engaged around November 2021 and just a year after their engagement, they decided to tie their wedding knot. They didn’t rush it at all and everything was as per their plan and wishlist, Daniel feels extremely happy to have Dome in his life. 

Taylor Dome always wanted a cozy engagement scenario and Daniel planned it all according to her wish and demand. It’s quite evident that Dome loves minimalistic things and she adores little effort. They started dating around the end of 2017 and finally in 2018, Lautner updated us with his latest relationship. They dated for a good 3 years and finally in 2021, they felt like advancing their relationship to another level.

Coming back to their wedding ceremony, only 100 people were invited, it was indeed small and beautiful. They wanted to share the day with their close friends and family members and it was all perfect and merry. It couldn’t have been any better than this, Taylor Dome was looking incredibly gorgeous in a beautifully designed white gown and so was Daniel in his stunning wedding suit. In an exclusive interview, Dome confirmed that she felt like a princess and feels blessed to have Lautner in her life. It seems like fairytales do come true, at least they did come true in the case of Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome! 

Who Is Taylor Daniel Lautner’s Wife?

Taylor Lautner Dating History

Coming to the next most interesting question about Taylor Daniel Lautner! We all know him pretty well, but what about his newlywed wife? Is she a model? Is she an actress? Is she from the industry? Well, there are numerous questions around Taylor Dome and finally, we have all the answers you are looking for. First things first, Taylor Dome is not from the industry. Yes, it’s true, she is not a model or a popular Hollywood star! According to our studies, Taylor is not among the renowned celebrities out there; rather she is just a registered nurse and a qualified healthcare worker! She never knew that one day she would end up marrying Jacob from the Twilight movie series! 

It all felt like a dream to her, she still feels hard to believe that she is married to Taylor Daniel Lautner. We can safely say that Dome had a long-term crush on Daniel! After all, who wasn’t a fan of Jacob Black? Studies further revealed that Taylor Lautner had been a supporting system for Dome. Lautner has always been with her through thick and thin. Taylor Dome completed her studies in 2019 and she revealed in an exclusive talk session that there was a point in her life where she wanted to quit her studies!

But thanks to Lautner who worked as a force for her, guided her to the right path and told her to stay focused on her goal and career. Slowly and steadily, she progressed in her career and now she is not only a full-fledged nurse but also runs her own website on mental health issues and awareness. You should surely check out her website, don’t forget to scroll by LEMONS by TAY! Sources say it’s a safe space for all depressed people out there, some important mental health and self-care issues have been discussed on her page.

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How Did Taylor Dome Met Taylor Lautner? 

We have finally come to the last discussion of the day. We almost discussed it all, from their dating period to their wedding ceremony, everything has been explained above! But have you ever wondered how Dome met Daniel? Well, the credit for this solely belongs to Lautner’s loving and beautiful sister, Makena Moore. She introduced them and guess what her prediction came true! One sudden day, she called Lautner and informed him about Dome, she told him that she will be a perfect match for him and it seems like Makena’s wordings were true and accurate. It all started with some random game nights and thus their relationship geared up. 

In one word, we can safely say that Taylor Dome and Taylor Lautner are made for one another. They both love each other a lot. It seems like the industry got another hot and happening couple. Their first-ever red-carpet appearance truly won our hearts and guess what, they are still standing strong with each other. We wish them a great life ahead. Hopefully, Taylor Dome and Taylor Daniel Lautner will soon update us about their firstborn! That’s all for now, to learn more about crazy celebrity gossip, stay connected with us just right here. 

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Taylor Lautner Dating History – FAQs

1. Is Taylor Daniel Lautner still single?

No, Taylor Daniel Lautner is no longer single! He has recently got married to Taylor Dome.

2. Is Taylor Daniel Lautner gay?

The rumors are inaccurate and baseless, Taylor Daniel Lautner is 100% straight and not gay.

3. Who was Taylor Daniel Lautner’s first celebrity girlfriend?

Sources confirmed Taylor Swift was Daniel’s first-ever girlfriend from the entertainment industry.

4. When did Taylor Lautner marry Taylor Dome?

A few months ago, particularly on 11th November 2022, Lautner tied his wedding knot with Taylor Dome.

5. How many children does Taylor Lautner have?

Currently, Taylor Daniel Lautner doesn’t share any children with Taylor Dome. Nonetheless, they have adopted a dog together.

6. Has Taylor Dome changed her surname to Lautner?

Yes, some sources say Taylor Dome has adopted her husband’s title. Thus, she has changed her surname to Lautner.

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