James Michael Tyler Net Worth And His Career In Detail!

Micheal Tyler featured ‘GUNTHER’ in “Friends”, who passed away due to Cancer in Los angles. Read more to know about, James Micheal Tyler’s Net Worth: He Passes Away Due to Cancer.

Maybe, he was not on the list of leading actors. But I am damn sure that ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ fans knew him as ‘Gunther. He was run over the 10 episodes of ‘Friends’. He has appeared in more than 250 episodes of Friends. As he was popularly known for his role as general manager at the coffee shop where is used to play his favorite song of Rachel Green. So now, here you got the all the required information about James Micheal Tyler’s Net Worth, personal, early, and professional life, and also get to know about his battle with Cancer.

Early Life of James Michael Tyler

Early Life of James Michael Tyler

Tyler was born on May 28, 1962, in Greenwood, Mississippi, US. He was married to Barbara Chadsey in the year 1995. Later he had divorced his spouse. Mainly he was greatly known for the ‘Friends’ show and other TV dramas including Just Shoot Me, iCarl, and Sabrina. He completed his First graduation program from Anderson College and his second graduation is in Geology from Clemson University. James was only 10 when lost his father and later moved to another city with his sister. During his Geology graduation, he joined a theatre group from where his career started.

Tyler was a very kind personality as he is also a part of many NGOs and gives charity to many patients. When he moved to Los Angles he started his career as a film editor for short films. James Tyler was a performing actor in Hollywood from his career beginning till death.

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James Micheal Tyler Personal Life

In 1995, Tyler married Barbara Chadsey. This couple gets separated in the year 2003 due to some inconsequence reasons. After this, he was married to Jennifer cargo till 2017. Tyler was born into an Air force family. His father was a pilot. He was the youngest sibling in the house, the younger captain brother, and had two younger sisters.

James Micheal Tyler Net Worth & Career


By only hearing the name of Tyler, we suddenly get a glimpse of his performance in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. No doubt he was an eccentric actor, who won the hearts of millions from the beginning of the 1990s. According to the last updates, his net worth gambled was 5 million USD. If we’re talking about his career then, at a very early age, he found himself interested in Theaters.

From 1994-2004 he was featured in Friends as Gunther, general manager at the coffee shop. Gunther was a coffee shop operative at Central Perk who consumed unrequited love for Rachel Green. This directed to a ten-year occupation with entrances in 148 of Friends’ 236 episodes, he is the show’s most commonly seeming character actor.

Back in 1998, he moved to Los Angeles and grows into an assistant director for short filmmaking on the sets of Fat Man and Little Boy. After his career is been inflow, he was featured in some American films like Foreign Correspondents (1999) and The Disturbances at Dinner (1998).

Also, featured in short films like Live with it (2008), The Gesture and the World (2020), and Processing (2020). He also gives the impression in the music video of “come Tomorrow”. Tyler uttered in many video games the character ‘Friends: The one all the trivia’ in the year 2005. James Micheal Tyler was also appreciated by the creator of Friends in real life as well as on social media. Tyler comes out with quite a famous fan following after featuring in Friends.

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James Micheal Tyler Battle with Cancer

The main cause of Tyler’s death was Prostate Cancer. Till this year, he did not reveal his illness because he don’t want his family and friends to be in a panic. 3 months ago, when he revealed openly his disease to the media, he said he died in a few upcoming months as this cancer was spread all over his bones. During an interview with the American channel, he revealed that in a casual health checkup in 2018, he was found of cancer.

Till now, he was fighting his only disease so happily. In fact, in Friend: The reunion he featured himself in the SoHo. He also revealed his therapy sessions and other medical formalities. The reason behind his open statement was to encourage other patients about prostate cancer. His goal was to save at least one life till he was alive. On 24th October 2021 at the age of 59, he peacefully says goodbye to this earth in Los Angeles.

James Michael tribute

Upon his death, his co-actors paid a heartfelt tribute to him. The Friends’ cast especially, were sad as James has been part of that particular show for so long. Some of the prominent actors said that they all will miss James Micheal Tyler and his place in everybody’s heart is irreplaceable. David Schwimmer was grateful to him and thanked this actor for playing such a wonderful role in the show. It was not only the character that will be remembered by the fans but James Michael will be missed as a great person as well.

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