Better than Us Season 2 Release Date Is Not Announced!

Something new for you all, we have mostly seen American sci-fi shows, but today, we are bringing something different for you. A Russian show with science fiction and a futuristic plot. Here we are going to talk about the Russian sci-fi action drama, Better than Us. Better than Us show is a Russian show evolved by Andrey Junkovsky, Aleksandr Dagan, and Aleksandr Kessel. The show was first introduced in 2018 on 23 November. At that time and even today, the show has a huge fan following and has continuously increased its popularity. Fans are now waiting for its second season on Netflix. So if you are also one of those who wanted to know about Better than Us Season 2, then you have come to the right place.

This show is produced under the banner of Sputnik Vostok Production and distributed by Netflix along with the channel Yellow, Black, and White. In Russia, it was telecasted on channel C1R. Better than Us is the first Russian series streamed on Netflix as a Netflix original. To release the series outside Russia and China, Netflix bought it with the English title Better than Us, and on 16 August 2019, the series was released for the first time on Netflix. Know more about the series and its second part here in this article. You will get all the latest information regarding Better than Us Season 2.

Better Than Us Season 2 Release Date

better than us season 2 release date

The first season of the show was released on 23 November 2018 in Russia and China, but Netflix purchased it and released it in 2019 globally for audiences outside Russia and China. And it succeeded in collecting a huge audience for the show. Now fans are waiting for the second season of Better than Us on Netflix. The latest update tells that the filming for the second season was to commence in 2021 around the second half. But after then, we did not hear any other update concerning it.

Actually, the next season would be basically season 3 for the show. But for Netflix, it would be season 2 because Netflix has released the merger of both seasons. It means on Netflix. You will be able to see seasons 1 and 2 of the show in only one season. But according to the Russian data, there are ten episodes left for season 2 that was planned to be shot in Moscow and Beijing (in the case of Netflix, ten episodes of “season 1” are left to release). So, till now, there is no official information regarding the release date of Better than Us on Netflix.

If it would be released, then definitely not before 2022. So, unfortunately, you will have to wait for a little longer (if it is released). We are not sure about the date that the next part will come or not, but no worries, we will update you whenever we get the information.

Name Of The ShowBetter Than Us
Season NumberSeason 2
Better Than Us Season 1 Release Date23 November 2018
Better Than Us Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Better Than Us Season 1 Recap

This story revolves around a futuristic robot. The story is set in the future of 2029 when many menial jobs were replaced and administered by androids. This show has a unique concept we could not even think of. But the show has shown it. As we know that China followed a one-child policy to control population growth. So the series has raised the issue of the shortage of marriageable women in the country. To some this issue, an Engineer designed an intelligent robot named Arisa. He programmed the robot in such a way that she could be a wife of a man and also the mother of the child, but the child has to be adopted.

She has the power to save or protect her family, including herself, and she designed it in this way. Later, as the series grows, we will be able to see the robot’s struggle. Yes, even the robot was struggling in the show. Her developer engineer died and he sold Arisa to the robotics company CRONOS. But in the company, a man tried to have sex with her, he used her as a sex robot, and Arisa accidentally killed him, and then she disappeared. And one day, she met a little girl named Sonya, and Arisa got attached to her. She then was the only guardian of the little one.

Better than Us Season 2 Cast

Better than Us Season 1

Season 2 of the series is not confirmed yet. That is why it will hurry if we say anything about the cast. But we can at least give you the information regarding the old cast.

The show has a fantastic cast that includes Paulina Andreeva as Arisa, Kirill Käro as Georgy Safronov, Aleksandr Ustyugov as Viktor Toropov, Olga Lomonosova as Alla Safronova, Eldar Kalimulin as Egor Safronova. Aleksandr Kuznetsov as Barsenev, Vera Panfilova as Zhanna Barseneva, Vita Kornienko as Sonya Safronova, Fedor Lavrov as Gleb, Sergey Sosnovsky as Alexey Stepanovich. Irina Tarannik as Svetlana Toropova Pavel Vorozhtsov as Igor Mikhailovich Maslovsky. Marina Lugovaya as Larisa, Viktoriya Korlyakova as Irina Plescheeva, Kirill Polukhin as Pavel Borisovich Varlamov.

Better than Us Season 2 Story

We can not say anything until we get assured about the release date. Maybe the story will continue, but most probably, the next season will have a new story. We are not sure about the plot or what will happen. We can say anything about this when we will get the confirmation of the season 2 release date.

Better than Us Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 2 of Better than Us because it is not been officially announced by Netflix. But you can watch the merger (season 1 and season 2 both are available in season 1 only) of this show on Netflix whenever you want to watch.

Where To Watch This Show?

Season 2 of the show has not been announced as of now, we cannot say anything regarding the streaming platform where it will be streaming. But the very first season of the show has already been released, you can catch it on Netflix.


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Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be Better Than Us Season 2?

It is not announced yet by the makers.

When was Better Than Us Season 1 released?

It was released on 23 November 2018.

Where can I watch Better Than Us?

You can watch Better Than Us on Netflix.

How many seasons are there for Better Than Us?

There is only one season as of now.

How many total episodes are there in Better Than Us Season 1?

A total of 16 episodes are there in Better Than Us.

Is there any trailer for Better Than Us Season 2?

There is no official trailer for the same.

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