Noah Thompson Net Worth: How Much Is He Making?

We always want to know about the net worth of established people in the entertainment industry. However, there are times when we might want to know about people who are in the initial phase of their journey in the entertainment industry, but sadly there are few ways of knowing any information about them. It is here where our job begins. We want to inform you about all the juicy gossip that is there not only about established people in the industry, but also the new ones who have just started their journey. 

In this article, we will talk about the recently build star Mr. Noah Thompson. If you are a watcher of reality shows, you will probably know about him. If you are not a watcher of such shows, you should continue reading further because this person is the new star of the industry, and you would not want to miss out on knowing about him. 

If you fall under the second as mentioned above, your first question will be “who is Noah Thompson?” Here is the answer: Noah Thompson is the winner of the twentieth season of American Idol. He received a humongous amount of cash price from this show which has ignited gossip regarding his net worth. 

In this article, although our primary focus will be on Noah’s net worth, we will also put in other information about his life.

Noah Thompson’s Net Worth

Noah Thompson Net Worth

Noah received a cash prize of $250,000 as the winner of American Idol. 

Besides being a singer, and having a career in the music industry, he is also a social media influencer and has worked for certain advertisements. He also used to work in construction before his music career happened. He is also known for being an entrepreneur. 

As of now, the current net worth of Mr. Thompson is estimated to be around $500,000 approximately. He is just a newbie in the music industry who has gained recognition after American Idol happened. As the days pass by, Noah is sure to make more improvements and add to his fortune. 

As a young adult, he has worked hard for whatever he has today. While he was a contestant, the audience loved his sweet voice. Shortly, more people will surely listen to his songs and help him add to his wealth. If Noah continues to do whatever he is doing, he will surely receive more love from his fans than he already received while being a contestant on American Idol. 

Noah Thompson Early Life

Noah Thompson is currently 20 years old. He was born on 18th April 2002. He will turn 21 soon. He was born in Huntington, West Virginia, North America. He did his schooling at Lawrence County High School in Louisa, Kentucky. 

Before he started his journey as a contestant on American Idol, he used to work in construction. He was not supposed to audition for American Idol. He did so because his friend Arthur signed him up for it. A good friend did a really good job here. We probably would not have gotten Noah if not for this friend who signed him up for the show. He is also known for covering songs on his YouTube channel. 

Among his covers, he also has his original pieces. They include “Not a Phase”, “Pedestal”, and “Heart Painted Black”. He has also launched “No Road I Can Follow” recently. 

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Noah Thompson’s Personal Life

Noah Thompson Net Worth

Although not much is known about Noah’s personal life, after some digging, we found some basic information about this American singer. 

Christopher Mark Thompson is Noah Thompson’s father. He is an entrepreneur. Noah’s mother’s name is Amy Thompson; she was a homemaker. 

Noah is the youngest child of the family. He has three siblings, one brother, and two sisters. Alexandria Kyle Ambrose and Britany Miller Dawson are his sisters, and Gibson Thompson is his brother. His brother is also in entrepreneurship just like their father. Alexandria was found cheering her brother on Instagram for appearing in the American Idol. 

Noah Thompson is not single. He has a girlfriend and has been in the relationship since 2018. His girlfriend’s name is Angel Dixon. Noah and Angel are parents to their baby boy whose name has not been revealed yet. 

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FAQS about Noah Thompson

1. How much money did Noah Thompson get from American Idol?

Noah got $250k from American Idol.

2. What is Noah Thompson’s age?

Noah Thompson is 20 years old as of now. 

3. Who is Noah Thompson’s partner?

Noah Thompson has been in a relationship with Angel Dixon since 2018.

4. Where does Noah Thompson stay?

Noah stays in Louisa, Kentucky, but he was planning to move to Nashville, Tennessee in January 2023. 

5. Is Noah Thompson married?

No, Noah and his girlfriend, Angel, are not married, they are in a relationship. 

6. What is Noah Thompson doing after American Idol?

Noah is currently focusing on his career as a singer and a songwriter in the music industry. 

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