The Princess And The Bodyguard Release Date And All Details!

Now for those who are considering this article to be about the book with the same title, you are a bit wrong, but you still don’t need to quit reading this article. That’s because we have here covered the story of a movie that is supposed to make its release this year and if you are all ready for a rom-com movie that just shows a beautiful romantic bond being created between a bodyguard and a princess, then it’s not only the book you can read but also this movie that you can watch. Now many of us have been very troubled regarding this movie because though being such hyped-up stuff, we still haven’t received a proper Wikipedia page for this movie yet, and that’s actually a very rare case but we hope that as the release date of the movie approaches, we will be receiving a proper Wikipedia page and get all other updates regarding the movie.

For those who don’t know anything about the movie “The Princess And The Bodyguard”, the first thing we must tell you, is that there is still some time, we will need to wait before the release of the movie and it is supposed to be a theatrical release at first. Other than that, this movie is being directed by John Bradshaw, a name we are quite friendly with, and if you aren’t, just look up his Wikipedia page and you will be able to relate his name to many big words, which many of you may have watched just didn’t know that he was the director of the movie. The writers of the movie are also two very renowned names, one being Danny Morgan and the other being Rebecca Hughes, whom by this time we all know for her romantic classic movies with the iconic Paris setting, we do realize how much she loves to romanticize the basic concept of two people meeting and slowly falling for each other and that’s what she has done in this movie also.

 The Princess And The Bodyguard from what we have seen from the trailer and other sources, we can predict that it is a complete romantic love story between a princess and her bodyguard which can be considered as many as cliché but the depiction of John Bradshaw has never been anything close to cliché and we do expect him to deliver a masterpiece this time too. There is some twist in this story, the princess whom we see in this story has actually kept her identity a secret for many years and is leading her life like a normal person would, however, things are going to change when she has been asked by her parents to give up everything and join the royal family properly and bring in a proper date for a big family event. That’s the point where we see our dashing and handsome, very intimidating bodyguard Noah making his entry and making the princess slowly fall for him within a period of two weeks.

The story till now hasn’t been criticized by any of the critics who have seen it till now, and the IMDB ratings of the movie haven’t been out yet. Thus, we will need to wait a little longer till the critics get to see the movie and rate it. Other than the fan hype regarding the show has been huge just after watching the trailer and people who have been in love with the rom-com genre and princess movies, have been just been waiting for the release of this movie.

Now coming to the main topic of this article, which is regarding the release date and the story that we are going to get in this article. The good news that we have got for the audience is that the release date for the show has already been out and it’s just a few months wait after which we’re going to receive this movie, and regarding the story, we have guessed much of the story from the trailer that we have received and to know more about this movie do continue reading this article till the end.

The Princess And The Bodyguard Release Date

The Princess And The Bodyguard Release Date

From what we have found out from our sources, the writer of the movie has been working on this story for quite some time, and the work began in 2020 only and soon the idea was given to the studios which decided it to be a great story and worthy of a theatrical release. We already had John Bradshaw on the team, all ready to direct this rom-com movie and after getting on board with the right case in 2021, the works regarding the movie, began with great hype, and soon by the march months of 2022, we finally received the trailer of the show, which we all have showered with love and millions of likes.

Red One Entertainment Studios haven’t yet indicated any delay in the production stages of the movie and from whatever we have seen and the announcement that has been made we can state that this movie is going to make its release on the 31st of December 2022. However there hasn’t been any delay indicated in the production, it is very common for movies to get delayed a bit and as there is a huge gap between the trailer and the release date of the movie, we can expect that there is a lot of work that has to be taken care by the maker’s team, so though the movie is confirmed and the release date is also confirmed, we have to keep an eye on it.

Name Of The ShowThe Princess And The Bodyguard
Season NumberSeason 1
The Princess And The Bodyguard Release DateDecember 31, 2022

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The Princess And The Bodyguard Story

For the story of the movie, there is a lot of cheesy content as well as drama in this movie according to the trailer that we have seen till now. To give you a brief of the story, the lead character of the movie, Lexi, is slowly approaching her 35th birthday and is leading a normal life in New York City, with her best friend, partying around, doing a normal job, and everything has been summoned by the king and queen of Sanatoria, and surprisingly not only are they the king and queen, but they are also the parents of Lexi which makes her the royal princess and a person of great honors for the Sanatorian royal family. Now her parents have asked her to slowly reveal her identity and leave whatever life she had and join the royal family because that is where she belongs and with the slow aging of Lexi, she has to find the right partner, and what’s a better opportunity to select a partner than a Met Gala that is being organized by the royal family.

Lexi’s complete world is shaken and she doesn’t know how to leave her old identity or break it to her closest friend, about who she really is, and at the same time, she finds out that her parents have assigned a very dashing and intimidating guy as her bodyguard, with what she is very annoyed but slowly gets used to it. by the passing of time, Lexi has also been assigned by her mother to meet new guys based on her choice and see who is a suitable partner for her, while Noah is always around her, protecting her, and the love story clicks between the handsome bodyguard and the innocent princess who seeks freedom from her royal status. There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot and we can assure you that you are going to enjoy and laugh at every scene, and the cheesy cliché love will be something that you will be adoring and craving by the end of the movie for sure.

The Princess And The Bodyguard Cast

The makers of the movie have selected an excellent cast for the movie and from what we have seen in the trailer, we can assure you that the cast has outdone themselves when it comes to acting. In the lead two characters, we are going to see Emily Alatalo and Ryan Bruce, other than that there are many other great actors such as Richard Waugh, David Pinard, Anamaria Demara, Gabriel Venerri and many other great names. They all have contributed a lot in bringing out the hype regarding the movie just with just the trailer.

The Princess And The Bodyguard Trailer

The Princess And The Bodyguard Release Date

The movie has already released its trailer on the 31st of march 2022, and as there is a huge gap between the release date of the movie and the trailer, we can actually expect another trailer to be released from the maker’s side, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The first trailer of the movie is available on the YouTube platform and can be checked out to know more about the story.

Where Can We Watch The Princess And The Bodyguard Online?

From what the sources have stated, red one entertainment studios is ready to make this movie release globally in the theatres, and just like most other movies, we can expect it to soon be available on some OTT platform after the theatrical release of the movie.

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