The Crystal Maze Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Other Details!

The Crystal Maze is an American adventure game show created by Jacques Antoine, based upon his Britain game show of the same name, the show first premiered on Nickelodeon 4 on January 24, 2020. The first season was hosted by Adam Conover, who is famous for his educational comedy series Adam Ruins Everything. This version of the game is more family-oriented in comparison to the UK version. The series mainly focuses on a group of family who have to perform different challenges in order to earn crystals, the crystals denotes time more crystals can give more time to collect the money inside the Crystal Dome.

The Crystal Maze Season 2 Release Date

The Crystal Maze Season 2, Release Date

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll be thrilled to know that following the massive success of the first season Nickelodeon has decided to renew the show for season 2. Nickelodeon has started casting families to bring them to compete on the game show for season 2. The exact dates are not officially announced yet, but we can assume that as soon as the casting will get finalized the show will be back with amazing games.

Seasons Release Date
The Crystal Maze Season 1 Release DateJanuary 24, 2020
The Crystal Maze Season 2 Release DateTo Be Announced
The Crystal Maze Season 2 Release Date


The Crystal Maze Season 2 Story

The show focuses on family members consisting of two adults and three children competing together. One of the children has to take the role of the team captain to decide the lineup of the contestants. Then the parents play one game followed by the children who have to play two-game each. In the show, families go through four different themed zones: Aztec, Eastern, Futuristic, and Industrial. The families aim to earn as many time crystals as possible before entering the Crystal Dome.

The objective is to acquire as many time gems as could be expected under the circumstances before the show closes with the family entering the Crystal Dome to snatch monetary rewards that flow around them. Additional time precious stones imply additional time in the arch and an opportunity to win up to $25,000. We can assume that the second season will also follow the same pattern with a new set of games for the contestants.

The Crystal Maze Season 1 Recap

Maze master Adam Conover, guides one ordinary family of five through a series of extraordinary challenges, by visiting four immersive zones playing games from the deepest recesses of his mind. If they succeed they win a crystal worth five seconds in the form. The more seconds they have they get better the chances of winning a $25,500 grand prize. He then introduces the Eastman family, be approaches them to introduce the games that they’ll be playing throughout the episode. The Eastman family continues their journey through the slippery Planet Walk and other nerve-wracking games as they endeavor to procure time inside the Crystal Dome for an opportunity to win $25,000.

The Maze Master and the team needs to designate a commander and a vice-captain. Go through four-time regions. In the first episode, they enter the Futuristic Zone, Aztec Zone, Eastern Zone, and Industrial Zone. In each zone, there are two difficulties; each challenge is in one of these classifications: Mental, Mystery, Physical, or Skill. The family’s commander picks which member will take part in which game. The picked member then, at that point, goes into a room and is helped along in their errands by the other family members, either by means of sound feed or genuine cubbies that they can jab their heads through, and Conover likewise gives them a few hints. The thought is to get a “period gem” toward the end that gets them five seconds in the enormous arch.

Assuming the colleague can finish the test, get the precious stone, and leave the room at the time designated, the time is added to their aggregate. A bigger “mega crystal” can be added to a game to give the family ten seconds of time. In the event that the colleague doesn’t leave the room in the apportioned time he/she is “secured,” and the family can deliver them by exchanging a precious stone.

Where to Watch The Crystal Maze?

The crystal maze is streaming on Nickelodeon.