Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Release Date Is Officially Cancelled!

Now we hope that all of you have heard the name “Pretty Little Liars” because this franchise, isn’t a small one, or some very unpopular show, just giving out vague content. Pretty Little Liars are quite well known, like most teenagers who have been into the thriller genre, have tried the show, and believe us, the reviews have been just abnormal. Everyone has fallen in love with the characters, the story, and the new intriguing twists and turns we get to see in the episodes. the name itself is a bit cheeky we may say, or like it has got a catch to it, some even assumed it to belong to the comedy genre, however, things did go the other way and the show did very well, starting from the fanbase, to critics to profits as well. Now after many successful seasons and many successful stories, we have come to the talks regarding the 8th season, which fans have been waiting for quite a lot of time, and that is quite evitable from the hype and the fan theories that are just going around all over the internet. So, are you ready to go on a ride with some Pretty Little Liars who have got their hands full with quite a lot of trouble?

Those who still don’t have any idea about what this series or the franchise is all about, you all don’t have to get impatient, just calm down and continue reading because, we won’t make you go to some other site or watch the whole series at one, to know about the entire series and the story that we are getting here. Pretty Little Liars was actually planned to be a TV series and the plans dated long back from the original release of the first season of the show and before that the makers of the show, or as we may say the writer of the show ended up writing novels with the same name, which became a great hit. However, soon we see that the fans after knowing this scenario get very hyped up regarding the show, and the makers who had cancelled the idea at first because of some production issues, finally decide to bring it out and present it to the world, one of the most amazing crimes and thriller genre series of the 2000s.

Now for those who don’t know anything about the story that has been followed in this book, worry not, we have got you covered, the story is set in a small-town high school, where the main concentration is on a group of five girls. Each of them had got their own characteristics, and they were basically the popular group in school. But one day the head of the group disappeared, just everything went blank and nothing could be found out and the group broke. The members have suited their new lifestyle and have got their own new world but everything again changes for them, because they have been liars, they have been telling some dark lies to cover some dark secrets which are supposed to be known by no one, maybe it’s just about themselves, or some dark past event or maybe something related to the group’s leader, and somehow suddenly an anonymous person starts threatening all the remaining four girls to uncover all their secrets and break their new glass world of pretentiousness which they have built throughout this years. Now we have to see what these girls do and how they end up saving themselves or ruining themselves in this whole chaotic situation.

The reviews and ratings of this show have been very good and the reviews were mostly positive from what we have seen so far. We have received 7 mighty seasons, which just tells us how successful this show has been and, in the middle, or by the end of this season, we have got some spin-off series too which practically didn’t do as well as the show. However now all the fans have been very concerned about whether their favourite binge watcher for years is finally coming to an end, or whether they are going to receive some new seasons.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t good actually, from what we have seen and heard, the creator of the show, on her Facebook live session, ends up announcing that there won’t be any season 8 and the 7th season will be the concluding season, which has broken the hearts of many fans. Though calm down we have got something, from previous history many successful shows, with the fear of lowering the quality of content, have announced their conclusions and still ended up giving new seasons all of a sudden as a comeback and that may end up being the case for Pretty Little Liars too. However, it is a very unlikely thing though there is a possibility, and to know many other facts of the upcoming season which still has some chances do continue reading this article till the end.

Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Release Date

Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Release Date

As we have already said the main idea of the show came to the makers back in 2004 and those time and the novel series which became very famous came out in the year 2006 and continued giving us new books till 2014 which became a fan favourite within a very short period of time. Now the show was mainly turned into a novel idea because the original network who were contacted with the idea of the show, closed down just before the work regarding the show began, and then after a lot of fan hype and though the makers of the show decided to bring out the first season of the show finally in the year 2010. The first season was a massive hit and the charts were just blown off with the viewer count of the show.

Then soon after that, we received the second season, just the year after the release of the first season of the show, and then it went on and on, with a new season every year. This continued till 2016 when we finally received the 7th season of the show. And after that, we also received some spin-off series that were utter disasters and had to be discontinued just after the first season and now we are here discussing the 8th season of the show. As we have said the show had been officially cancelled by the makers of the show, though the fans should lose any hope because there still remains a chance that this show will come back and do end up blowing our minds with new content. Though that will surely take a lot of time and we will have to wait for any such kind of news.

Name Of The ShowPretty Little Liars
Season NumberSeason 8
GenreCrime Thriller, Mystery, Teen Drama
Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Release Date8 June 2010
Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Release DateCancelled

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Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Story

For the upcoming story, there is a lot of confusion, because as we have said the entire novel series has been officially adopted by the makers of the show and there is no story waiting there, to be adapted in the following seasons and that is one of the biggest reasons that this show has come to end. However, no story exists doesn’t mean that no story can’t be written, we have got some great writers out there who may end up writing just a new twist in the story and bring to us a great adventure some more lies to handle and maybe another bigger hand controlling everything we have seen so far. Like if there ends up being someone greater pulling the strings then surely the fans will have their minds blown off and that may end up being the new story but we still haven’t received any updates so we can’t confirm anything from our sides. These are basically, fan theories and predictions that we have got here for you.

Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Cast

Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Release Date

Now, this may be an interesting topic, because if the new season happens, we may not end up seeing the old cast coming back to the show, like if the same story is continued then the actors may end up being a bit aged for the characters we have seen so far, however, if there is a time skip and some new story based on the future of the main characters ends up being made, we can expect the old cast to return, though nothing is confirmed yet and these are just assumptions.

Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Trailer

For the trailer of season 8, we haven’t got anything out there, because as we have said season 7 was announced as the final season and thus, we will have to wait for any updates from the maker’s side. Other than that, if you are willing to catch up on the previous show and how the story goes, you can watch the trailers of the previous season which are currently available online.

Where Can We Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 8 Online?

if the upcoming season happens, and it is decided not to be telecasted, then we can expect it to make its release on Disney+ or maybe Hulu or Netflix because these platforms have got the streaming right to the show already.

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