Grand Blue Chapter 78 Release Date Is On The Floors!

Are you all looking for an ecchi manga series? then you are at the right destination now. Grand blue, is a manga series that has been recently adapted into an anime however the manga series is much more popular than the anime, and that was mainly because we have already received 77 chapters in the manga, so we do know what’s going on and how the characters and what’s the setting of this story is. Now for those who don’t know what this series is about and how this series actually is, the only thing that we can say is, that if you are looking for a combination of great comedy with the slice-of-life genre, then this manga series is just meant for you. The fan base of the manga series is spread all over the world and people have been hyping up very much for the coming episodes because the writer of the manga, Kimitake Yoshioka, did end the last chapter of the series on such a point with was filled with emotional drama and a lot of influence on the upcoming story. the ratings of the anime series too have been great and the critic’s comments on both the manga series and the anime have been great.

Now coming to the main question of our readers, which is regarding the release date of the 78th chapter of grand blue, according to some, the manga series is going on a break after giving us epic 18 volumes and according to some, it will follow the same release schedule with no changes. Unfortunately, the manga is actually going on a break as it has been confirmed by the writer of the manga himself and we haven’t been told yet when it will return but we do have some news regarding the dates too.

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Release Date

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Release Date

The manga series, grand blue was started publishing in April months of 2014 and is still continuing, we have received an anime adaptation of the first few chapters of the book and that came out in the year 2018 following that the manga series was also adapted for a live-action film which came out in the year 2020. Now coming to the main topic, we have already received the 77th chapter of the manga series and as we know the manga series is going on a break, and the break period is still not defined. Thus, based on our assumption and our sources we can say this series will return to us by the end of 2022 or early 2023 however it may also end up taking a 1-year break which is an actual rare case, in the case of this manga series.

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Grand Blue Chapter 78 Story

The story that will mainly be depicted in the 78th chapter is of the entire club knowing that Chisa still wants to stay with Lori, and as we know this was mainly spilled out while the girls were playing shark scrambles and Sakurako will also have a big part to play in theses, as she was planning on loosening things and hanging out with Lori but we will need to wait for a watch how things go on between the girls and we haven’t heard of the boy’s group for a long time, so we will also get to see what they are doing after playing their games and drinking.

Grand Blue Episode 77 Recap

The previous episode of grand blue mainly concentrates on Sakurako knowing that Lori and Chisa are breaking up so she wants to spend time with Lori and in trying to do so she ends up helping in grand blue and doing store work, if you are looking for some ecchi contents this chapter is going to be pretty good for you. Other than that, we see that the girls from the club end up getting together, drinking, and playing sharks scrambles in which Sakurako goes on losing however in the end she drops the bomb by confronting Chisa about her own hidden feelings.

Grand Blue Chapter 78 Characters

The main people who are going to be there in this chapter are all members of the diving club. There will be no new characters for sure and the setting will mainly be the grand blue store where we will see a lot of chaos in the entire group, Lori, Chisa, and Sakurako are surely going to be a big part of this chapter.

Where Can We Read Grand Blue Chapter 78 Online?

Just like all other chapters, the Grand Blue chapter 78 is available on almost all popular online manga reading websites.

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