Ancient Aliens Season 20 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer Details!

Is the popular American TV series, Ancient Aliens renewed for Season 20? Have we heard anything about Ancient Aliens Season 20? So many years have passed by but we are still not bored of the highly informative documentary series out there.

The audience is still looking forward to Ancient Aliens Season 20! But the main question remains the same, do we have a scheduled release date for Ancient Aliens Season 20?

The nineteenth season of the show aired recently and we can’t wait to see what happens next in the latest season of Ancient Aliens. Some have already begun their countdown for Season 20, so what are we waiting for? Let’s not delay any further and quickly start our discussion on Ancient Aliens Season 20. 

Ancient Aliens Season 20 Release Date

Ancient Aliens Season 20

The timeline of the popular documentary series is not over yet! If you think the show will say goodbye to us with Season 19, then let me break the good news for you! As per our estimates, we strongly think the show might come back for another run!

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we have super high hopes for the next installment of Ancient Aliens. All eyes are currently stuck on the History network, let’s hope the production house soon starts working on Ancient Aliens Season 20.

Name Of The ShowAncient Aliens Season 20 Release Date
Season NumberSeason 20
GenreDocumentary Series
Ancient Aliens Season 1 Release Date8 March 2009
Ancient Aliens Season 20 Release DateNot Announced


The popular documentary series is yet not renewed by Prometheus Entertainment. But as per our studies, we might soon hear an official update on Ancient Aliens Season 20. Coming to the second most important question of the day, the release date for Ancient Aliens Season 20 is yet to be decided by the executive producer of the show.

If we follow the past timeline of the series, then according to our calculations, Ancient Aliens Season 20 might drop out somewhere at the end of 2023. 

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Ancient Aliens All Seasons Recap

Ancient Aliens Season 20

If you love science-related topics, if you want to dig deep into human civilization, or if you feel like you want to learn more about the age-old history of the world, then the famous documentary series, Ancient Aliens should be your one-stop destination! Complex lecture sessions on pseudoscientific ancient astronauts might give you nothing but boredom.

But this documentary series will take you through the deep roots of these astronauts, we will learn everything about their inventions and thoughts, and most importantly we will witness everything visually!

The graphic effects used in this series truly speak about its high popularity! Some of the interesting topics which have been previously discussed in the show happen to be Atlantis and other lost ancient civilizations that have been just carved out from the Earth’s surface. If you think history is interesting, then you will surely love this series a lot.

The documentary also throws light on topics like extraterrestrial contact and ufology! From learning about different types of civilization to digging deep into popular conspiracy theories, Ancient Aliens surely deserve a place on your binge list.

The main idea behind the show is to prove the fact that centuries ago, extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and they were the first ones to introduce civilization here. Is there any connection between the habits of age-old extraterrestrial beings and prehistoric humans?

The creators of the show are trying to find a link here, they are mainly trying to dig deep into the evolution pattern! We are not only going back to the prehistoric period but we will also learn more about cosmology!

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Ancient Aliens Season 20 Story 

Ancient Aliens Season 19 has premiered recently, it seems like we are moving towards another interesting scientific topic of all time, UFOs are under our radar! In this same context, the audience is highly curious to learn more about Season 20.

The next installment of the documentary series is still kept on hold. As per our estimates, another intriguing chapter of the prehistoric period might come into the picture, we might also learn more about pseudoscientific ancient astronauts! Ancient Aliens Season 20 will surely roll out this year. Begin your countdown now, as you surely can’t miss out on this one.

A bunch of shocking truths might get unfolded in Ancient Aliens Season 20. We are surely looking toward the showrunner of the series, let’s hope we will soon get some more updates on Ancient Aliens Season 20!

Ratings And Reviews

Talking about the ratings of the show, the show has gained an average fanbase, which means the show was not a flop or too popular in its course. As you can see from the ratings above, the average ratings stand at 7.5.

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Ancient Aliens Season 20 – FAQs

1. Is “Ancient Aliens” coming back with Season 20?

It hasn’t been renewed yet, but according to our guesses, the documentary series, Ancient Aliens will surely come back with Season 20!

2. When will Ancient Aliens Season 20 premiere?

Ancient Aliens Season 20 might roll out somewhere in the middle or end of 2023.

3. Can you watch Ancient Aliens online?

You can stream all the episodes of Ancient Aliens, exclusively on the official website of the History channel!

4. How many episodes are there in total in Ancient Aliens?

As per records, 222 episodes of Ancient Aliens have premiered out there. The number will increase after the release of Season 19 and 20.

5. Will the documentary series, Ancient Aliens end with Season 20?

Nothing has been said on this yet, but as per our estimates, the documentary series, Ancient Aliens might not end with Season 20!

6. Has Kevin Burns shown the green flag to Ancient Aliens Season 21?

The rumors aren’t confirmed yet, but as per our studies, Kevin Burns has not renewed Ancient Aliens for Season 21.

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