Polo G Net Worth: Is The Rapstar’s Fame Dwindling After Another Scandal?

In the world of glamour, scandals keep flowing seamlessly. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t get himself involved in a scandal now and then. But for a rapper who has opinions bolder than his voice and actions louder than his beats, stirring scandals becomes a daily norm. Polo G, the infamous American rapper, is no stranger to causing scandals. In fact, he is a master in doing so.

Recently, he got involved in another conspirational scandal that dragged our attention towards him. It made us overly curious and inspired us to dig more into him. Starting with his easygoing public persona to the dark secrets lurking beneath it. Know what we have found about him, starting with Polo G’s net worth!

Polo G Net Worth

Taurus Tremani Bartlett aka Polo G has always enjoyed listening to bold music and rapping was his hobby until he decided to turn this hobby into a profession. All the rap music fans recognize him from his star album, Die A Legend, you do as well, right? If you don’t, then you must be knowing him from his latest single, Rapstar.

No matter how many times Polo G has stirred scandals or raised eyebrows because of his colorful language, no one can question his talent. It is because of his extraordinary rapping skills that he has now become a rapping sensation. Polo G’s net worth is estimated to be around 7 million dollars. Though it is speculated that his net worth has seen a decline because of his arrest, it isn’t the case. Polo G is as famous and rich as before, only famous for reasons beyond his success now.

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Polo G Affected By Yet Another Scandal

Polo G Net Worth

Be it drugs, alcohol, anger, or ammunition, Polo G is heavily impacted by all. Though his music often targets heavy issues like mental health, racism, and overcoming stress, his actions differ highly. Polo G is often seen commenting that he has to set a role model for his son who is yet a toddler, his actions don’t seem to back his statements. Because no father would want their son to be arrested for keeping alleged ammunition not once but twice.

But unlike last time, Polo G didn’t go on attacking the police officer. This time, he was strangely cooperative. Both times, he denied any accusation thrown his way and claimed that the guns weren’t his. What charges are put against him and what the intention behind Polo G carrying firearms with him is yet to be revealed. But there are speculations that it is related to the incident where a few masked men broke into his house.

Polo G’s Arrest: Was It Planned?

Now that’s something we’re all wondering about. Polo G has been arrested for carrying ammunition on him twice. Both times his car was asked to pull over suddenly with no prior injunction. One could be a coincidence but twice?

Many of his fans possess the same question as we do. Was Polo G’s arrest deliberate? Was it spontaneous? And if so how come the police officers doubt him? Too many questions with no answers. Uike Polo G’s life which has been an open book, his arrest seems a bit too discrete.

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Is Polo G Still On Drugs?

Polo G

Have you forgotten the almost death of the rap star? No one has, at least we haven’t. Though it’s been quite a while, we still have a small part of us that keeps wondering if Polo G has honestly quit drugs or if is he secretly on it. After the 2019 incident where Juice Wrld was found dead at Polo G’s party, the rapper has announced his drug addiction.

He has been commenting on how he leaned on drugs to carry him forward. Drugs weren’t supposed to become an addiction but eventually, they did. Juice Wrld’s death made him see sense and he quit the addiction. As of now, Polo G is not on drugs.

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Polo G: FAQs

1. Who Is Polo G?

Polo G is an American rapper and singer who is popular for his latest single Rapstar.

2. What Is Polo G’s Real Name?

Polo G’s real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett but you won’t find him using this name anywhere but on professional documents.

3. Where Is Polo G Now?

He hails from Chicago and is currently residing there.

4. Is Polo G Alive?

Though multiple rumors claim him dead, Polo G is very much alive, healthy, and stirring scandals.

5. Why Was Polo G Arrested?

He was arrested for carrying a gun with him. The weapon was found in his car which led him to prison.

6. Why Polo G Goes By This Stage Name?

Polo G has always been fond of the Ralph Lauren Polo clothing line. His stage name is a tribute from him to his favorite brand.

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