The Makers Have Revealed Engage Kiss Episode 4 Release Date!

Project Engage is a Japanese project created by Aniplex. The anime TV series “Engage Kiss” produced by A-1 Pictures, written by Fumiaki Maruto, and featuring character design by Tsunako was premiered in July 2022. A mobile game called Engage Kill developed by Square Enix has been announced. Shuu, a young man who runs a small business in the area, is living a miserable life due to reckless spending. Kisara, a girl who visits Shu’s office and home, is always worried. While attending a high school in Veyron, she does everything from her office work to household chores. Ayano, a former Kano of Shuu, who is a senior at the company she used to work for, is also worried. In this way, a romantic slapstick comedy of three somewhat unusual relationships begins on an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean.

Engage Kiss Episode 4 Release Date

Engage Kiss Episode 4 Release Date

Engage Kiss is one of the most popular Japanese anime TV series first released on July 3, 2022. The series gained great popularity with just a few episodes of the premiere and is now entering a new season. Yes! Season 1 was finally premiered, and several episodes of Engage Kiss Season 1 were aired. Fans are amazed at this series and are excited to know that the next episode will be the release date of Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 4 after the premiere of the previous episode. When will the next episode, Episode 4, come out? By the way, the release date of Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 4 is scheduled to be July 23, 2022. The anime is set in Bay long City, an artificial island city established to harness local natural resources outside the jurisdiction of the Pacific nation. In particular, the mining of orgonium, a new energy source, has led to the occurrence of a “D-catastrophe” by the devil in the city. The Private Military Company (PMC) is tasked with handling these cases. The main character, Shu, runs a small PMC, but his consumption habits make him forever unwritten. A demon girl named Oni Sara is working at the hiding office, and I’m always worried. Kisara attends a high school in Bay long and is confident in her office work and housework. Meanwhile, Ayano is Osamu’s former girlfriend, elite agent, and former colleague of the large PMC where Osamu once worked.

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Engage Kiss Episode 4 Characters

Engage Kiss cast includes Lynn as Ayano Yugiri, Soma Saito as Shu Ogata, Saya Aizawa as Kisara, Rumi Okubo as Sharon Holygrail, Akeno Watanabe as Akino Yugiri, and Ryota Ohsaka as Mihail Hachisuka.

Engage Kiss Episode 4 Story Predictions

Byron is a huge floating city in the Pacific Ocean and does not belong to any particular country. As a new source of energy, the Orgonium mine, the city is now the most well-known in the world, with frequent special cases caused by the devil called “D Hazard”. Only a handful of people are aware of the existence of D-hazard. They are handled by private military companies. Shu is a young man living in the city of Byron who runs such a company, but his company is small. His public and private life is supported by Kisara, a beautiful high school girl who attends a school in Byron. The root of the strong bond between Kisara and Shu is the contract between them. Your true identity is the devil. Kisara supports Shu’s lifestyle and even the extinction of his demons under her contract. The price is a dangerously sweet kiss. Their uncertain bond sways between love and covenant.

Engage Kiss Episode 4 Trailer

Engage Kiss Episode 4 Release Date

The town of Bay has long served as the setting for engagement kissing events. The story mainly focuses on three characters, Shu, Kisara, and Ayano. The city of Bay has not been one of the original cities for a long time. People created this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Your main goal is to save as much of the earth’s natural resources as possible. The local facility is owned and operated by Shuu. Because of this, his life is full of incredible difficulties. On the other hand, he tends to blow off his earrings. He doesn’t seem to have enough money when he needs it.

Where To Watch Engage Kiss?

The anime Engage Kiss will premiere on Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, and Metele channels. So, fans can watch at the following above platforms.

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