Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Release Date Is Announced Or Not?

Is there an actual paradise? Will a murder convict be able to find the elixir when a group of intelligent spies can not find the elixir and they all get disappeared once they enter the island?, all these questions get answered in the manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku.

Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku is a really popular manga series that was released in 2018, cited as the most popular manga series on Shonen Jump, and with 16,510 votes the manga was ranked 11th in the Web Manga category of Next Manga Awards in 2018.

An anime series adaptation was announced by MAPPA, let’s look at the details for the series release date, story, character, etc.

Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Release Date

Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Release Date

As mentioned Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku is a popular series, in fact by April 2021, 3.6 million copies of the manga were in circulation, and it is the perfect horror genre.

Now as the manga is popular, and the story is fascinating, the anime series will also be great, the series was announced, Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku will be produced by MAPPA studios, which is known for its visual and soundtrack, but when this anime series will be released, so let’s look at the release date.

A beautifully composed trailer of Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku is out, the series is set to get released in late 2022, though an official date is not announced yet, the year has been stated, by the MAPPA studio, and the fans can not wait for the anime series, the date must get announced pretty soon.

Name Of The ShowHell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku
Season NumberSeason 1
GenreAction, Dark Fantasy
Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Release DateNot Announced

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Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Story

The story is about an assassin Gabimaru, who was captured during an assassination, Gabimaru is supposed to be executed, but his love for his wife is the reason, that is keeping him alive.

The series is set in Edo Period in Japan, because of Gabimaru’s ability, he gets the chance to go search for an elixir of life, with a group of death convicts, and an executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri accompanies the group to go in search for an elixir of life. All the members have to go to a newly discovered legendary realm, that is in the southwest of the Ryukyu Kingdom, a total of five teams are lost there in the search for an elixir of life.

Now, a group of convicts has the chance to get free of all the charges, by the law if they bring an elixir of life from the newly discovered legendary realm.

Will the group be able to find the elixir of life? Or They are going to be lost just like the expedition teams? What are the powers of Gabimaru? What is in the newly discovered legendary realm? and a million questions just like this are going to be known once the anime series is released. Even if someone has read the manga, they are excited about the anime series.

Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Characters

Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Release Date

The characters are really interesting in Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku, all the characters are really in-depth and exciting. As the anime is not out yet voice actors and actresses are not revealed yet, but many fans are hoping as the series is produced by MAPPA.

There are two main characters in the series, Gabimaru, one of the strongest Ninja, who is trained from his birth to kill, he is an emotionless character during his horrifying killing work, but he loves his wife, who is a peace-keeping woman, she treats Gabimaru differently than the world, Gabimaru wants to live with his wife somewhere far away, he was captured by the Shogunate, because of a trick by a comrade.

Then there is, Yamada Asaemon, who comes from a family of executors. She is the only female executor of the family, and she offers Gabimaru to go to the newly discovered legendary realm to find the elixir of life, after seeing Gabimaru’s skill and talent, and his will to live, Yamada Asaemon accompanies them to go to the newly discovered legendary realm in search of the elixir of life.

The anime series Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku will be directed by Kaori Makita, who is known for her work in Attack Of Titan Akira Kindaichi is set to the series composition of anime, Yoshiaki Dewa is the music composer for Hell’s Paradise, and last but not least, Akitsugu Hisagi is the character designer for Hell’s Paradise, and as mentioned MAPPA is the producer, fans are excited because the series is presented by MAPPA, known for work of art such as The God of High School, and Banana Fish.

Where To Watch Hell’s Paradise: JigoKuraku Online?

Details regarding the streaming platform are not revealed, but according to some reports, it will be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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