What About Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Season 2 Release Date?

Anni: the honeymoon murder, is a crime documentary series released by Discovery Plus. It includes interviews, archival footage, family members, lawyers, culprits, suspects, cops, journalists and even investigators to reveal the actual situation of the night in 2010 (brief info on the event provided below). The docuseries covers the story of a beautiful young woman, Anni, who had recently married the British millionaire Shrien Dewani, and was on their honeymoon when the horrific events took place. It made its way to the headlines in 2010 and the docuseries tries to dig deeper into the investigation in hopes to open new perspectives and facts on the case.

It also uses real CCTV footage which is clear and advanced, since the event took place in 2010, and is lucky to be caught from various angles. The docuseries carries out an investigation of their own and checks through all the footage from the hotel to the streets and covers all the places the couple had been to. The almost 3-hour docuseries piques your interest and makes you want to solve the case on your own, providing you with the necessary hints and facts. The 2021 docuseries are a must-watch and are totally worth the time invested, leading to modern crime and criminal minds. 

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Season 2 Release Date

The docuseries has covered most of the contents and files regarding the night and most of the facts are already confirmed. The chances of a second season are slim, unless a new fact or truth about the incident is released. If such is the case, we will be provided with a new season including the investigation carried out by professionals and criminal profilers, which will give us an insight into the incident. As heartbreaking and shocking this incident is, it’s a shame if we are left with just one season and the case goes silent after some time.

As years pass, new truths and facts regarding and related to the case are released which makes us hope for a possible next season, but as of now since everything is just a possibility, the series’ return is not completely impossible as the viewers have held onto the slim hope. The docuseries is a masterpiece in itself and will provide the framework for many future investigations and similar case docuseries, providing a brief view of the criminal activities around us. The docuseries is a fantastic study material and along with a few extra materials about the incident available online, we can also start our own profiling and theory on the criminals and events of this case. 

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Season 1 Release Date13 November 2021
Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Season 2 Release Date

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The Night Of 2010

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder Season 2 Release Date

The series features the night of 13th November 2010, where Anni Neena Dewani, a Swedish woman of Indian origin was kidnapped and brutally murdered on her honeymoon in South Africa. During the initial investigation, it was proved that the Taxi carrying Anni and her husband Shrien Dewani was hijacked. The hijackers Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Xolile Mngeni along with the hotel receptionist Monde Mbolombo and taxi driver Zola Tongo were arrested for their direct and indirect involvement in the case. They confirmed their crime, intending to kidnap and rob the victims but unintentionally fatally hurt one of them. On 12th November, the couple met their driver Zola Tongo, who took them to the five-star Cape Grace hotel.

On 13th November, they engaged with Tongo once again, to drive through the city in the Volkswagen Sharan to reach Gugulethu. After having a meal at a restaurant called Mzolis, they drove to their destination. They were hijacked on the way by two armed men, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Xolile Mngeni. They robbed Shrien of his money, wallet, watch and mobile which were expensive. They released him after covering a 20 minute distance where Shrien found help and contacted the police. On 14th November at 7:50, Anni was found dead in the back of a taxi in Lingelethu West. She had a gunshot wound in her neck and the police confirmed Anni’s Armani wristwatch, her handbag, a white-gold and diamond bracelet along with her mobile phone were missing. This led them to thinking this was a fatal robbery. 

Where to Watch Anni: The Honeymoon Murder?

Anni: The honeymoon murder is available to watch, rent or buy from Amazon Prime Video. If any future seasons were to be released, the platform will most likely be the first to release them in the future. As of now there aren’t many platforms who have released the docuseries, but are expected to do so in the future as the series has only grown with its popularity and we are expected to see it soon in our favorite OTT platforms. One can also use a VPN and search for the sites the series is available worldwide and view it without a hassle by changing their country location. 

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