House Of Payne Season 12 Release Date: Confusions & Worries Reign Supreme!

Who knew that something that began as a light-hearted sitcom back in 2007 (which seems like ages ago now!) will turn into the virtual bread and butter for countless households?

House of Payne is that one show that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy all day long. Every time we log onto the TV and see the cranky Pops and his wife running around trying to manage the family, which seems to be growing with every season, it feels like you have come back home after a long holiday.

And when this heartwarming, bubbly show was renewed for yet another season this year in 2022, we had mixed emotions about it. The first thing we felt was a relief. And the second? Dread! It’s been 11 seasons already and the show is still going strong.

But what if they cancel it? Because we sure hope that’s not the case! We aren’t ready to part with our beloved show yet! So today we set out to investigate what’s been cooking behind the scenes of the adorable Payne family.

House of Payne Season 12 Release Date

House of Payne Season 12 Release Date

We hunted on Twitter. We scoured Instagram. We even went as far as to track the hashtags! And, to our disappointment, still couldn’t find any satisfactory news regarding season 12.

But we haven’t given up on hope quite yet because they do seem to have a history of toying with the fans and teasing them when it comes to revealing their plans for future installments of the series. Sometimes they are quick to announce it, and other times leave us fans to chase our own tails about it!

Season 11 aired on 23 March 2022 and ended in December. So we do believe that we should hear some positive news around the beginning of 2023, and we might even get a new season before summer. Let’s just wait and pray that Tyler Perry graces us with another season.

Name Of The ShowHouse Of Payne
Season NumberSeason 12
House Of Payne Season 1 Release Date6 June 2007
House Of Payne Season 12 Release DateNot Announced

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House of Payne Season 11 Review

There is nothing more tiring than waiting for your favorite shows to drop the next season. The wait is torturous, mostly because we believe that the further along the release dates are, the more our excitement for it dwindles.

And we can’t have that, now, can we? So while we wait for House of Payne Season 12 to be released, let’s see what adventures the Payne family got to in the previous round.

The season opened with a charming little addition to the Paynes’ house. Lisa and Malik’s babe had our hearts doing flips 100 miles an hour. The parents’ chemistry was even more heartwarming to witness. But the warm and fuzzies were broken by the increasing tension in the house regarding Janine still being AWOL.

Well, not missing exactly but her flight was delayed. Or had it been canceled? It didn’t matter to their Paynes. Because just the fact that they couldn’t contact her was reason enough for them to panic. On the other hand was the starry-eyed Lisa, at the brink of a very important decision.

Having just begun college, the dilemma of choosing the classes was mounting high and leaving her brain fogged. And when you add Curtis’ shenanigans to the mix, it becomes the perfect recipe for some spicy drama! Interviews with Atlanta, run-ins with embarrassing food trucks, business was as usual where Curtis is concerned. And we were glad indeed because what would the show be without him in it anyway?

The story continues with monetary struggles in Ella’s domain to secrets unfolding and embarrassing decisions taking hold of our beloved Payne family. All in all, it was a blast and the party simply MUST continue with yet another season!

House Of Payne Season 12 Story

House Of Payne Season 12 Release Date

It hasn’t been long since the announcement of season 11 of this beloved show and yet, fans cannot help but wonder what new vein will Tyler Perry, the genius behind this show, open in the Payne family’s future. Fans have been aching to get even just a sliver of information about what’ll happen next.

But as far as Tyler Perry’s virtual manipulation of fans goes, it might be an ever more polished skill than story writing. And guess what? the guessing games, and the tormented anticipations, are what makes it all the more fun!

So now we just have to wait and watch as the days go by, peeling our eyes awake for any news on season 12. But that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the previous season filled with this delightful family’s adventures, right? So come join us while we immerse ourselves in the Payne family shenanigans on Amazon Prime!

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