My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Release Date Is Scheduled For August 2022!

My Hero Academia is a famous anime and manga series. The whole concept of My Hero Academia is so loved by many people that there are light novels, manga, anime series, anime movies and video games, etc. have been made so that fans can enjoy this superhero content written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia is so popularized that Marvel movies also use My Hero Academia to promote their movies. The series has managed to get many accolades and sales for everyone single one of its projects. It was first released in 2014, now many fans have been wondering when chapter 363 of My Hero Academia will release, the earlier released episodes have made many people gasp with twists and turns. Let’s get to know the release date of chapter 363 of My Hero Academia and some more information.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Release Date

The fans of My Hero Academia have been waiting for the new releases. Now it looks like the wait for chapter 363 of My Hero Academia is finally over, as the official date of My Hero Academia is going to be August 21, 2022. The release date was earlier postponed but the fans can enjoy the new chapter on 21 August. The previously released chapter 362 of My Hero Academia is already making headlines for its new revelations. Chapter 362 was released on August 8, in that chapter, many new turns have surfaced, and the fans are really shocked with the whole thing. When chapter 363 of My Hero Academia will be released, many more unanswered questions will get answers and many more turns will take place, till then enjoy the old chapters.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Story

My Hero Academia is a story about a superhero world where people have different superpowers that they call “Quirks” almost 80% of the population has these superpowers, and children start to get this superpower after the age of four. The people who have extreme powers are called “Hero” and they work with the community to save the world from villains and crime. Now there is a young boy Izuko Midoriya who hasn’t got these quirks yet, he is brutally bullied in school and he also feels confused and sad about why he hasn’t gotten these powers yet. Izuko Midoriya is repeatedly bullied by his friend Katsuki Bakugo. Izuko Midoriya is interested in being a superhero and he also knows the superhero group All Might personally, he and Katsuki Bakugo know about some issues that All Might have been hiding from the whole world. When All Might members see the determination of Izuko Midoriya they decided to help him have some quirks, now Izuko Midoriya also has powers and he is on the road to find the nemesis “All for one” and destroy their evil plans to destroy the peace and heroes of society.

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Recap 

In chapter 362 of My Hero Academia which is titled ” Light fades to rain”, Suneater can be seen launching his ultimate moves, he aims to beat Tomura Shigaraki. Suneater launches a plasma cannon at Tomura Shigaraki, who is standing still despite the attack of the vast hybrid plasma cannon. As Tomura Shigaraki is mocking the heroes for thinking they could destroy him and his plans, he sees Dynamight standing beside him. Dynamight used his power to blast nitroglycerin at Tomura Shigaraki, but his power had a side effect, he is in pain but still managing to weaken the power of Tomura Shigaraki, now Tomura is annoyed and furious because of the attack and decides to punch his chest and his heart stopped now.

Now chapter 362 has made fans confused, everyone is in shock to see the condition. In the last scene of chapter 362  Dynamight laying on the ground with an All Might’s trading card just beside him. Chapter 363 of My Hero Academia will tell the fate of Dynamight, is he going to die? Or will Dynamight rise from all the pain to destroy Tomura Shigaraki? Only time and the next chapter of My Hero Academia will tell the story but it’s going to be fascinating to see the new turns and twists of My Hero Academia.

Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Online?

My Hero Academia is available on Viz’s Shonen Jump App and Shueisha’s Manga Plus, some of the chapters are free, and the readers can opt for a monthly subscription to enjoy more of My Hero Academia.

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