List Of 25 Best Martial Arts Manhwa That You Must Read!

In Korea, the martial arts manhwa comic book genre is hugely popular. It enjoys tremendous popularity in the nation and is frequently employed in educational settings as well. Japan is the country where the martial arts manhwa comic book genre first appeared. The words “manhwa” and “comic” are Korean words that translate to “comic” and “cartoon,” respectively. Although the genre is Japanese in origin, Korea has seen tremendous growth there.

Techniques of the martial arts are rooted in history and significantly rely on training. These skills may be used for a variety of purposes, including sophisticated weaponry use, psychological wellness, and self-defense, among others. Characters in these comics frequently devote a significant amount of their time to training in order to protect themselves or others, compete in skill-based events, uphold their culture, or improve their physical and spiritual well-being.

One punch man

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

Saitama resolves to become a superhero for fun in a city overrun with criminals, mutants, and supervillains. He imagines a thrilling existence where he is continuously tested by formidable foes, but after three years of rigorous training, he has grown so powerful that he can destroy any foe with a single punch! His aspiration to battle difficult opponents has been dashed, and he now lives a life of overwhelming dullness. Then Genos, a cyborg, hears about Saitama’s incredible talent and asks him to take him under his wing. Although Saitama isn’t keen on hiring an apprentice, Genos isn’t giving up.

Demon Slayer

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

Japan in the Taisho era is the scene. Tanjirou was a good-hearted little kid who worked calmly selling coal to support his family. When his family is massacred by demons, their everyday lives are dramatically turned upside down. Nezuko, Tanjirou’s younger sister, is the sole other survivor and has evolved into a vicious monster. The two of them set out on a trip to bring Nezuko back to normal and get revenge on the monster that slaughtered their family. A tale of blood and sword adventure starts with a youthful genius!

Master of Gu

With the ChunQiu Cicada he worked so hard to refine, the evil Fang Yuan was reborn 500 years ago. He wants to use his extensive knowledge, experiences from the fight, and wit to outsmart and outsmart his opponents! He is vicious and amoral, thus he has no need to exercise restraint while he pursues his ultimate goals. Fang Yuan must use his might to overcome everyone on a dreadful planet where Gu a magical being of the world is raised. This is a unique manhwa with a narrative that references the martial arts genre. Both the plot and the artwork are really distinctive and captivating. Overall, it is a great manhwa that I recommend to everyone. The characters could be a bit more fully developed, but they are still bearable.

The Scholar’s Reincarnation

The protagonist of the narrative used to be a vicious warrior, despised and feared by everybody. After a fierce battle with a monk, who puts an end to his evil rampage, He is reincarnated as Jun-woo Hwang, the eldest son of the illustrious Lord of Suzhou. Although his new father wants him to be a bright student, his love for martial arts and desire for danger cannot be satisfied by any amount of learning. Will I change from a harsh to a noble person as a result of my studies, or will he be able to become the strong warrior he was meant to be? The narrative isn’t the best, but it’s also not terrible, so it may be improved. It’s a decent manhwa. This manhwa differs from others in that it does not only include martial arts and reincarnation. It is not solely about death and destruction, and it contains superb worldbuilding. It has a very good comedic portion, a pretty decent battle section that could be longer but isn’t terrible, and a little but enjoyable romantic spark. Every character has a unique personality and state of mind. Or to put it another way, this is a martial arts manhwa you must read.

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Legend of Phoenix

The plot of Legend of Phoenix centers around a 10-year-old child who accidentally traveled to a Dwarven planet. Yess! You read it correctly! Dwarves. He quickly became used to the way of life there and hoped to live a quiet existence. He even mastered the Dwarves’ smelting method and invented a brand-new branch of martial arts.

Things appear to be too calm. Here, something has to take place. What about certain adversaries? Absolutely, why not? But I won’t give you any more hints. This one has some very fantastic character development, and the artwork is also quite consistent.

Sword Sheath’s Child

I’ve got another quite fascinating anecdote to share with you. The tale of a youngster named Bira is the subject of this Manhwa. In the past, Bira and his grandfather lived by themselves in the jungle. They were quite near. But his grandfather had cautioned him about approaching other people.

