Prometheus 3 Is On Its Way To Drive You Completely Crazy!

Have you ever wondered about aliens? Who are they? What they might look like More importantly, have you ever thought about our creation? Who was the first human to exist? Religious theories aside, Prometheus brings us to all those facts. Or, more like, it gives us bits and pieces and we are forced to sum them up. This movie franchise has delivered multiple theories, utilizing VFX to its full ability.

Arguably one of the most criticized movie franchises of all time,  Prometheus never fails to drive us crazy. Prometheus has always played havoc with our minds, whether it’s because of its complex, tangled storyline or the unanswered questions. Ridley Scott introduced us to the world of Aliens in 2012 and to date, we cannot help but end up binge watch this movie.

Prometheus 3 Release Date

We absolutely need a Prometheus 3 because of obvious reasons. It has become our guilty pleasure despite being an overly infuriating and utterly intriguing movie series. With the amazing VFX, the perfectly styled costumes, and the flawless acting aside, Prometheus certainly promises one thing: you will never be able to stop yourself from thinking about it constantly. Aside from these marvelous things, we have multiple questions that are yet to be answered.

The makers are a bit secretive—like always—about revealing anything about this upcoming movie series. Of course, we cannot blame Scott for it. But keeping quiet on the release date is something we can definitely hold against Scott. As far as rumors go, Prometheus season 3 is under development and it could drop in the second or third quarter of 2023.

Name of the MoviePrometheus
Part NumberPart 3
Prometheus 1 Release Date8 June 2012
Prometheus 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Prometheus 3: The Plot Could Be More Intriguing This Time

Prometheus 3 Release Date

At least we know that we will get Prometheus 3 soon, and it is not yet ruled out. The third movie in this franchise is expected to be better than the previous ones. Be it the plot, the action, the creative imagination, or the intrigue. In the last movie, we witnessed David’s monstrosity despite his being a mere synthetic human.

David was supposed to be a pawn of Weyland, a person with an unrealistic desire to become a god. But David went ahead and became more atrocious and sharp than Weyland was. In the third movie, we are expecting David to take the lead and become the master of destruction. A human can travel any distance for what he desires; is it the same with synthetic humans as well? How far will David go? Yes, we cannot wait for Prometheus 3 either!

Prometheus 3: Who’s In The Cast?

With Prometheus being the leading horror sci-fi film, we know that the cast members cannot be ordinary. The third Prometheus movie is expected to be dedicated to David and his rise after we witness his downfall. Because let’s face it, Prometheus is known for lifting the characters only to wind them up dead. With the Engineers and Weyland, we have already seen what happened. Now it’s David’s turn.

Michael Fassbender will be reprising his role as David and presenting us with this artificial human with real emotions. Even if this movie franchise has been under a lot of criticism, Michael’s acting has never been questioned. We’ll also witness Sigourney Weaver taking up the role of Ellen Repley again. Other major cast members, such as Elizabeth Shaw, portrayed by Noomi Rapace, will not be coming back unless there are some past scenes involved.

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Interpreting The Prometheus Storyline

Prometheus 3 Release Date

Mapping the whole of Prometheus is a task as easy as counting the stars. Literally, you can think about it for hours and still come up frustrated. This is the beauty—or, shall we say, curse?—of this series. Scott and, most likely, the other creators involved are the only ones who can interpret the entirety of Prometheus. But to summarise Prometheus for us viewers, it isn’t a piece of cake.

The story begins by showcasing Earth in its barest form. There is nothing but hot magma and utter destruction unless an engineer, a giant white humanoid, lands on our planet. We don’t know why, but he drinks a black portion that makes him explode and his entire body turns into blue liquid. This liquid reacts with other components, and life begins to bloom. Basically, humans are created by this mysterious engineer.

Then we are transported to the modern world, where a doctor slash scientist slash researcher, Elizabeth Shaw, is working to find the origin of human life. Here begins the actual storyline, which is filled with millions of questions, hundreds of scenes that will make you question your sanity, and tens of scenes that will make you addicted to this movie series.

Is A Trailer Available For Prometheus 3?

Not yet. We don’t have a trailer or an announcement for Prometheus 3 yet. But we will soon get one, and it will be as mystifying and thrilling as the previous ones.

Prometheus 3: Which Platform Is Hosting It?

There are multiple online streaming platforms that are broadcasting Prometheus. You can watch this amazing movie series on Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Hulu as well. Hopefully, Prometheus 3 will be soon available for all of us!

Ratings & Reveiws

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Prometheus 3- FAQs

Q1. Will part 3 of Prometheus come in the future?

Till now, we cannot say anything in this context. But the movie is renewed, the exact date has not come yet.

Q2. Where to watch Prometheus 3?

You can watch Prometheus on Disney+Hotstar.

Q3. Is Tom Hiddleston the part of Prometheus?

Yes, he is part of Prometheus.

Q4. Can we see Tom Hardy in Prometheus?

No, Tom Hardy is not in the movie.

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