#blackAF Season 2 Release Date And Other Details!

Kenya Barris produced the American sitcom #blackAF. It will be available on Netflix from April 17, 2020. The term is derived from Internet terms, where “AF” is an emphases phrase that means “as fuck.” The sitcom got approved for a season 2 in June 2020. The extension conviction was overturned a year later, and the program was terminated after one season the series was cancelled after one season, however, it may return as a solo movie franchise.

#blackAF Season 2 Release Date

#blackAF Season 2 Release Date

Kenya Barris’ Netflix solitary comedy series #blackAF will not come back for a season 2. The agreement to renew was revealed a year ago today and has been overturned. According to Deadline, Barris is in early talks with the broadcaster about potentially turning #blackAF into a humorous movie franchise in the vein of National Lampoon’s Vacation. The conviction for the extension was reversed a year later, and the show was discontinued after one season; nevertheless, it may return as a standalone movie franchise.

#blackAF, whose cancellation as a series was announced by Barris in a THR magazine story, turns the classic sitcom household on its head. It reveals and investigates the chaotic, unrepentant, and often humorous reality of what it signifies to be a “new money” Black family attempting to make it right in a modern society where “correct” is no more a set idea.

#blackAF Season 1 Release DateApril 17, 2020
#blackAF Season 2 Release DateCancelled
#blackAF Season 2 Release Date


Will #blackAF Return As A movie?

The films will accompany Barris and his TV family, featuring wife Rashida Jones, as they go on holiday, with the concept inspired by the Vacation flicks popularised by National Lampoon in the 1980s, which Barris and Jones both loved watching. Kenya Barris said in a broad conversation with the Hollywood Reporter that he and Netflix are intending to film two independent #blackAF films rather than continue with Season 2, which the streaming service had already scooped up. Both the movies are likely to be shot in  Brazil and Mexico, and both are important markets for Netflix.

#blackAF Season 2 Story

Barris plays a fictitious version of himself in the series. As per the synopsis, “#blackAF explores the untidy, unfiltered, and often hilarious realities of what it requires to be a ‘new money’ black family seeking to ‘get it right in a modern world where ‘right’ is no more a set concept.”#black AF was ordered by Netflix as the very first program under Barris’ relationship with them. Netflix stated upon confirming the series’s production that it is Inspired by Barris’ hilarious, imperfect, and incredibly ethical approach to parenthood, relationships, colour, and community. 

Black Excellence aims to rip back the veil and reinvent the ‘family sitcom’ in a fashion that we’ve never seen before. On Rotten Tomatoes, the program has a 46 favourable rating depending on 24 reviews, with an overall grade of 6.97/10. According to the website’s critics, “decent one-liners and some pointed societal critiques can’t redeem #blackaf from seeming more like a boring rehash than a creative stride forward for creator Kenya Barris.

In 2018, he inked a projected $100 million three-year overall agreement with Netflix, which will see him produce programs exclusively for the streaming giant. Barris faced colourism claims after a photo of the “#blackAF” cast made headlines in December, with many in the black community perceiving a noticeably fairer-skinned ensemble. The first season was packed with funny situations illustrating the complications of their modern lives as a ‘new money’ black family attempting to set things right.

#blackAF Season 2 Cast

#blackAF Season 2 Release Date

The main cast of #blackAF includes Rashida Jones as Joya Barris, Kenya Barris as Kenya Barris, Iman Benson as Drea Barris, and Genneya Walton as Chloe Barris. The other cast members include Scarlet Spencer as Izzy Barris, Justin Claiborne as Pops Barris, and Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Kam Barris.

The recurring cast members include Richard Gardenhire Jr. as Brooklyn Barris, Bumper Robinson as Broadway, and Gil Ozeri as Danny. Nia Long as Lavette, Angela Kinsey as Leeza, and Doug Hall as Marquise. The guest appearances include Jay Rock, Lena Waithe, Steven Levitan, Scooter Braun, Issa Rae, Will Packer, Ava DuVernay, and  Tim Story.

Where To Watch #blackAF?

#blackAF season 1 is available on the streaming platform Netflix. It was broadcasted on Netflix starting on April 17, 2020.