Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend: Whom He Proposed To Recently?

Oscar Pistorius is one of those names, which though haven’t been heard much, is a very controversial name. He is famous for mainly two things, one being his para-Olympic achievement and the second being the murder of his girlfriend. Quite shocking for those of you who haven’t heard anything about this case. Though quite possible because this case goes back to 2013 and that year can also be considered the end of Pistorius’s Olympic career or professional athlete career, until and unless he makes a comeback after being released from his jail time. Now as we are talking about his jail time, that’s also quite a controversial topic, as first it was considered to be a culpable homicide case but soon things change and the charges changed to murder. However other than this, we must also remember that Oscar’s Pistorius girlfriend, was a very renowned figure and she also had her own achievements in life which are quite notable.

Now many of you may think of the reason why we are covering this story recently, this is because many of our readers have been following this case for quite some time now. Now in 2022, the case faced some court time again and there has been something important to notice, Oscar has asked for decreased jail time, from the court along with the family mainly the father of his girlfriend. The entire procedure took place in the month of June and to know more about what was the case, who was Oscar Pistorius’s girlfriend and other details of the case, do continue reading this article. We have covered almost all mostly asked questions about this case.

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend

Now coming to the main thing, that is the identity of Oscar’s girlfriend, her name is Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp. She was of south African originality and that was completely the same as that of Oscars. now most people who are following this case, do know what her name is, but surely don’t know that she was an excellent paralegal, she had been practising and had made quite a lot of names in her own industry. Other than that, she also had another big achievement and this was the achievement she was much known for, that is she was an excellent model, she had been absolutely gorgeous and media companies were very much after her. She had done many big ads, one being for the company Toyota, as well as Redds. Now another thing is she had also been a contestant in a very popular American show titled baking made easy, and if you have watched the show, you may remember her by this time. She was born in the year 1993 and was dating Oscar since 2012 then she passed away in the year 2013 as we all know, and that too in one of Oscar’s houses. We also know that she had always loved riding horses from a very young age and she also loved partying and was always an A-list guest when it came to elite parties.

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Reeva Steenkamp Death

Now as we have already heard that Reeva Steenkamp was killed by Oscar, many of us don’t know how the scenario took place. According to what we have heard from the media and from the court case that was filed. Oscar shot four bullets through the bathroom doors of one of his hours, thinking that it was an intruder, however, it was soon found that there was Rebecca herself inside. Now as soon as he shot the three bullets he managed to somehow break into the washroom and seeing that three bullets were shot at Rebecca, he rushed with her to get emergency help, however soon we come to know, that it was too late and though the emergency doctor tried to do everything they could. Nothing could bring her back.

Reeva Steenkamp Death Case

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend

As we have heard, Reeva was shot dead by her boyfriend, para- Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius, he was taken into court and based on the facts, he was charged with culpable homicide, which means an unintentional murder, for which the charges were not much just 5 years in 2013. However, in 2015, the case had another hearing in the supreme court and the charges were turned into murder, and soon Oscar was sentenced to a long jail time of 13 years. Now recently in 2022, we have heard that Oscar has pleaded for reduced jail time from the victim’s family and the court.

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