Bira’s grandfather once requested that Bira wait for him while he went elsewhere as the two of them were ambling through the woodland. Bira waited for a very long time. He even made friends with a bear family, hehe! How exactly do you do that?

Tanyu, a human, eventually makes his way into the jungle and makes Bira his friend. Tanyu tells Bira about his mission, which might end in death. Bira left the jungle to watch after Tanyu since he didn’t want to lose his sole pal. Quite intriguing, huh? The people in this Manhwa are quite likable, and the location is somewhat unusual. We are sure you will enjoy it.


Fans of Sword Art Online will enjoy this. Well! Although it is somewhat different, the idea behind VR remains the same. It is based on the life of a man named Shin Youngwoo. Since he was bullied as a youngster, Shin had a difficult existence. Even as an adult, he struggled. He had the responsibility of moving bricks while working on a building site.

He built a VR game to make himself feel better. But he was also rather unlucky in VR. He is still the MC, though. For his life to alter, something must occur. He came into a secret dungeon one day while playing the game, but we won’t go any farther.

The Second Coming of Gluttony

The deity Gula’s son is back. In the realm of gambling, I was lost. I even deceived my girlfriend while turning my back on my family. Every day of my existence was squandered. It was a trashy way of living. The truth made it clear to me that no matter what I did, I would never amount to anything. I decided to turn to fantasy in order to improve my miserable existence. It was still the same story back then. At the end of the arduous journey, I pondered whether redemption would arrive. However, I was compelled to prostrate myself in defeat in front of a strong person. The edifice I constructed by myself fell to pieces and vanished. I desperately wanted to know the truth about something once.

The undefeatable Swordsman

This is the tale of Song Woo Mun. The local innkeeper’s son, Song Woo Mun, is as frail as a young child, and his health worsens when he loses his brain function as a result of the Sansu-Hwa, a painting given to him by a Sage. Unbeknownst to anybody, however, his life is about to take an unexpected turn, and when he turns 20 he will experience a new destiny. Along with being awakened, he also notices the Undefeatable Flower blossoming in the picture.

This is yet another story about cultivation, yet in a sea of similar stories, this one stands out. The main character first and foremost acquires power in a unique way. The main character also has a nice disposition; he is neither the boring one who spares everyone nor the insane one who kills without a second thought. Each character in the book has a unique trait. The story is amazing, and this manhwa is sort of Has similar sentiments as Peerless Dad, but at least everyone here is healthy and powerful. Overall, you should read this manhwa since it is fantastic.

Colossus Hunter

He came back from the bleak future! Hansung starts his quest as the gods and demons are engaged in battle. The Order of Alethea, an evil sect that worships Chronos, the God of Time, is destroyed by Hansung, the world’s greatest hero and the only person still entitled Hero. who is composed of his pal.  Minsk, who is beyond saving, declared after the cult was destroyed: “If our God reversed the flow of time, I wanted to be a bigger hero than you. The hero is caught in a never-ending circle of pain till he passes away, going from slaying a Demon Dragon to the Demon King, and then to Hansung where he is slaying even worse creatures. In a remarkable turn of events, Hansung was transported into the past by Minshik’s ring, which he had preserved after his friend’s passing.

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Washitzu Naosata instructed his 31 sons to look for a martial artist in order to identify a successor. The selected martial artists will then engage in combat until only one is left standing. Whoever possesses the most powerful martial artist will succeed him. One of Washitzu Naosata’s sons, Washitzu Naoshi, is looking for Kurogane Jinsuke, a renowned warrior who is said to be capable of dispatching 1,000 fighters.

The samurai has, unfortunately, been absent for a while. After seeing the Gama fighting technique, he discovered Kurogane Gama, the samurai’s son, and decides to go with him instead.

I’m An Evil God

The well-known gorgeous man Xie Yan passes away unexpectedly after being struck by a lorry. Then, in another world, his spirit awakens and keeps watch over the body that he is meant to have.

He becomes aware that a lady is to blame for the condition of Xie Yan’s sick body as he observes it in this dimension. He quickly understands that the lady has drained his life essence from the body he is in possession of. He must now use his wits to attempt to repair it. In order to do so, he decides to take life from others while engaged in combat.

