Ambitions Season 2 Release Date: Why Was The Show Canceled?

As we grow up, we start to discover that the world is not a place of candies and roses. Reality is much different than what television programs and books portray to us. The real world is harsh and by harsh I do mean extremely harsh. Every day is a struggle. There is another thing that we come across when we slowly grow up, and that is relationships. Relationships change as a person evolves from a baby to an adult. Human relationships are not simple. They are complex and like a maze. These complexities give rise to emotions of hatred, envy, and anger. 

You must be wondering why I am suddenly talking about all the complexities of human relationships. It is because, in today’s topic, we have a series pertaining to these issues to talk about. Yes, there is a series that finally does not romanticize the complexities of human relationships and shows them for what they are. The name of this series is Ambitions. 

‘Ambitions’- what do you think about this? Okay, let us go back to the Renaissance and remember Shakespeare here for a little while. In his play As You Like It, he wrote “Who doth ambition shun / And loves to live i’ th’ sun”. This means that you can only live in the sun, that is happiness if you shun ambition. 

Now you know why human relationships get complex. It is because people are ambitious and can do whatever is needed to fulfill those ambitions. The American TV show Ambitions is a replica of this concept. As you read further you will understand how the characters in the show have worked towards establishing this firm ground.

Ambitions Season 2 Release Date

Ambitions Season 2 Release Date

Before we delve right into the story of the show, the fans should know that the show Ambitions has been canceled by its creators. The show only has one season, and it has been officially confirmed that the show will not return for a second season anymore. The show ran from June 18th to December 17th, 2019. The first season of the show has eighteen episodes, and it can be said with utmost certainty that the creators will not add any more episodes to this number. 

Name Of The ShowAmbitions 
Season NumberSeason 2
Genrefamily drama
Ambitions Season 1 Release Date18th June 2019
Ambitions Season 2 Release DateCanceled

Ambitions Story

The story of Ambitions is revolving around the concepts of rivalries, hatred, and jealousy. The themes of love and politics are incorporated into this television show. The show mainly showcases two major rivalries, one between two former best friends, and the other one between two most powerful families in the world of business. 

It is often human nature to not forget and forgive. We have to imbibe feelings of tolerance towards other beings, but we often fail to do so, which is why the world is becoming a harsher place day by day. The story between the two former best friends, Stephanie Carlisle and Amara Hughes is essentially based on their feelings of grudge towards each other regarding something that happened between them during their school days. 

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The two women could not forget how they had a boy issue and how they fell apart because of that. The now powerful Stephanie Carlisle, since her husband is the mayor of the city, is set upon ruining the newly married life of her former best friend Amara Hughes in the series. This seems kind of irrational, but emotions of vengeance understand no amount of rationality. 

The other rivalry concerns the Carlisle family and the Purifoys family. Both families are powerful heads in their fields of expertise. The Carlisle family is known for their law firm, while the Purifoys are known for their pharmaceutical unit. Now, when two powerful business families are in the vicinity, something bloody is meant to go on between them. This is exactly what happens in the show. 

The show tries to encapsulate contemporary issues by focusing on these two rivalries. It has strived to bring the evil face of the real world to the audience. Plots of hatred, jealousy, stalking, and as far as killing has been showcased in the show. It shows how ruthless the human world can become when the line between self-interest and selfishness gets obliterated. 

Ambitions Cast And Crew

Ambitions Season 2 Release Date

The main cast of the show includes Robin Givens, Essence Atkins, Brian J. White, Kendrick Cross, Brely Evans, and Erica Page. 

The show has been created by Jamel Giddens and Will Packer. The executive producers of the were Will Packer, Kevin Arkadie, Jamey Gidden, and Ducksworth. Will Packer Productions, Debmar-Mercury, and Lionsgate Television were the production companies that were involved in bringing the show to television. 

Ambitions Season 2 Trailer

Since the second season has been officially canceled, we will have no trailer for the second season of the show. However, if you have not watched the trailer for the first season of the show, you can watch it by clicking on the link given above.


This show has 5.6 ratings out of 10, according to IMDb.

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FAQs About Ambitions Season 2

1. Will there be a season 2 of Ambitions?

No, the show has been canceled by its creators.

2. How many episodes of the show are there?

There are 18 episodes of the show.

3. Where can I watch the show?

You can watch the show on Hulu with a subscription. 

4. Is the show worth watching?

You can give the show a try. The show has got a rating of 5.6/10 on IMDb, but the show has got an amazing rating of 4.7/5 on Google. 

5. Who plays Stephanie?

Robin Givens plays the character of Stephanie. 

6. What is the duration of each episode of Ambitions?

Per episode of Ambitions is 42 minutes long. 

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