Do Games People Play Season 3 Release Date Holds A Positive Chance?

Since 2019, with the coming of COVID-19, the following of web series has been increasing a lot and fans have been becoming obsessed one such web series which got a very crazy response from its fans is Games People Play. Games People Play is an American Drama series that has actually been created by taking inspiration from the novel Games Divas Play which was written by Angela- Burt Murray. The first episode of this web series was released on 23rd April 2019. Since 2019, people have been using OTT platforms way more than they used to and this led to a huge rise in this web series’ popularity. By now 2 seasons have been released so to know more about the third season keep reading.

Games People Play Season 3 Release Date

Games People Play Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement about the release date of the Games people play and fans have been eagerly waiting for it for quite a long time now. But we can still hope that the producers will renew it by the end of this year. The producers haven’t even canceled it as of yet so there is definitely still scope for a little hope for the release of the third season. Till then we can just wait and also we can rewatch the previous seasons as one can definitely not get bored of watching it no matter if you have already watched it 2-3 times. So for your convenience here is the recap of the season.

Name Of The ShowGames People Play
Season NumberSeason 3
Games People Play Season 1 Release Date23 April 2019
Games People Play Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

Games People Play Season 2 Recap

We all wish to be famous and have stardom don’t we and so does Laila. She prepares the path for stardom after she sees that she has a chance. Marques and Kareem learn about extremely shocking revelations. Marque’s dad comes to take care of him as Vanessa is not there anymore. Kareem is also pressurized to use his connections for the wedding of Quanisha and Eric’s conspiracy breaks his relationship with Nia. Marque faces some serious problems in managing his personal and professional life while trying to solve a problem and Nia, MJ and Eric learn about their curiosity about a cat. Nia faces a lot of challenges but still through her hard work finds the truth. Vipers try to push Marques aside so that he can favor Romello.

Now, this is the true definition of a slap in the face. Laila’s world turns upside down as she has to face her past trauma. The good thing is that Marques is finally able to be happier and open up about his feelings. Laila with the help of Nia tries to face her past aggressor bravely but it just seems to be rising more and more in power. MJ faces a very difficult situation where he is supposed to make a decision that could even destroy the progress made him till now. As honor is going to be bestowed on Marque along with his crew members he goes back to his high school but there is a high chance of it being ruined by his family members and MJ seems to have hit the rock bottom from which there is no returning back. After having a very embarrassing moment on Live Tv, now Kareem is supposed to make amends. Nia now is supposed to have found flags that are deeper in color than red.

Kareem tries really hard to mend ties with his family members but that is definitely going to be extremely difficult. Laila is now supposed to make a tough decision of whether she wants to just sit around afraid or go out and boldly face her past and while all this is happening Marques seems to be coming closer and closer to answers. Marques seems to be stuck in a very large web and to get out he has to decide whether he wants to benefit himself or think about benefiting his crew members. Now, this definitely can’t be the end of this series right so there’ll definitely be a third season to answer all the questions and clarify what is gonna happen next.

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Games people Play Season 3 Story

Well there is a piece of bad news there isn’t any official announcement regarding the release of the 3rd season and so the story for the third season can’t be predicted as of yet but what is known is that it’ll continue from where it left off. It is a story of three women Nia, Vanessa, and Laila, and also about the men in their lives. It has many interesting characters one of them is a hard-working reporter, a basketball player, a housewife, a groupie, and a stalker. So you can definitely understand what a fun show this is going to be.

Games People Play Cast

Games People Play Season 3 Release Date

It stars Karen Obilom as Nia Bullock, Saruna’s J Jackson as Marques King, Jackie Long as Kareem Johnson, Kendall Kyndall as MJ, Parker McKenna Posey as Laila James, Lauren London as Vanessa King, Monti Washington as Terrence Abrams, Barry Brewer as Eric,  Brandi Denise as Quanisha, Ana LaMonte as a Yoga instructor,  Karrueche Tran as Eden Lazlo, Vanessa Simons as Jackie Herman, Kevin Jackson as Jamal Jerome, Zuri James as Tyreck Wooldridge, Ismeli Henriquez as Kalinda, Philip G Carlson as Det Andy Loomis and many more amazing actors who made this show as amazing as it already is.

Where to watch Games People Play online?

Unfortunately one can watch this amazing series only on BET or BET+ so many people in different parts of the world won’t be able to watch it. But don’t worry we’ll give you the updates on our page so that you don’t miss out on the joy this web series spread. We’ll keep bringing updates about the upcoming web series.

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