Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Release Date Details!

Childhood best friends are supposedly the only persons whom we expect to stick with us till the end, however as we grow up and as we start facing different worlds and having our own complex lives, things change and that is what happens in this series. Everything I Know About Love is a great series which has been following the lives of four friends who have just moved to London and are planning to have a new take on life and are in their early 20s which is surely a complete age to understand ourselves, and while taking a new take on life, one thing that these girls surely get to see is a lot of emotional drama, comedy and the feeling of being out of place and lonely.

This series has been originally adapted by Dolly Alderton, a very well know writer of the industry from her own bestselling book which shares the same name as the title of the series, and the first season of the show, though being a very short season, did pretty well and has received many praises from the critics out there. Other than that, it has also received a 7.5 IMDB rating which is actually quite great.

Now coming to the main topic of this article and that has been related to the second season of this show. Though nothing has been announced yet, based on how good the show has done and based on how much enthusiastic the makers of the show really are about a second season, we can expect that there is sure to be a second season in the future. Though the dates have not been announced yet, we have got some predictions about the upcoming story and the release dates, and to know all about it, do continue reading this article till the end.

Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Release Date

Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Release Date

The book from which this show has been originally adapted came out in the year 2020 and since then the hype has been real about it. soon it came to the mind of the writer that this book can be absolutely adapted into a tv series and since the mid of 2021 a lot of work began related to the series. the making of the first season of the show took more than a year, and finally, the first season of the show came out in June months of 2022. Now coming to season 2 of the show, Dolly has surely shown her enthusiasm regarding the second season of the show, but we must also remember that there is now written content available out there on which the upcoming season can be based, and thus we must give the writer proper time to write a new good story and that will surely take up nearly a year or so. Thus, we can expect a new season to come to us by the end of 2023 and nothing before.

Name Of The ShowEverything I Know About Love
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Release Date7 June 2022
Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Story

For the story of the next season, we haven’t got any reference as the book from which it was originally adapted has been completely done with the adaption part and now it depends on the writer on what she is going to write and show us. Though from her interviews we have come to know that she has been very much interested to give us an insight into the personal lives of all the four girls in the series and that may be the main story for the next season and we may end up seeing some new form of chaos and drama in some new love life problem among the girls.

Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Cast

For the cast of the upcoming season, one thing that we know for sure is the four main casts are going to be the same and they are Emma Appleton, Bel Powley, Marli Siu, and Aliyah Odoffin, and other than that there will be many other new cast members joining for the new season.

Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Trailer

As we know we haven’t received confirmation regarding season 2 of the show, and thus we also haven’t received a trailer for season 2 yet.

Where Can We Watch Everything I Know About Love Season 2 Online?

Just like the previous season of the show, thus new season if it happens will also be available on Netflix and the Hotstar platform for online streaming services.

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