Weak Hero Chapter 205 Release Date And All Other Updates!

In the past few years, something that we have all seen is the culture of manhwa growing day by day, and if the manhwa has been based on some teenage high school story, then the response is absolutely similar to the respective genre in anime. The sales just burst, the fanbase grows and everything just becomes positive about that series and something similar has happened to this series’ Weak Hero. It came out in 2018 only and has been one of the most talked about manhwa in recent days. Now, for those who don’t have any idea about this series let us brief you a bit. The school we follow is actually run by delinquents or students of that sort and they have many businesses going on, such as bullying money laundering, etc. however things change when a new student named Gray comes to the school, and changes the entire scenario the power structure, and everything. Donald being the leader of the cult has got his hands filled with many things and has got to take charge of what’s going wrong and this manhwa series is just filled with action drama, dirty politics, and chaos. If you are ready for some gruesome fighting scene then this manhwa is just meant for you.

Now coming to the main topic of this article, we have all been waiting for the new chapter to release and this is a story every week, however, what is different this time? This time chapter 204 has left us all in shock and one of the most favourite characters in the manhwa is going to be targeted in the upcoming chapter, to know more about the release date and the story do continue reading the article till the end.

Weak Hero Chapter 205 Release Date

Weak Hero Chapter 205 Release Date

The first chapter of the manhwa series came out on the 5th of May 2018 and since then we have received weekly chapters. The show has been slowly growing and the fanbase is being spread all over the world. Chapter 204 which was a great hit and was a lot talked about made its release on the 4th of August 2022 and following the same pattern, and if there isn’t any delay in the release date, we can expect that chapter 205 will make its release on the 11th of august 2022. There is also an anime adaption being in talk regarding the series, however, nothing has been confirmed yet and for some confirmed news, we will have to wait till 2023.

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Weak Hero Chapter 205 Story

The upcoming story that we are going to see in chapter 205 is going to be just crazy. In the previous chapter the only thing fans have been asking is what’s going to happen to Wolf and how is Donald going to handle the situation, and if he is going to meet the same end as Myles, and that is what mainly will be shown in the upcoming episode. We do have heard that what mostly all have predicted by now, will not be the case and there is some twist coming, but to know what we will have to wait till the new chapter arrives.

Weak Hero Chapter 204 Recap

In the previous chapter, we have seen that it has been brought into knowledge to Donald that Wolf has been going much out of hand and he has done many things without permission from authorities, so Donald has come to think about whether this guy will also end up meeting the same fate as Myles. Then we go into a flashback and see the entire scenario that happened between Donald and Myles and how he was beaten up till he couldn’t stand by Donald and the actions that were taken against him.

Weak Hero Chapter 205 Characters

For the upcoming chapter, there haven’t been many predictions regarding the characters who are going to be there, but something that we do know is that Wolf, Donald, and Grey, these three characters will be there at any cost because without them this story isn’t going any bit forward.

Where Can We Read Weak Hero Chapter 205 Online?

Just like previous chapters of the series, the new chapter will also make its release on the Webtoon website.

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