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There is a dark aspect to everything. A prominent example is the moon. Of course, there is a dark side to The Force. Even though Darkseid is misspelt in DC Comics, we’ll take one or two of them nonetheless. There are further sinister sides to Vice TV. Through their Dark Side Of The… brand, they have examined the dark sides of professional wrestling, football, and even entire decades. The Dark Sides, a Vice TV series jam-packed with tales, celebrity interviews, and the best reenactments in the business, has been a big seller. They are currently aiming to defeat their main rival, podcasts. Formerly the crown jewel of the podcasting world, the new Vice TV docuseries Dark Side Of Comedy features comedians discussing the addiction tales of their iconic friends. Unbeknownst to me, the show doesn’t feature an episode on Pagliacci, the greatest sad-sack comic of all time. Pagliacci, a well-known melancholy clown, sought help for his illness when, ironically, his doctor recommended that he buy a ticket to see “the great clown Pagliacci.” The patient had to admit to his physician that he was Pagliacci after all. Simply brutal.

Dark Side of Comedy Season 2 Release Date

On August 16, 2022, the first season of Dark Side of Comedy was released. One of the most popular shows right now is Dark Side Of Comedy Season 1, which has episodes coming out one after the other. One of the primary reasons that this show has been able to become so famous and encourage viewers to seek out Dark Side Of Comedy Season 1 is due to its fascinating plot. Hence people are anticipating its second season, but as of writing there is no information about its second season is declared.

Name Of The ShowDark Side of Comedy
Season NumberSeason 2
Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Release Date16 August 2022
Dark Side of Comedy Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Story

“Dark Side of Comedy: Season 1” is a 2022 documentary series starring Kliph Nesteroff, Melissa Melottey, and Aramis Pacitto that examines the individual journeys, internal struggles, and societal pressures faced by comics in the comedy industry. The show provides an insightful look into the comic mind and the challenges of succeeding in a competitive, frequently brutal industry through a series of interviews. Thanks to its honest and frank study of the comedy business, “Dark Side of Comedy: Season 1” is sure to be a hit with fans of stand-up comedy.

The performance has been described as a fresh take on an artistic form that has long cast light on important socioeconomic issues. In the upcoming television series Dark Side of Comedy, prominent comedians’ untimely deaths and the controversies that have surrounded them will be the main topics of discussion. The cabler says, “The series explores the interpersonal conflicts, unanticipated fame, and social pressures that are constantly present in the comedy industry, as well as the enduring effects of the women and men who allow us to view the world from their viewpoints.” The television show looks like it will be an intriguing and sombre look at the darkest periods in comic history. Undoubtedly intrigued, I’ll be watching when it debuts. We can expect to hear from and read analyses from a wide range of comedy-related names on the many stories the Dark Side of Comedy presents. Dave Foley will host each of the ten episodes of the show’s inaugural season. Different comedians will be invited to share their perspectives and experiences on a range of topics.

Dark Side of Comedy Season 1 Cast

Dark Side of Comedy Season 2- Vice

Comedy isn’t always enjoyable, which not many people are aware of. The clown who is attempting to make us laugh occasionally goes home and sobs. Dark Side Of Comedy will, therefore, like the other Vice Dark Sideshows, offer first-person testimonies from professionals in the field, regaling audiences with the tragic, scandalous pasts of comedy superheroes. Roseanne Barr, Chris Farley, Greg Giraldo,  Freddie Prinze, Richard Pryo, Dustin Diamond, Artie Lange, Brett Butler, Andrew Dice Clayr, and Maria Bamford will all be featured prominently in season one.

Where To Watch Dark Side of Comedy Online?

Paul Taylor, Vice TV’s Catherine Whyte, SVP of production and operations, and Vice Studios’ Vanessa Case are the executive producers of Vice Studios’ “Dark Side of Comedy.” The executive in charge of the program is Morgan Hertzan, general manager and executive vice president of Vice TV. Vice Distribution handled the show’s global distribution. The first episode of “Dark Side of Comedy” aired on Vice TV on August 16 at 9:00 p.m.

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