What Are The Updates On Juman Season 2 Release Date?

Have you watched Romeo and Juliet Or are you a fan of it? Just because if you have watched Romeo and Juliet, you will relate to this series deeply. We are going to deal with a similar series to Romeo and Juliet with such an authentic love story that will urge you to love it. Plus, it also deals with women’s issues, their freedom, and struggles.

Released under the production of Eagle Films, Juman is a Kuwaiti romantic drama series under the direction of Khaled Jamal. Written by Aliaa Al Kazemi, it comes up with the love story of two people with different family backgrounds, thinking, and rituals.

Juman Season 2 Release Date

Juman Season 1 Release DateSeptember 1, 2019
Juman Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Juman Season 2 Release Date

The series originally premiered on September 1, 2019, with a total of 30 episodes but, it premiered on different dates on different platforms. Well, there are no proper reviews and ratings available but, it is clear from the trailer that it has reached up to a maximum limit of support and the audience has liked it too.

As of now, there is no information available about the release of season 2 and, we even don’t know if the makers are planning for the same or not. However, the series can have a season 2 as it has gained positive reviews but, the audience has to wait for some time for an official announcement of the same.

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Juman Season 2 Story

Juman Season 2 Release Date

Set in Kuwait, the series most prominently presents the story of love between the two birds with how the women get treated. Typical thinking with a strict and different background leads to the main theme of the series. In this present and modern time, there are still some places that put bounds on women which she also can’t resist. But, as it all depends on struggle, hardships, and actions, their love will last with a good ending.

The plot of the series revolves around a lady, Juman, whose life brings with her hardships and struggle. She has to deal with everyone, thinking to keep everyone happy and safe too. In a time of limited freedom and a lot of responsibilities, she has to carefully deal with her love life and partner too. The story depicts how a woman goes from the highs and the lows and through the most bizarre and difficult situations of her life. The series will be best suited for the audience as it presents the actual lifestyle of middle eastern women. How and what she thinks, does, and speak, clearly affects her life with her close ones too.

Juman Season 2 Cast

Season 1 had such a beautiful and talented cast including Nour AlGhandour as Juman, Foaz Al-Shatti as Razan, Nasser Kermani as Jasim, and Mohammad Al Dosari as Muhammad. Other than these, the audience also saw Layali Dehrab, Huda El Khateib along with Abdallah Al Turkmani. All the cast had beautifully portrayed their characters and, if the series gets renewed for season 2, it can come up with the same cast with some new ones too.

Juman Season 2 Trailer

Juman Season 2 Release Date

The audience can see in the official trailer of the series how hard their love has become. As it has been already said that nothing comes easily, it has been proved in the series too as they have to go through the hardships and struggle to let everyone accept their love.

Where To Watch Juman Season 2 Online?

The series got an original release on the MBC network. After the release, the series also got released on different platforms and, it is available to stream on Netflix too. As there is no official announcement of season 2 but still, the audience can expect it to be released on the same platform, if gets renewed.

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