The Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date: Will The Experimental Anime Return?

Beast Tamer is an anime that has created a lot of hype in recent days, If you are an anime lover then you will be surely familiar with the anime Beast Tamer. Most of the animes are known for humor and amazing storyline. This one is no different in fact it has more uniqueness than the other animes of recent times. Beast Tamer stands out among all other animes because of its unique plot and making style. If you are unaware of the anime do not worry, in this article, we will know more about Beast Tamer and its possible sequel Beast Tamer Season 2.

The Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

The Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

This was an experimental anime that had a new universe of fantasy in it. Fans are in a hangover from the first season and are eagerly waiting for its sequel.

The first season had unpredictable twists and turns with some emotional touch which is the main reason for its success. The creator of the anime has said that season 2 of the anime will be ‘Bigger and Better’ than the first season. This has made the fans even more desperate for season 2. However, the release date and plot of the second season are not yet known.

Name Of The ShowThe Beast Tamer
Season NumberSeason 2
Genrefantasy, harem
The Beast Tamer Season 1 Release Date2 October 2022
The Beast Tamer Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Overview Of Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer is an anime written by Takashi Aoshima and directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa. It is based on a Japanese light Novel of the same name written by Suzu Miyama and illustrated by Subach. It belongs to the genre of drama and fantasy. It has a total of 13 episodes each with a runtime of 20-25 minutes. It was originally released in Japanese and English languages on the Crunchyroll OTT platform. The first episode of the anime was released on 2nd October 2022.

The Beast Tamer Story

The Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

In a universe of magic and fantasy, there is a village that is comprised of people who have different abilities which help them to fight against the monsters by taming animals. Tamers are considered to be a weak class because the only ability they had was to tame the animals that too only 1 at a time. They were weak and were unable to fight against the monsters.

The protectors of the village were called the heroes party. Rein Shroud the main character of the anime was a beast tamer and also a member of the hero party. He was the kindest among the heroes. He and the people of his village had a special ability, they could tame more than 1 animal at a given time. Although Rein had many special abilities he was not able to fight against the monsters and is dependent on his party mates.

All the members of the hero party were rude and arrogant. They thought that Rein was a burden to them and kicked him out of the party and also took all the money he had and some of the weapons he possessed. After being betrayed by the party members, Rein was left alone and now should start his carrier from the scratch.

Later Rein remembers that the only goal he had as a hero was to defeat the demon lord, but now as he was out of the hero party he had nothing to do with it. He then decides to choose the profession of an adventurer. So he proceeds to register himself in the adventure guild. When he meets Natalie, she explains the tasks he needs to complete in order to become an adventurer and gives him basic Armor and weapons.

Later when he proceeds to complete the task he meets with a girl named Kanade and who belonged to the cat race. In this world, the strongest race was the Dragon fairy demigod and the rarest race was the cat race. What will happen next? Will Rein avenge his betrayal? Will he become a successful adventurer? Watch the anime to find out.

Characters In The Anime

Rein Shroud – As mentioned before Rein Shroud the main character of the series is a beast tamer who has special abilities through which he can tame many animals at a given time, But is unable to fight against the monsters on his Own.

Kanade- A girl who belongs to one of the rarest and strongest races – the cat race. She does not possess any magic power but her body can evolve according to the soundings she possesses superhuman strength. She left her home in search of adventure until she is saved by Rein and they become good friends.

Taina- She belongs to Dragon Race and is capable of doing enhanced magic. She traveled around the world and challenged various warriors, after being defeated by Rein and Kanade she joins Rein’s Party.

There are many other interesting and unique characters in the series like Nina, Sora, Luna, Tina, Iris, and Stella Replace. Watch the anime to find out their unique abilities.

The Beast Tamer Ratings

The unique anime was well received by the audience. It has a rating of 6.8/10 on IMBD and 4.7/5 on Crunchyroll.

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The Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

Q1] Where To watch Beast Tamer?

It is available to watch on Crunchyroll OTT platforms.

Q2] Who is the director of Beast Tamer?

Atsushi Nigorikawa

Q3] What is The release date of Beast Tamer season 2?

Not Yet Announced

Q4] How many episodes are there in Beast Tamer Season 1?

There are a total of 13 episodes.

Q5] What are the races in Rein’s world?

The strongest casts are Power Dragons, fairies, demigods, and the rarest cat race.

Q6] What is the Plot of Beast Tamer Season 2?

Not Yet Announced.

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