What Is The Status Of People Of Earth Season 3 Release Date?

Many of us here have heard of the show, People Of Earth, and the name seems quite unique, right? Now actually, the show has been quite nice and it is a fictional story that concentrates on people who have had alien encounters and has a very science fiction-based story that many people have loved throughout its two seasons. Now coming to the reviews of this show, the show has had quite positive remarks from the critic’s end, along with that it has also received a 7.6 IMDb rating which is quite moderate. The fan base of this show is spread all over the world and there was quite some notable hype regarding the third season of the show. The story which was written by David Jenkins, who is very popular for his unique and excellent work in the past, was greatly praised for the depiction and the uniqueness, from something that we haven’t seen much in the past. The story has got a reporter from New York city going to a small town, to meet a group of people and investigate alien encounters and with that, the journey starts for the People of Earth.

Now as we all know we have already received two seasons of the show, and since the release of the second season of the show, there has been a lot of hype regarding the third season of the show. Now the story regarding the third season is that after the second season it was actually completely well written and went into the production stages too, but soon the studios canceled the show for some reason and thus the story is still there somewhere and can be easily directed but as of now there is no news.

People Of Earth Season 3 Release Date

People Of Earth Season 3 Release Date

People of Earth, has been quite a popular show, with a 7.6 IMDb rating which is quite great and it took quite some time for David Jenkins to write. The show went into production for the first season in the year 2015 and then the first season made its release on the 31st of October 2016. After that, the show took another year for the production of the second season, which was a very hyped-up one, and thus we finally received the second season on the 24th of July 2017. Soon the show was renewed for a third season, but as the show moved into its production phase, it has been canceled for some reasons and the show which was expected to make its release in 2018, never came back. Now an interesting thing about the third season of the show is that the story has already been written and the filming of the show hasn’t begun only. Thus, if someday, the shown is taken over by some other studio, then maybe the fan will be receiving the long-awaited third season of people of earth.

Name Of The ShowPeople Of Earth
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreScience Fiction, Comedy
People Of Earth Season 1 Release DateOctober 31, 2016
People Of Earth Season 3 Release DateCancelled

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People Of Earth Season 3 Story

The third season of the show would be the one where our main protagonist, Oozie starts dealing with the fact along with his fellow friends that his own employer Jonathan is a reptilian, and along with that oozie will also start remembering more of what the reptilians did to him when he had his first encounter with them, and what’s the thing that they have been hiding from the world. Other than that, we will also get to know much about oozie and his continuously changing life in this new town. Other than it is also predicted that there will be the introduction of many new characters in season 3 of the show.

People Of Earth Season 3 Cast

People of earth season 3 if it happens, we can hope that the same cast will be brought back. In the role of Oozie, we are going to have Wyatt Cenac. There will be many other great actors who have been part of the previous seasons such as Ana Gasteyer, Luca Jones, Brian Huskey, and many other eminent names. It is because of these great actors that this show has been such a fan favorite show.

People Of Earth Season 3 Trailer

People Of Earth Season 3 Release Date

As we have already told you the third season of the show has been canceled and thus, we haven’t received the trailer for the third season. However, the trailer for the previous seasons of the show is available online.

Where Can We Watch People Of Earth Season 3?

The previous seasons of the show are currently available on Hulu, and Amazon Prime Videos and thus we can expect the third season to be available on this platform if it ever happens in the future.

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