Where Is John McAfee Now? Is He Dead?

You might have noticed notifications like “McAfee Antivirus” popping up on your laptop or pc while working on them. It can get bothersome sometimes, but have you ever wondered what is the story behind this anti-virus software system? Perhaps not, but your interest in this whole McAfee thing probably got stimulated after the recent Netflix documentary. If you are wondering who the documentary is about, or who is John McAfee, you are in the correct place to get answers to all of your questions. 

Let us start from the basics. The McAfee antivirus software has been named after John McAfee. He has been a popular personality since then because he was the one who chalked out this anti-virus software for the first time. John McAfee founded McAfee Associates in 1987. It is there where he sold his idea of an anti-virus software system that gained recognition all around the world. 

Even if he did a great job in the world of technology, there are scandals surrounding him. McAfee died a mysterious death that does not quite add up well. It is believed that something fishy has been happening since the news of his demise was announced. 

In this article, we will try and get to know more about John McAfee and the news surrounding his death. Is he dead or not, you can only find the answers if you read ahead. 

Where Is John McAfee Now?

Where Is John McAfee Now?

The simple answer to this question is, John McAfee’s dead body has been lying in a Spanish morgue, the country where he was arrested. 

However, is that so? If that had been the case, why is his body not been sent to his family to carry out the funeral and the last rituals and rites? Something does not add up to the story here. Let us know how exactly the news of his death reached us. 

John McAfee’s Death 

Where Is John McAfee Now?

John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates and many other companies was found dead on June 23, 2021, in his prison cell. His demise was not due to some bodily ailments as per the reports, instead, the news says McAfee hanged himself to death. 

In order to understand the story of his death, we will have to take a look at the events of his life in chronological order. He was once regarded as the king for having come up with the idea of an antivirus software system for PCs and laptops. As a fellow being of this present generation, you know how important the purpose of an antivirus software system is in our electronic gadgets. If we did not have such a system, our electronics like PCs and laptops would not have survived the load we put on them every day.

John McAfee is the founder of McAfee Associates. He founded the company in 1987. Since its foundation, the company has been doing well in the market. However, the founder of the company did not want to maintain his connection with the company anymore. John McAfee resigned from his office in 1994. There is no exact news as to why he took such a drastic decision, but McAfee started to pass scathing remarks about the company and discouraged people from downloading any antivirus software system. He went as far as calling the antivirus software “bloatware”.

In order to save the company from these negative remarks, the then members of the company worked hard towards changing the name of the company to Network Associates Inc. The members tried for a second time and changed the company’s name to Intel Associates Inc. after a business partnership was formed. Ultimately, nothing worked, and the name of the company was changed back to McAfee Associates.

After the incident with McAfee Associates, John McAfee went on to open different ventures. He founded various companies like Tribal Voice, QuoromEx, and Future Tense Central. Everything was going alright, but it cannot be alright for a long time. McAfee faced trouble with QuoromEx. Four years after the foundation of QuoromEx in Belize(it was founded in 2008), in 2012, the police became suspicious of whatever was going on at the company.

They had information that McAfee was carrying out an illegal business of drugs under the curtains of a legally functioning company. The company was immediately raided, and McAfee’s passport and weapons were seized. The situation had exacerbated because when the police came in to arrest McAfee on the charges of illegal drug dealing and having unlicensed weapons, he was found in bed with a sixteen-year-old girl.

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Incidents did not stop after this Belize incident. John McAfee was still in the headlines for a long period of time after this. You would ask why. Well, he got involved in a murder case. the police were suspicious of him being the murderer of his neighbor, Gregory Faull. Gregory Faull was disillusioned about McAfee. He was not a fan of this tech king. Gregory had spoken about McAfee’s illegal relationships with underaged girls, and he also spoke about how McAfee’s bodyguards appeared sketchy. One day Gregory took the decision to complain against the constant barks of the nine dogs of McAfee. Two days after he filed the complaint, he was found dead in his home with a bullet wound on his forehead.

McAfee tried to escape the murder charges, but he ultimately could not. He was arrested in Guatemala and was denied any sort of legal protection. The authorities were deciding to deport him to Belize, but this time McAfee could escape the impending deportation to Belize by faking two heart attacks. Instead of Belize, he was deported to Miami.