Gosam Mussang

Hidden civilizations’ mystique has always been a fantastical source of fascination for future generations. Experiences of things coming to life from the past, even from thousands of years ago, are frequently eerie and glamorous.

Any age has always found the mysterious martial arts realm to be immensely alluring. There are many murky secrets hiding there that are just waiting for the appropriate moment to come to light. The masters have often displayed their unique abilities in awe-inspiring ways to the globe. What difficult tasks take on greater significance as the events develop now that it has located a battleground in a high school.

Heavenly Martial God

Ha Hoo Young was told with contempt that he could not get beyond his present level. The rejection made him understand that, despite his belief that he deserved to be elevated to the position of saints and gods, he was really experiencing the terrible consequences of his questionable actions, which could be seen even in his demeanor.

Ha Hoo Young’s exceptional martial arts abilities propelled him to the summit of humanity, where no one had come close to matching his accomplishments. Even though he had unmatched power, he was actually depressed. However, his request to be canonized was rejected. He went to sleep feeling defeated. He discovered that he had been reincarnated 60 years earlier in life when he opened his eyes. His powers had changed as Namgoong Hyuk, the second lord of the Namgoong dynasty.

Reverend Insanity

Time travel is involved in this martial arts manhua. The most significant creations in this fantastical universe are venom bugs, which may be used to gain limitless power. The protagonist of the manhua is a not-so-good person who resembles a psychopath more than a hero.

The manhua was written by Gu Zhen Ren and ran from 2018 to 2020. It is an exciting book with epic martial art clashes amongst Gu masters and has well-developed characters with insightful philosophical themes.

Martial Peak

You may probably infer from the title that this is all about martial arts. This manhua, which is set in ancient China, differs from many other martial arts programs in that it incorporates humour into its action sequences, making them even more exciting.

Yang Kai’s life instantly transforms when he finds a martial arts book without words, which is a classic weak to the strong tale. I enjoy how aggressive the main character is and how he doesn’t have pity on his foes. A bunch of girls is also brought in by the MC to appeal to the male crowd.

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Song of the Sky Walkers

A unique set of twins were born to the emperor’s family. The male twin of two has a mole on his forehead at birth, whereas the girl has six digits. Sadly, one of them was seized by Penglai Xianchang, while the other was left in the reeds. Will they work together to thwart fate when the fated day comes?

For the artwork alone, this manhua receives a perfect score of 10. It has the impression of being a painting. The plot is extremely alluring and seems overly innovative. Character development, though, would be another factor I would bring up. It is ideal and just what we require to create this magnificent manhua.

The Stars Seekers Is Tomorrow X Together Webtoon

A couple of HYBE’s artists acquired their very own manhwa as part of their new partnership with Webtoon. The Star Seekers is a webcomic created by Tomorrow X Together. The five members of TXT are intended to be represented by the five-member idol group “Star One,” which is set in a fanciful environment.

In this universe, persons with magical abilities are regarded as the top of the best, while those without them are at the bottom of the barrel. Idols without magic are destined to fail. Star One begins as a group without any magic, but after one of the members is attacked on stage, the member suddenly develops magical abilities.

Nano Machine

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

The story of one person’s rise to become the world’s greatest military artisan is the focus of Nano Machine. Cheon Yeo-Woon, a wanderer from the Demonic Cult, is the person we are referring to.

His future relative pays him a surprise visit one day and implants a nanomachine into his body. Given that he would be able to avoid the Demonic Cult, this could possibly mark a turning point in his life.

Legend of Northern Blade

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

In 2022, Legend of the Northern Blade is the top martial arts novel to read. A group of valiant warriors known as the Northern Heavenly Sect has long defended the planet from the wicked Silent Night.

However, the Fourth Generation commander ends his life to protect his son Moowon after being suspected of working with the enemy.

To put it simply, Moowon must live in captivity until one day a Silent Night attack permits him to escape. As he makes a vow to revenge his father’s death and defend the globe from the actual attackers, Moowon begins his own training.

Solo Spell Caster

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

We remain positive and focused because of the peculiarities of life. Every time Park Do-Hyuk collects his paycheck, he never loses faith that one day a miracle would completely transform his life. Because of his commitment to his favorite game, he ends up in the scenario he had been longing for.

