When To Expect Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time Season 2 Release Date?

Case Closed is one of the longest-running manga series in Japan. The first volume of the show has already been released in 1000 chapters in Japan. The first episode of volume 1 was released in January 1994. In October 2021 the show completed its 100th volume. Case closed is written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. The show has become the 24th longest-running manga series.

Case Closed was adapted into anime series by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and TMS entertainment. Later in 2004 the American company Viz media announced that they will be releasing an American version of this series in North America. The series was released in America with the name Case Closed. The characters’ names in the series were kept the same as they were in Japan. In September 2004 Viz Media started releasing the first volume of the show and after 2013 the episodes were released digitally.

Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time Season 2 Release Date

Case Closed: Zero's Tea Time Season 2 Release Date

The series is running in North America since 2004 and viewers across the world have given a lot of love to this show. Right now there is not much news about the release of the next volume but as soon as the makers release an official announcement you can count on us to be the first one to update you on the new season.
There are huge chances that season 2 will be released by the makers as this is a long series that is running in Japan since 1994 and completed more than a hundred chapters. If you think this series is too long and fans might have been bored watching this then you are absolutely wrong as the series is so amazing and always keep you concerned with what will happen next and you will never get bored of watching this show.

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Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time Season 2 Story

Jimmy Kudo is a high school student. But this teenager also works with the police to solve cases in his free time. He is falsely accused by Black Organization for attempt to murder a young detective. As a result, the organization forced Jimmy Kudo to try one of their experimental drugs. After he tried the drug it has a surprising effect on him as he turned into a kid.

The story takes a turn when Kudo decides to keep his identity a secret and live as a kid with his childhood friend Rachel Moore and her father Richard. Surprisingly Rachel’s father Richard is also a private detective and during the series, Jimmy and Richard come along to solve Richards’s cases. Jimmy uses Dr Agasa’s (their neighbour) tranquillizer and sedates Richard. He then uses a voice changer on Richard to get the solution.

Apart from this jimmy also enrols himself in Elementary School where he makes new friends. He forms a junior detective club which is known as ‘Detective Boys’ with his elementary school friends. The scenes in the series also include Jimmy’s interaction with his friends and neighbours as he investigates the Black organization. In his elementary school, he meets his newly joined classmate named Anita Hailey. He later comes to know that Anita Hailey was an ex-employee of the Black Organisation and she was also a part of the team which created the drugs. She consumed those drugs by mistake because of which she shirks into a kid like Jimmy. Later, Anita becomes a member of the Detective Boys group. Anita and Jimmy together investigate the Black Organization. Both of them will team up and try to find out a solution that can reverse the reaction of the drug and give them their original body again.

Where To Watch Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time?

Case Closed: Zero's Tea Time Season 2 Release Date

If you want to watch old episodes of Case Closed then here are some online platforms where you can watch this show. This show is available on Amazon Prime. You can also watch them on websites like Just watch and 9anime.vc. You should definitely watch this show if you are an anime fan as it is one of the most loved anime. The show was very successful when it was released and even now there are a lot of people who continue to watch this show. The story of this series will keep you intact throughout the series. Not only anime fans but people who love shows related to detectives can watch this show as the complete series is based on Timmy Kudo and his journey as he solves the Black Organization case.

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