Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date: TNT Cancels The Show After Six Seasons!

Animal Kingdom’s sixth and last season premieres on TNT on Sunday, June 19. That night, there were two episodes. The cast includes Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, and Leila George. The Cody brothers learn they can’t escape their past in season six. A cold case inquiry sets off circumstances that put the family at risk as their empire grows. According to TNT, “Revenge, treachery, and a reckoning with long-forgotten atrocities culminate in an explosive denouement six seasons in the making.”

There is no doubt the show has received great popularity all around the globe. And therefore, no one can keep calm and wonder when is the seventh season going to release. What I have learned from the six seasons is always to be ready for unexpected endings. There were times when I couldn’t even predict what would happen next. Therefore such shows always need renewal after renewal. But is the seventh season renewed, or is there bad news for us? Keep reading to know.

Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date

Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date

I don’t want to be the one to disclose this, but friends, there will be no season 7 for the show. Yes, you heard it right. The creators gave us the good news when they announced that season 6 would come for the show. But they also shared the bad news that season 6 will be the finale. Season 6 premiered on June 19, 2022. Before moving further, let’s discuss when the previous seasons were aired.

Animal Kingdom broadcast its first season from June 14, 2016, to August 9, 2016, its second season from May 30, 2017, to August 29, 2017, and its third season from May 29, 2018, to August 21, 2018. Season 4 aired from May 28 to August 20, 2018, and Season 5 aired from July 11 to October 3, 2021.

Looking at previous seasons’ release dates, it’s clear that the show debuted in the middle of the year, and Animal Kingdom’s sixth season also premiered with back-to-back episodes on TNT on June 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Name Of The ShowAnimal Kingdom
Season NumberSeason 7
Animal Kingdom Season 1 Release Date14th June 2016
Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release DateCanceled

Why Was Animal Kingdom Season 7 Canceled?

Viewers looking forward to the series’ impending seventh season may be startled. According to the creators, Season 6 will be the series’ final season, and there will be no further seasons. According to the main character, Season 6 will end more pleasantly. Because the show’s creator and lead cast have stated that season 6 will be the final season, viewers have little choice but to hope for Animal Kingdom season 7.

As I mentioned, you can never predict the ending of Animal Kingdom. The sixth season consisted of 13 episodes, and the finale e[episode knocked us out. There isn’t a single mistake anyone would have pointed out. There’s only one thing that is bothering me, why not season 7? But that’s good too, and the story ended perfectly.

You should know that the show did not end because it was not liked and wasn’t giving back to the creators; it ended because the show ran its course. The show directors mentioned that they are not working on season 7 as the season 6 ending seems just so natural that they did not want to mess that up. They also said, if they had created season 7, fans would not be that happy, as it could not have been as great as season 6.

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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Story

The Cody brothers learn they can’t avoid their past in the final season of TNT’s adrenaline-fueled family crime thriller. A cold case inquiry kicks off a chain of events that puts the entire family at risk as their enterprise grows. Six seasons of vengeance, betrayal and a confrontation with long-forgotten violence culminate in an explosive denouement. Here I am mentioning what happened at the final of season 6, so if you haven’t watched, please skip the part (I ain’t a spoiler, man).

The 13th and the finale episode of the sixth season are titled ‘Fubar.’ The final episode means the escape episode. The final season showed the escaping plan of the Cody Boys. It’s time for them to do the prison break, which we have wanted from them for so long. Cody Boys has surely made a massive plan to do the prison break.

Animal Kingdom Season 7 Cast

Animal Kingdom Season 7 Release Date

The cast includes Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, and Leila George. Ellen Barkin portrays the role of Smurf, and Scott Speedman is seen playing the role of  Barry “Baz” Blackwell. The character Andrew “Pope” Cody is played by Shawn Hatosy. In addition to this, the character of Craig Cody has been portrayed by Ben Robson. Last but not least, Jake Weary has played the role of Deran Cody.

Animal Kingdom Season 7 Trailer

There is currently no official trailer for Animal Kingdom Season 7 available, and there will be no trailer in the future as well, as Season 6 will be the series’ final season. The TNT network, on the other hand, has produced a first-look trailer for Animal Kingdom. Season 6 premiered on June 19, 2022, with 13 episodes. Each episode will last 45 to 55 minutes. You can watch earlier seasons of Animal Kingdom till then, and if you’re curious about where you should watch them, keep reading this post.

Where To Watch Animal Kingdom?

The series was first released on TNT and other platforms in several countries. Animal Kingdom’s preceding five seasons are currently available for online watching on Netflix.


The show received more than-average ratings on trusted platforms like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Animal Kingdom received 76% votes on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.2 out of 10 ratings on the rating graph, and 8.2 ratings out of 10 on IMDb as well. As you can observe the ratings of the show are more than expected, so you can definitely give it a try on Netflix. You can also check the detailed analytical data below:

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Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be Animal Kingdom Season 7?

No, the show has already been canceled by the makers.

Will there be Animal Kingdom Season 8?

Season 7 is not even announced yet, we cannot say anything regarding the 8th season.

Is Animal Kingdom finished?

Yes, the show has already been concluded after 6 seasons.

When was Animal Kingdom initially released?

Season one of the show was released on 14th June 2016.

Is Animal Kingdom based on a true story?

No, Animal Kingdom is a fictional story, but it is based on an Australian movie released in 2010.

What is the genre of Animal Kingdom?

It is a Crime drama.

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