Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date & Story Updates!

An adventurous comedy-drama series is ready to stream on Netflix! Yes, you got this right, we are talking about Alpha Males. The storyline of the show looks quite promising. We have heard a lot of stories on feminism but hardly any series solely focus on the way men behave in society! A story that only revolves around the male perspective! We have also got an official release date for Alpha Males season 1. Looking at the complex storyline of the show, we do think the show will return with season 2. On popular demand, here is everything we know about Alpha Males season 2. 

Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date

Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date

The first-ever season of Alpha Males is scheduled to release on 30th December 2022. If you love binging on unique drama series, then Alpha Males must be on your binge list. The upcoming Netflix series is just a few weeks away from us. The Tudum family looks quite impressed with the dramatic plotline of the show and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Alpha Males. Before we tell you more about the first season of the show, let us quickly take you through the renewal status of the series. It is still quite early to start our discussion on Alpha Males season 2. The audience is still guessing whether the show will return with season 2 or not. 

Well, the exact answer to this question is yet not known to us. We do think we will see another installment of the show. Hopefully, in June or July 2023, Netflix will show the green light to Alpha Males season 2. The second installment of the show is still a year and a half away from us. The renewal of the show also depends upon the last episode of Alpha Males season 1. Looking at the timeline of the series, our estimates say Alpha Males season 2 might roll out in December 2023 or February 2024. Netflix is still silent on the renewal of Alpha Males. Hopefully, Netflix will soon break their silence on Alpha Males season 2. 

Name Of The ShowAlpha Males
Season NumberSeason 2
Alpha Males Season 1 Release Date30 December 2022
Alpha Males Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Alpha Males: A Different Take On Masculinity

Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date

A brand new drama series is set to stream on Netflix, this time we are not talking about feminism but masculinity. The world is changing super fast and so are everyone’s opinions and ideas. Nowadays, people don’t believe in committed relationships. As the days are passing by, people are modernizing, and the new generation firmly believes in open marriages and relationships. Moreover, the common youth, especially those who are open-minded, don’t mind casual hook-ups and blind dates. But here we have four middle-aged men who are trying to adjust themselves to the newly formed dilemmas of the current world.

These four friends are ready to see what the newly evolved Madrid holds for them. The first one has recently lost her job, while the other one is trying to see whether he can adjust himself to an open relationship. One among the two left has recently been divorced, while the last one here is stuck in a marriage where he hardly has any fun with his wife. These four are ready to take charge of their lives, but hey there it’s not going to be an easy game for them! We often think the world always favors men, but we overlook the fact that not all men are the same. 

Not only females, but males as well go through a lot in their lives, the only difference is that they don’t speak up about their problems. From a young age, men are taught to be rough and bold. No one adores a guy who cries in the crowd, but this story will change your perspective toward the masculine community. Alpha Males comes with a deep message. In this series, we will see how these four friends deal with their respective masculine problems. 

Every individual has a different perspective on life, some might prefer an open relationship, while others might want to explore the beauty of a committed relationship. If a woman gets a chance to say “No”, men should also get a chance to say the same. For the past, so many decades, a very wrong image of men has been put forward in society but it’s time to change that outlook. Alpha Males presents us with a story that has a touch of drama, comedy, and adventure! So what are you waiting for? Get your Netflix subscription today, as Alpha Males Season 1 is just around the corner.

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