The story does not end here. Interestingly, McAfee took part as a participant in the run for presidential elections twice. In 2015, he ran as a candidate for the elections as a member of the Cyber Party. Nevertheless, he switched to Libertarian Party soon and ran as a candidate for the 2020 presidential elections.

The year 2020 saw the culmination of McAfee’s life. Despite being the owner of so many companies and earning dollars in millions, John McAfee did not pay taxes for a total of four years. He evaded taxation tactfully and almost every time. However, this could not go on for long. He was arrested on charges of tax evasion in 2020 in Spain. According to reports, McAfee had yachts and several other properties like real estate illegally under him. He use to have all that using profiles of other people but him. All these were kept hidden from the government.

After he was apprehended, the U.S. jurisdiction ordered McAfee’s extradition. During this time he desperately wanted to evade this order because he knew that once he was in the U.S., nobody would be able to save him from punishment for tricking the government for so many years. The day the order was passed, in the afternoon the news of his suicide was reported by the Spanish government. It was reported that John McAfee had hanged himself to death inside his cell in Barcelona, Spain.

Since the whole thing happened, nobody has seen even a glimpse of his body for his body has been ‘kept in a morgue in Spain’. This news is shady, and nobody knows till date the exact news about McAfee’s death.

John McAfee Early Life

John McAfee was born on 18th September 1945 on a U.S. Army base. He is a British-American as his father, Don McAfee, was of American descent, and his mother, Joan Williams, was of British descent. John McAfee was brought up in Salem, Virginia, United States. He had graduated from Roanoke College with Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He was also awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree in 2008. He was expelled from Northeast Louisiana State College because of his relationship with an undergraduate when he was pursuing a doctorate degree. The student with whom he had the relationship went on to become his first wife. 

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Running With The Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee

Where Is John McAfee Now?

The recent Netflix show is based on the life and death of John McAfee. The description of the show says, “Revealing footage and interviews uncover new layers of fugitive tech pioneer John McAfee’s wild years on the run.”

The documentary film was first released on August 24, 2022, in the United Kingdom. This 1 hour 45 minutes long documentary film has been produced by Andrew Slater and directed by Charlie Russell. 

The cast of the show included archive footage of John McAfee, Dean Barrow, Rocco Castoro, Neil Cavuto, Janice Dyson, Greg Gutfeld, Tony Jones, Larry King, Robert King, Scott Pelley, Jose Sanchez, and John Stossel. 

It is in this documentary that McAfee’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha Herrera, asserted that McAfee is probably living in Texas after faking his death. Director Charlie Russell said, “She says it, then she looks at the camera, and I can’t work out whether she thinks it’s real or not” to Esquire UK. In response to Herrera’s claims, McAfee’s widow wife, Janice McAfee, has tweeted, “Oh how I wish this were true. If John were alive I’m pretty sure he would not be hiding out in Texas.” 

McAfee’s widowed wife has not dropped the case of McAfee. Even after a year also, she is fighting with the Spanish government to release her husband’s body, but she has not received a positive outcome yet. 

Everything surrounding the death of John McAfee is quite sketchy which brings up the question is he dead or faking it as his ex-girlfriend claimed. However, nothing much is known except that his body has been kept in some Spanish morgue. It is not even known if this is true or not. Following the mystery regarding this popular figure in the tech industry, the story has become one of extreme interest for making series and documentary films. 

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FAQs about John McAfee

1. Is John McAfee dead?

According to the news reports, he hanged himself in his prison cell in Barcelona on 23rd June 2021. 

2. How old was McAfee when he died?

McAfee was 76 years when the news of his death was reported. 

3. Why was McAfee apprehended?

He was apprehended on charges of tax evasion and other charges regarding the ownership of properties illegally. 

4. Who is the owner of McAfee Associates now?

Intel was the buyer of the company in 2011; it is a part of the intel security division now. 

5. Where is McAfee now?

McAfee’s body is reported to be in a Spanish morgue even one year after his death on June 23, 2021. 

6. Who is the present CEO of McAfee?

Greg Johnson is the current/present CEO of McAfee since 13th June 2022. 

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