Did John McAfee Kill His Father?

Surely a topic which needs to be talked about, we all are very well aware of the McAfee antivirus protection software which almost gives updates on all of our personal computers or laptops and we often avail for these services because comes on, we all have quite a lot of important files on our computers and we have to keep it safe. However, very less people know about the person who actually created this software and earned millions from it.

The name that stands at the top of this software is john McAfee, who can be treated as one of the pioneers of the tech world. However, his name is always not seen with that much respect and that’s mainly because of the life he leads. There have been many theories that have proved him to be connected to many illegal activities and at the same time, the continuous legal cases and allegations he had to deal with, just added more to his life. Now this sudden interest in his life as we all know is because of the Netflix series which is based on one of his crucial interviews and the charges that were placed on him and he was on a run.

Now the biggest question that exists in our books, as well as the books of many people who have watched the show, or know about this man as a tech pioneer, is whether he is a murderer and he has killed his father, in the past. Though there have been no proven legal records regarding this statement properly, if we watch the series properly there are certain implications, and at the same time, the interview statements have also quite suggested the fact that he surely did something to his father that was connected to the so-called suicide of his father.

John McAfee Father’s Death

Did John McAfee Kill His Father?

From what we have learned, John’s father was actually in the army before returning to his normal life, and due to some of his personal reasons after coming back to Virginia, where he used to live before having a family and going to the army. John was born just a few years after the second world war ended, and his father was very abusive and there were a lot of problems in their life. There were economic problems and at the same time, john as a child had to watch his mother get beaten up regularly which left quite a huge impact on him, and at the same time, he also didn’t get any exception from the physical abuse.

According to the reports, when john was quite young, his father committed suicide after shooting himself with a gun, and the case was closed with that. However when there were many other legal charges again john and he was on a run and asked two journalists to join him and take his interview, in which he mentioned his vision for a happy world, where every child could be safe and didn’t have to suffer from any kind of abuse, during that interview he also mentioned how his father used to subject him and his mother to physical abuse and that soon he had to deal with it in some way. Which was a big implication, that maybe he murdered his own father and it wasn’t actually a suicide.

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John McAfee Early Life

As we have already told you about his parental condition when he was a child, one thing that we also have to consider is that john was very close to his mother, and even as a child, he was quite a genius when it comes to his academic career. Other than that, he had some grave effects on his mental health because of his father’s alcoholism and abusive nature. Further, as we already have told you, he is a tech pioneer, and that’s completely he is very educated, and he has completed his college from Roanoke college which also awarded him the degree of doctor of science.

John McAfee Personal Life

Did John McAfee Kill His Father?

John actually has gotten married three times in his life. However only the third marriage has lasted and the others have always ended on quite a bad note. His first wife met him in college, and he got kicked out of college due to the affair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much did John McAfee sell McAfee for?

John sold his entire software for a total of 100 million dollars.

2. Why did John McAfee go on the run?

After having a connection with his neighbor’s murder and thinking that the police would kill him, he went on the run.

3. Does John McAfee still own McAfee?

No John actually sold the software to Intel in 1984.

4. Did McAfee buy a yacht from the wolf of wall street?

Yes according to reports he has got a yacht from the wolf of wall street.

5. How many children does John McAfee have?

According to the reports John had a total of 47 children.

6. Is Larry McAfee still alive?

No, she passed away on the 1st of October 1995.

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