Station Eleven Cast: Every Cast Member Explained!

Station Eleven is on our radar. The miniseries has been highly enjoyed by the audience out there. The story revolves around a group of people who survived an epidemic. The series revolves around different timelines. Get ready to move forward in time, twenty years ago the flu caused a disastrous impact on civilization.

All the people who survived those difficult times are trying their best to forget their bad memories. Someone from the troupe is planning to haunt them again. The sci-fi miniseries is among the best HBO series out there. The intriguing plotline of the show focuses hugely on the survival of mankind. The miniseries is streaming online. But before you watch Station Eleven, let me introduce you to the massive cast list of the show.

Station Eleven Cast

We are ready to get a glimpse of the deadliest flu! Get ready to learn everything about the Traveling Symphony. The survivors of the flu are here, they are ready to tell us everything about the epidemic. But the peace of their mind will be shattered once again. Someone is watching their every move. Someone from their past life is planning to turn their life upside! So let’s not stretch the topic any further and go straight into the main discussion of the day. 

  1. Mackenzie Davis
Station Eleven Cast

First, on our list, we have Mackenzie Davis. We have seen her as one of the most important cast members of the show. After all, how could we forget about Kirsten Raymonde? The Canadian actress who is also seen as a producer and model has delivered an extraordinary performance in the popular HBO series. She is among the lead characters of Station Eleven. 

She is mostly renowned in the industry for bold and feminine roles. In the series, she is seen as a young girl who is caught in the middle of an apocalypse. The main plotline of the series partly revolves around her survival journey. We will see how she becomes a part of the Traveling Symphony. Little did she know that the trouble is not over yet, as the story moves forward we will see what life has in store for Kirsten.

  1. Matilda Lawler
Station Eleven Cast

Second, we would like to tell you a little about Matilda Lawler. You all have seen this little girl in Station Eleven as Young Kirsten. She is a growing American actress and don’t you dare underestimate her as she is all set and ready to be a part of this massive film industry. She portrays the role of eight years old Kirsten, whom we see as a stage actress. As the story moves ahead, we will see how Arthur gives her a copy of “Station Eleven”, the famous graphic novel which was penned by his ex-wife. You all must be wondering how this little girl ends up as a stage actress, well to know that you have to watch the whole series online! 

  1. Himesh Patel
Station Eleven Cast

Next on the cast list we have the very handsome and talked, Himesh Patel. We all saw him as Jeevan Chaudhary. He is the man who takes care of Kirsten! After all, how could you forget about the deadliest pandemic night? Himesh is mostly known for his quirky roles. The series has surely added a weightage to his acting career. As the story moves forward, we will see how Jeevan Chaudhary gets the knowledge of the pandemic. We will also learn a bit about his past life.

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  1. David Wilmot 
Station Eleven Cast

In the popular sci-fi miniseries, David Wilmot is seen playing the role of Clark Thompson. He is trying to rebuild his lost life. The side shocks of the apocalypse are still very much fresh in his mind. He gave up on his dreams but as time passed by, he would realize the true meaning behind his life. 

  1. Nabhaan Rizwan 
Station Eleven Cast

One of the main characters of the series is Nabhaan Rizwan. He is scheduled to portray the role of Frank Chaudhary, the extraordinary journalist. His life will change forever. He is originally seen as Jeevan’s brother. The scary injury from the past caused his disability. The accident badly affected his mental health.

  1. Daniel Zovatto 

Daniel Zovatto plays the role of The Prophet! Kirsten has grown up and he remembers the apocalypse very well! She will do everything possible to hunt down this man. He is preaching the wrong thing and Kirsten is ready to stop him.  Before Kirsten takes her next step, she must understand his character properly. 

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  1. Philippine Velge 

Next on the list, we have Velge whom we see as Alexandra! She is among the younger members of the Traveling Symphony. She doesn’t remember anything about the deadliest apocalypse but as the story moves forward she will again go through the pages of her past life.

  1. Lori Petty 

Next, we would like to introduce you to Lori Petty, who portrays the role of Sarah. Yes, she is among the founder members of the Traveling Symphony. She is seen as The Conductor. All the shows which happened in the theatre were composed by her. After she loses the love of her life, we will see how she manages to accept the aftershocks of her past life. 

  1. Gael García Bernal 

Gael García Bernal is seen in the shoes of Arthur Leander, a famous stage actor who unfortunately dies on his performance platform. He became one of the victims of the flu. In the series, Arthur was seen beside Miranda and Elizabeth! He is also seen as the father of Tyler.

  1. Danielle Deadwyler 
Station Eleven Cast

The list also includes the name of Danielle Deadwyler. We will see her in the shoes of Miranda Carroll, Arthur’s very first wife who wrote the extraordinary graphic novel! She named her novel, Station Eleven.

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  1. Caitlin FitzGerald 

Caitlin FitzGerald is seen as Arthur’s second wife, Elizabeth. She gives birth to   Arthur’s son, Tyler. She is among the very few survivors of the flu. We will see how she enters her foot in the German cinema.  As days pass by, we will see how she comes into the spotlight. 

  1. David Cross 
Station Eleven Cast

Moreover, the list includes the name of David Cross, whom we see as Gil. We all know that he was previously involved with Sarah! Gil happens to be the former director of the troupe! We will see how he retires from the Traveling Symphony. He still has a cordial relationship with the very few survivors of the troupe. In the latter days, we will see how Gil along with his partner, Katrina, will host these members in their house.

  1. Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons plays the role of Jim. After the post-apocalyptic era, we will often capture this man with Miranda. He is the man who will fly to Malaysia to present the unique business pitch. He works along with Miranda and is extremely good at his regular work. 

  1. Milton Barnes 

Moreover, we would like to tell you a little about Milton Barnes! He is scheduled to play the role of Miles! Looks like he will soon develop a deep connection with Clark. As the story moves ahead, we will even capture the two in an innate bond. Initially, we see him as an employee of the Severn City Airport. He is often seen as the leader of the post-apocalyptic community.

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  1. Julian Obradors

Another very young cast member of the show happens to be Julian Obradors. We see him in the shoes of young Tyler Leander, Arthur’s son from his second wife. He is madly in love with video games but is not seen as a social person. Just like Arthur, his son is also very smart and sharp. 

  1. Prince Amponsah 

Last but not the least, we have Prince Amponsah on our list! He is all set and ready to play the role of August. Just like Kirsten, he is also a part of the Traveling Symphony. He had a small role in the series, but his role has been highly liked by the audience out there.

Station Eleven Other Cast Members 

Apart from the above members, Andy McQueen is also on the cast list of Station Eleven. He plays the role of Sayid, one of the integral members of the Traveling Symphony. We also have Enrico Colantoni on board. He is seen as Brian who we see beside Elizabeth. He is seen as an agent of the Museum. Moreover, Deborah Cox as Wendy, a regular member of the Traveling Symphony. 

Kate Moyer and Luca Villacis are also on the recurring cast members list. We have mostly seen them as Haley Butterscotch and Cody respectively. Similarly, we have seen Dylan Taylor and Joe Pingue on the show, they play the role of Dan and Dieter respectively. The list also includes the name of Maxwell McCabe-Lokos. We have seen him as Vlad. Lastly, the cast list includes the name of Ajahnis Charley. He portrays the role of the Chrysanthemum. 

Station Eleven- Can You Watch It Online?

Yes, the show is available online. You can binge all the episodes of Station Eleven, exclusively just on HBO Max

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