What Are The Updates On Time Hustlers Season 2 Release Date?

Have you checked out the latest trailer of Time Hustlers? A brand new Netflix series is scheduled to release this month! Celebrate Christmas with Virguley. If you are in love with various Portuguese drama series, then Time Hustlers is a must-watch for you.

The first season of the show is just around the corner, but what about the renewal status of the show? Is the show coming back with Season 2? The audience is curiously waiting to see an amazing adventurous comedy-drama series and we can’t wait to see what happens in Time Hustlers season 1. But before we take you through the overview of Time Hustlers, let us quickly review the renewal status of the show.

Time Hustlers Season 2 Release Date

Time Hustlers Season 2 Release Date

Time Hustlers Season 1 is set and scheduled to roll out on 25th December 2022. Time Hustlers is just a few days away but the audience would love to take a deep look at the second installment of the show. The interesting overview of the Portuguese drama series has grabbed our attention. All eyes are stuck on Time Hustlers Season 2. But hey there, has Netflix shown the green light to the second installment of the show? The answer is “No”, there are still no renewal updates on Time Hustlers season 2.

Since the show is not released yet, we cannot accurately speak on the renewal of the show. Whether the show will return or not, highly depends on the popularity and ratings of the show. Moreover, we are also looking forward to the last episode of Time Hustlers. If the show ends with a major cliffhanger, then Time Hustlers will surely return to Netflix. If we keep all these things in mind, then Time Hustlers might release somewhere in late 2023 or early 2024. 

Name Of The ShowTime Hustlers
Season NumberSeason 2
Time Hustlers Season 1 Release Date25 December 2022
Time Hustlers Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Time Hustlers Season 1 Overview 

This story is about Virguley, a man who dreams to be rich one day. He originally comes from the Northeast, but nowadays you will mostly see him in São Paulo! Initially, you will think he is a weird man who is always looking for jobs! But if you study his character well, then you will see the unique “X” factor within him. This man is up for everything. He has only one thing in mind, he wants to be established anyhow! In this haphazard journey of getting rich, we will see how his fate takes him back to 1927. 

His intense enthusiasm for overwork-load often trips him into tricky situations. For him, the trouble never ends. It all happened when he got that smack in his ear! Between switching numerous jobs, we have often seen him doing road shows. It looks like he loves to play the role of Lampião. We hope you all know who he is! Don’t tell us, you forgot about the great Bandit leader of all time. 

For the first time, Virguley will be living the best version of his life. As he comes to 1927, we will see how locals think him to be the actual Bandit leader. He surely didn’t mind the title of honor. Virguley finds his true soulmate in 1927. But just when he thought his fairytale had been completed, the nightmare knocked at his door. The real King of the locals, Lampião, comes back to the Bandits! To know what happens next with Virguley, you have to watch Time Hustlers exclusively just on Netflix!  

What Will Happen In Time Hustlers Season 2? 

Time Hustlers Season 2 Release Date

We are hoping to hear soon from Netflix, we strongly think the show will return to the giant online streaming platform. If Time Hustlers Season 2 gets a green light from Netflix, then we will surely see the continuation of the tale. Virguley’s secret is out, the original King of the Bandit returns to the locals and that’s where things will get messy for him. We cannot overlook the fact that Virguley will find his true love in 1927. What lies in the future for Mariá and Virguley? Will their love story end with Time Hustlers season 1? 

If season 2 takes place, then the audience would love to know more about Virguley’s love story. Some fan-based theories say Virguley will fight for his love. The local Bandits know he has come from the future, what will happen to him now? A lot of complicated twists and turns are waiting for us in Time Hustlers season 2. The drama is not over yet. A lot is set to take place in the second installment of Time Hustlers! That’s all for now, to get all the latest updates on interesting and exciting Netflix and Prime Video series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

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Time Hustlers Season 2 FAQs

1. When will Time Hustlers Season 2 premiere?

Time Hustlers Season 2 is expected to drop out next year, precisely December 2023.

2. Is Time Hustlers based on a true story?

No, the show is not based on a true story.

3. How many episodes will be there in Time Hustlers Season 1?

The first season of the show will hold around 7 episodes

4. Is Time Hustlers Available In English?

The Portuguese drama series is available in English as well.

5. Where can you watch Time Hustlers?

You can binge on Time Hustlers, exclusively just on Netflix.

6. Is Time Hustlers returning with more seasons?

Nothing can be said with surety, Netflix is still silent on this question.

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