Additionally, even as a young child, he learns how to navigate success and ascension using the cunning and twists of his favorite game. He was paid far more than he had anticipated for his enthusiasm and drive. His journey has just started.

Records of the Cold Moon

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

After a struggle in which the Demonic Cult’s Lord was killed, the remarkable conflict between the Murim Alliance and the Cult came to an end. The central command is gathering coalition members from the Murim thirteen tranquil years later. As a result, Jiseo, one of Wudong Sect’s top followers, is being sent with the indifferent but once-encouraging Soweol by the Murim Alliance member Wudong Sect.

Why would they claim that they are assembling? Is a new conflict threatening to break out in the world? You must read this martial arts manhwa if you want to find out the answers, though. You will like the martial arts in it, of course, and here we will also see 2 criminals.

The same clocks left at the crime locations and the killer’s obvious intent to prolong each death as long as possible link the first two victims. However, it doesn’t take much effort for Lincoln Rhyme and his legman/investigator Amelia Sachs to track down a murderer who inscribes his work with a snatch of sinister slang. The unflappable Gerald Duncan and his partner in rape, Vincent Reynolds, are quickly revealed to the readers as the perpetrators, and it’s clear that they’re determined to leave a trail of evidence that would lead right to them.

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Chronicles of Heavenly Demons

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

The successor of the Spear Master Sect and his student Hyuk Woon Seong were exposed to forbidden Demonic craftwork and slain. A tragic and vulnerable end brought on by the Orthodox group’s deception. The relic of the Spear Master Sect emitted light and offered Woon Seong new life the second he faced his demise. The 900’s life as a student of the Demonic Cult! The Demonic Cult and the Orthodox Sect are the two main characters. His aim is only one, though. Retribution. Woon Seong trains in combative methods while tolerating his predetermination and remembering his resentment, as his season of vengeance slowly approaches.

He was reincarnated as trainee number 900 for the evil sect. He now goes by the traditional Sect and the Demonic Cult, respectively. But he just has one primary goal. Revenge! Woon Seong puts a lot of effort into his martial arts training to come close to his objective while remembering his bitterness and accepting his fate. His moment of retaliation is gradually approaching. If an excellent martial arts manhwa is what you’re looking for, then! You simply locate it.

The Breaker

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

The story centers around Chun Woo, a martial arts master who is hiding because the Martial Arts Clan Union, an underground martial arts organization, is looking for him, and Si-Woon, a high school student who is tortured and will do everything to get stronger. He is thus compelled to work as a substitute teacher. After these two cross paths, a chain of events results in Chun Woo instructing Si-Woon. This story tells both of their own stories as well as how they are connected. Since The Breaker’s story involves an underground organization and the clans that reside inside it, other variables are also at play. I found myself really engaged in it even though this honestly doesn’t feel all that different from your typical shounen series. The story and the characters completely captivated me. I don’t know why, I know it’s not really helpful, but I liked all the characters. They succeeded in giving each character a great deal of depth, particularly the primary two, and the character development is superb.

The adolescent is first timid and a wimp, but he develops physical and intellectual strength with time. The teacher develops as he gets to know the teen more. One of the reasons I appreciate the characters so much, in my opinion, is because of how organic the character development feels.

Yen Lok Heun

Best Martial Arts Manhwa

Yeon Lok heun is a girl who lives as a guy while growing up and studies martial arts and other spiritual topics. She makes her way to the palace to cleanse her father’s name as a wanted felon. her first encounter with the youthful Emperor Garyun. In exchange for a lifetime of assistance, he guarantees to preserve her father’s life.

She traverses the world, taking the position of the Emperor, after earning Garyun’s confidence, resolving issues that resemble otherworldly ones. But how much longer can she live this life before the others realize she is a woman? As a result, you’ll like reading these martial arts manhwa webcomics.

Where to Read These Martial ArtsManhwa?

Webtoon Martial Arts offers the greatest Martial Arts manhwa for free online reading. It updates quickly, is the most complete, is synthesized 24 hours a day, and includes high-quality photos.

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